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need a confidence boost? I’m excited!

Happy Wed! I am so excited because remember I told you that I had a special announcement? So one of the things that keeps you from having amazing relationships is a lack of inner confidence. Mental tapes like… I’m not good enough. I’m not attractive enough. No one will understand my crazy schedule or life… […]

Decision-Making Tool

It can feel hard sometimes to know-do I go for this or hold off? do I express this or should I wait? should I keep this item or should I toss it?  I find that asking yourself a simple question can help clarify things. But before you ask, get grounded. Drink some water. Breathe. Get […]

my one birthday wish for you…

Hello Goddess! Yesterday (August 21) was my birthday and what I want more than anything is to empower more women to let go of what I call the “slave/prisoner” energy and step into their inner Queen/Goddess self. So you can: :: stop giving your power away :: command respect from a place of grace and […]

do you resist receiving? fun tale from Oakland!

It’s no wonder you can sometimes feel resistant to step up into your full authentic, empowered Goddess self, the self that is easily adept at asking for what she wants, fully expecting to receive it and then actually…receiving the thing without putting up a fight… Or only receiving it when you feel like you’ve “earned” […]

how to deflect negativity (this works!)

Hello from the SF Bay Area! I’m here choreographing for a childrens’ music camp in Berkeley and having so much fun. Just in the 48 hours I’ve been here, it’s been night and day from the quiet desert in terms of noise, people and a much faster pace.  Have you ever been in an environment […]