ready to kick your old pattern to the curb? do this!

Q: I’m newly back in the dating game and am really trying to be mindful to not repeat the same patterns from old relationships. I’m ready for the real deal-I’ve looked at each ex and gotten clear on what didn’t work in that relationship (I even made a list!), but is there anything else I can do to help me prepare for someone new? Am I missing something?

A: Great question! There are so many things you can do to prepare, but for now, let’s focus on the list that you made. It’s awesome that you are diving deep into what didn’t work for you in the past so you can make different choices with the new person you want to call in.

However, in addition to making a list of the things that didn’t work, I invite you to look at your last 3 relationships (even if they didn’t work out) and write down the feelings or positive things that these men brought to you. I know this may sound strange, especially if your ex was a douche bag, but when you shift your perspective to see in what ways that relationship DID support you, even if it’s simply showing you something about yourself, you’ll see common threads. And those common threads become what I call your love threads. Those things that help you flourish in a partnership.

For example, when I did this exercise a few years ago, I saw that the last 3 people I dated seriously all brought the following gifts to me: the gift of sensitivity (emotional sensitivity to me and to the people I cared about), a spirit of generosity (these men all had generous hearts and also loved to make sure I felt taken care of) and a strong family connection (shared value of family). Now, those relationships didn’t work out for various other reasons, but when I saw the common threads, I understood that those three things were really really important to me in a partner. So, when I got back out into the dating game, after a date, I’d ask,

  1. Do they give off an energy of sensitivity to what I’m saying and to the people around them (how did they treat the waiter, the lady in front of us, etc).?
  2. Were they generous or were they guarded with their giving?
  3. (If it came up) What is their relationship to family? Is it important or are they strictly flying solo in life?

Knowing your love threads can help you filter out who to see again and who to politely decline.

And that’s power.

This week’s Soul Q: What is your love thread? Pick one and share with us in the comments below!


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3 tips to let go of a relationship…with love

Ending a relationship can be so emotional and hard.

There are so many emotions that can come up and even if we know that letting go is for our highest good, there may be a part of you that holds on.

In this video, I’ll share 3 tips to help you let go of a relationship that has run its course…with love.

This week’s soul question: Which one of the 3 tips will you apply to help you release during this Eclipse week?

Share with me in the comments below!

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Prefer to read?

3 Things I’ve learned about letting go of a relationship (TEXT)

  1. You don’t need to have them physically present for you to move on.
    You can do it energetically. This concept of releasing energy from the past without having to talk to them in front of you, in the flesh, used to confuse me…until I tried it and was finally able to start the healing process and move forward.
  2. Stay in the present and accept your part in the past.
    So often when a relationship ends, we want to re-hash it over and over again, usually from the point of view of our Ego, which stars us as the hero/heroine. But all this does is keep you a victim to a story that isn’t serving you. When we instead take 100% responsibility for our part in what happened, then the energy can start to move and you can see beyond the haze of your pain.
  3. You can still love someone and let them go.
    So often when I would go through a breakup, I would just brush aside any feelings of love that I had for that person because I felt so hurt. But the truth is, true, authentic Soul-level love is always present, even if it’s in your Highest Good to let each other go. Love never does; it simply changes form and expands in different directions.

i’m spiritual but he’s not. will it last? find out!

A question I’ve just recently been asked is, “Can two people with different spiritual beliefs stay together for the long haul?”

More specifically, what happens when one person is on the spiritual path and one is not?

Is the relationship or friendship doomed?

It’s a great question! Let’s look at it from 3 key areas.


Step 1: Know what your deal breakers are for your beliefs/spirituality and pick your partners accordingly!

First off, it’s important to know what your relationship or friendship deal breakers are.

The things in a relationship (platonic or intimate) that you are unwilling to compromise on.

And then use that as a filter for who you allow in your inner circles.

Is it important to you that your best friend or life partner share the exact same beliefs and practice as you?

Example: I go to church twice a week, so so should they. I believe in Angels, so should they.

Or is having just a complementary, open-minded approach to life enough?

Example: They know I love Angels, and while they don’t pull Angel cards with me, they respect that I channel them and we practice gratitude daily before we go to sleep.

Knowing what you truly need in a partnership (or even a friendship) and communicating that can affect the longevity of the relationship because you are being true to yourself from the get-go.


Step 2: Identify if you are tolerating or compromising (an example)

If you’ve communicated how much it means to you that your man comes to a spiritual workshop with you at least once every 3 months and every time you bring it up, he’s turning on the T.V and tuning you out (and you don’t say anything), that is tolerating.

Over time, tolerating can turn to resentment and that can lead to leading separate lives and possibly, a permanent separation.

If on the other hand, you have had the same conversation and your man comes back with, “Honey, I know how much having me go with you makes you happy, but an important game is on the same day as the workshop you want to attend. Can you pick another date for us to go next month?” that is compromising.

It’s not about always getting what you want when you want it. It’s when both parties are staying true to themselves and also consciously tuning into the needs and desires of their partner to have a win: win.

Make sense?


Step 3: Listen to your intuition

As always, the question of “will it last?” depends on (1) how true each person is being to themselves (2) how that gets communicated in the relationship and (3) ultimately, if you want to stay or not! No one is making you stay! You deserve to be happy.

There are different ways to “be on the spiritual path” and if you are fulfilled in all your core areas but spirituality, ask your intuition if you can get creative with seeing another way you can share spiritual principles with each other than the obvious.

