A great mantra if you struggle with speaking your truth

You will piss people off but…


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what would delight you?

How would you like to….

:: go to Italy in the height of the summer season for $100 RT

:: manifest 3 hot dates with quality men in the same week

:: receive podcast and media invitations in 24 hours

The above are true manifestations and all three of them when I look back on the process (if you can call it that!) started with one major question.

Q: In this moment, what would delight me?

You see, there’s a buoyancy to the word ‘delight.’

It’s different than “In this moment, what do I want? What do I need?” Both of those are nice, but they are still so cerebral-too heady to be exciting to our emotional and spiritual bodies.

But delight?

With delight comes…a freedom and detachment from grasp that calms the nervous system, the calculating, well-meaning mental mind and opens you up to possibility.

And when it comes to manifesting love and amazingness in your life, it dials up your subconscious frequency to receive, not just what you are asking for but also subtle information from your intuition that will share what inspired actions you need to take.

And when to chill the f– -out too!

So, this week-try it out for yourself.

Experiment with “What would delight me in this moment?”

And follow your internal nudges.

You may have a lot of fun and when you can let the Universe delight and surprise you, you become magnetic to more.

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how to boost your intuition in under 10 seconds

I did a podcast interview a few years ago on self-care and trusting your intuition and the woman asked me

Q: “What is something super simple that we can all do no matter how busy life gets to start off our day right to hear our intuition?”

If you are like most people, you may feel like aren’t enough hours in the day to focus on intuitive-development or self care.

What typically happens is we go go go like little hamsters and then when we can’t take it anymore, we overindulge in food, drink, even spa services and vacations when if we just implemented some simple strategies into our daily life, we wouldn’t go into what I call, “self-pampering binges.”

So I’m going to share the same simple but powerful offering you can do right when  you open your eyes to set yourself up to tune into your gut feelings throughout the day.

It takes less than 10 seconds once you get some practice.

I call it…The Soul Word.

Right when you open your eyes (before your monkey brain starts to take over), ask yourself, “What’s my Soul word today?”

Listen to the first things that come.

It could be thematic like “peace” or an adjective describing how you want to feel “centered,”

Just go with one.

And let that be the word that choose to embody for the next 24 hours.

Why this is so powerful:

When you embody that word, you get to make sure that your actions and choices throughout the day match that energy.

 It helps you ‘check’ yourself and you can more easily make decisions by asking, “Hmmmm, does this request/opportunity/invitation support my word?”

As you align your actions and choices and even your body posture (back straight!) with the energy of that Soul word, your monkey brain gets to relax…it feels safe because it doesn’t have to work so hard to sort through this and that.

The Soul word acts as an energetic guard-rail to allow you to feel more clear throughout the day and therefore, tune into the subtle nudgings of your intuition.

This week’s Soul Q: What is your “Soul word” today? How will you embody this throughout your day?

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Diana Dorell

ever been afraid of giving the Universe the ‘wrong’ signal? I’ve got you covered!

Have you ever been confused by the Law of Attraction and felt worried that you would give the Universe the “wrong” signal?

A woman wrote in and asked me, “Diana, I know I am not meant to stay in this job much longer, but I don’t want to put things out that indicate that I’m staying. My energy is so heavy and I feel so uninspired and tired. What should I do?”

This is a GREAT question!

In this video you will learn:

  • The real thing the Universe responds to
  • The easiest way to get into the flow of drawing an opportunity to you
  • The simple solution to send a clear signal that you are ready for the “next thing”

Q: Have you ever struggled with giving the Universe mixed signals about what you wanted? What is one thing that helped you move through that? Share with us the comments below!

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the biggest roadblock to love (or anything you’re trying to manifest but aren’t!)

The biggest roadblock to love is….<drumroll>…. linear thinking.

Erroneously believing that just because something didn’t work for you in the past, it means that it will never work for you.

Or conversely, because something you tried did work, believing that it’s always going to work if you do it that same exact way.

I hear things from my girlfriends and clients’ mouths like:

“I just don’t do blind dates! I went on one in college and it was the most boring experience of my life.”

“I am done putting myself out there. If this (current relationship) isn’t The One, I’m just done…I guess I’m supposed to be single forever.”

And my personal favorite…

“I just hate online dating…it’s so superficial and I’m just not into it.”

Usually when I probe a little deeper, there’s a story there-sometime a man hurt them…or they got close and it just didn’t quite pan out the way they thought it would….or they tried online dating, got crickets for responses and got fed up…

But here’s the thing.

When you declare to the Uni-verse that you just “don’t do XYZ”, you’ve already cut off a possibility.

It’s a weird form of trying to control your environment and the outcome.

Usually because the fear of being rejected, used, abused, left, etc is driving your decision-making.

I felt the same way about dating online.

I felt like it was so incredibly superficial.

And maybe there’s some truth to that putting your best pictures up and neat paragraph description of who you are on display, but I still put myself out there as a symbol of my intent.

I was going to go all in and if “he” didn’t show up, I chose to stop assuming that it was the medium (being online or being on a blind date) but instead chose to see it as an experiment where Divine timing, my level of commitment to what I said I wanted…and synchronicity were also important factors.

In short, it’s about going all in, following the signs as you receive them…and lovingly nudging your fear and doubt voices to calm down. Your worthiness and value is not dependent on the outcome of the experiment.

The experiment is simply that….an experience where you can see what shows up and most importantly the energy in which you are choosing to show up for yourself.

And looking purely at the results, two of my most profound, Soul-shaping relationships came from meeting them online.

My aunt, who had just gotten divorced and had never done the online thing let me help her with her profile, despite hemming and hawing about not being technology-saavy or into the whole thing.

She’s been happily hooked up with the same loving partner for almost 4 years now that she met.

But if she hadn’t considered that what she was fighting against could actually be an avenue to support her in meeting her match, she may have been spending her nights at home with the TV hoping he would just appear.

You just never know.

This week’s Soul question (deep!) Where could you be setting up a roadblock for yourself? Helpful hint: If you aren’t sure, look at places where you have felt resistant or emotional or extra opinionated around. Would you be willing to try that “thing” again with an experimental energy vs a reactionary one? What could be possible for you?

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