I used the example of sharing something you’re grateful for with each other everyday, which is a spiritual concept without using spiritual jargon like “meditation, chakras or Angels.”

Find yours.

Or if you are both so divided that you find yourself resenting your partner, ask your intuition if it’s time to head your own separate ways.

You may have outgrown the relationship or it may have served its purpose.

And then you can take the steps to heal and move forward if need be.

Either way, listen and act from a space of loving yourself and the rest of the details tend to figure themselves out!




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feeling ungrounded? use these 5 household items to feel emotionally supported ASAP

It’s Super Full Moon day!

If you’ve part of my online family, you know the drill on full moons.

In general, they are a time of intense release, cathartic ah-has and self-reflection.

This one happens to touch upon the following themes in your life:

Security/Freedom, Secrets/Revealing Truths, Reality/Dreams

When it comes to your most important relationships, this can show up as:

  • power struggles
  • emotional reveals that surprise you or another  (I thought you were over that already?! hmmm…maybe not)
  • and a deep need to feel rooted, comfortable and safe with another and really, yourself. 

Do you trust yourself?

Can you trust another?

Are you willing to be vulnerable? Are you too open or do you tend to hold all your cards tightly to your chest?

How’s that working for you?

Again, this is about releasing self-judgement and simply observing yourself and what the present you needs and wants in relationship.

It may be up for negotiation and it could be super uncomfortable but also incredibly relieving once you get to the bottom of what’s truly eating at you.

But in order to truly listen to what your intuition is trying to tell you, you need to get grounded.

I like tangible, simple things you can do that are already within your reach to help you do this. So….

Here are 5 of my favorite household items that you can use to anchor in, manage anxiety and make the most of this week’s Super Moon.

Pick your favorite or do them all if you truly need a boost!

#1  Salt

Take a sea-salt or epsom salt bath at the end of your day . Stay in there at least 15 minutes to soak up all the healing properties and clean off negative sludge from the day.

#2 Orange or lemon

Both of these have so many wonderful benefits, but during a full moon, energy tends to get stuck in our homes. One fun tip I learned from space clearing is to slice up either fruit, squeeze the juice into a bowl of water and go around the corners of your home and literally “flick the orange water” with your fingers to open up the energy. You can also use an empty spray bottle if that’s easier. I notice a difference right away after I do this!

#3 Something red

Red represents the root chakra which has to do with security, feeling safe, basic needs and survival. When you’re feeling a bit ungrounded, wearing red not only says, “powerful person” to others. It actually helps you anchor into your basic needs and desires. Try it for yourself!

#4 Pen and pad

There’s no secret that writing down your feelings helps reveal things that you may not be aware of when you’re in your head. Carve out some quiet time to just write down or draw out what you’re feeling. It’s a great way to move the energy out so you can be fully present with what’s in front of you.

#5 Vacuum cleaner

This one is a bit symbolic as well as just practical de-cluttering your space, which you’ll want to do during a Full Moon week. Literally pick a room to vacuum and if you don’t have carpeting, I recommend you get one of those hand-held mini vacuum for the trunk of your car. Believe it or not, the trunk of our cars represent our past. (Anyone cringing?) So…clean out the junk in your trunk and notice how much lighter you feel!

Now, over to you.

Q: Which one of the 5 items will you use this week to ground yourself?

Tell me in the comments!

photo (3).JPG

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is he ready to commit? what to ask him to find out (it’s not the obvious)

Today’s blog comes from a question I get asked quite a bit in my private practice as an intuitive coach and healer.

“How do I know if the guy I’m seeing is ever going to commit to me or if it’s just a casual thing?”

It’s an important question, especially if your intent is marriage or a long-term soul mate partnership.

The last thing you want to do is waste your time with someone who is clearly not ready but what about that in-between phase where you aren’t really getting a clear sign one way or another?

That’s where this one little question can give you way more insight than any traditional dating advice book will say.

I first heard it discussed on a local radio station and I even ran it past my own man.

He was expecting a cliche answer…”Well, have you just simply asked him?”

But when he heard it, his response was silence followed by a slow to fast head nodding and a “Whoa…now that is good advice…it’s true and I have never heard it said like that before…pretty spot-on.”

So, without keeping you in any more suspense, are you ready to know the magic commitment question/topic to bring up?

It’s this: “So, how is your career going right now?”

Generally speaking, before being ready for a solid committed partnership with a woman that may lead to marriage, most men are hard-wired to want to provide.

And to be in that position means having a solid financial foundation and having achieved a certain level of professional success.

Without that, what tends to happen (and ladies, what you may have noticed in the dating scene) is a guy may commit to you for a few months or even a year, but there’s always this constant striving and focus on career happening in the background and you may never feel like a priority.

Because quite frankly, you’re not.

Now, does that mean that just because the man you’re seeing is in school getting a degree or certification or maybe climbing up the corporate ladder working crazy hours that he’s never going to commit to you?


Nothing is that black and white.

What I’m saying is it may be awhile longer before he does.

And you have to be okay not being the priority until that shift happens. Or come up with a timeline of how long you want to wait it out. It always circles back to being true and authentic to yourself.

So, in short, if you want to assess his commitment potential, ask him about his career and how he thinks it’s going. You’ll get valuable insight into where he’s at and also feel calmer knowing what you know!

Over to you: What’s one experience you had dating a man who was really ready or who couldn’t (or wouldn’t )commit? What were some of the signs your intuition gave you to clue you in on this? Share with us in the comments!

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