Video: How to transition out of your 9-5 to do what you love! (4:58min)

A woman wrote to me asking,

“Diana, how do I transition out of my 9-5 job to start my own business?”

This is a juicy question!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The truth about what it takes to transition out of your 9-5 with grace and confidence
  • What you absolutely MUST have in order to be successful (and profitable) in your new business
  • The easiest way to leave your job (without feeling shitty, uncertain or ‘energetically incomplete’)

AFTER you watch the video: TAKE ACTION

What helped YOU transition out of your day job into your dream business? 

What advice would YOU give the woman above?

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Video: How to Get Out Of Indecision Land (In Less than 5 Minutes)

The phones are ringing off the hook.

You’re running late to yet ANOTHER appointment.

In front of you, you have a To-Do List miles long.

And when you DO have 5 minutes to actually glance at it, the thought of tackling it or focusing feels too exhausting.

And did I mention it’s only 12noon?

If this sounds like you, do yourself a favor and watch this SHORT (less than 5 minute) video. (made especially for YOU!)

I hear you and I want to help you get out of what I call “indecision land.” It sucks. It’s exhausting and it’s soul-sucking.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How to stop treading water (and wasting time) on “to-do’s” that suck your energy
  • My Top Secret Unconventional 3 minute strategy to knowing EXACTLY where to focus first
  • How to stop feeling distracted when life around you gets CRAAZZZYYY



1. Golden Arrow It.

2. To-Do List

3. Take it to the Heart/Select

Take Action:

What helps YOU stay productive?Is there a method or inspirational quote/book/etc that helps YOU get out of indecision land? Your suggestion could help SOOOO many people. Post a comment and SHARE this video with your indecisive friends!


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3 Simple Tools to Stay Sane This Month with guest blogger, Mom and teacher, Andrea!

Summer is upon us and June is poised to be a month that highlights the following themes in your life:

Two former ballet students who are NEVER afraid to be themselves!

Authenticity: Where in your life are you feeling called to be MORE YOU?

Authority: Where in your life do you need to harness your personal power and stop being a victim?

Abundance: What is your relationship to money? How about relationships? Where do you need to ditch LACK mentality around these areas and adopt a new philosophy of TRUST and INFINITE SUPPLY?


Today’s Guest Post: 3 Simple Tools to Stay Sane

by Andrea Lavender

Hello everyone! I’m Andrea Lavender and I wanted to share a few tools that I use in my everyday life.  For starters, I’m a high school teacher. On a daily basis I communicate with over 100 young teens plus all with very different emotional activity going on inside. Knowing that I’m clairsentient (I feel energies and emotions very easily), I need to protect myself as much as possible so I don’t absorb or mix their stresses with any of mine. 

Tool #1: Center and Ground Yourself

Every morning when I get to my classroom, I take a sticky note and draw the 1st reiki symbol in all 4 corners of it plus the middle. I imagine that the paper represents my classroom and its 4 corners. I then envision a golden beam of energy coming from those 4 corners and they meet in the middle of my classroom. Those beams represent grounded, focus, responsibility, and calmness.  I notice that when I do that, my students seem to enter in the classroom and get organized more quickly and they seem to stay on task a lot better than when I don’t do this plus it helps me center and ground before taking on a full load of other people’s energy. 

Tool #2: Lead with Your Intuition vs. Your Mind

Another tool that I constantly use throughout the day is my intuition. I purposely try not to over think something and just listen to the guiding voices I have around me. It really helps me to notice students who may be having an issue and are quiet about things or who feel that they can’t seek help. I somehow seem to find them at just the right moment. It also helps me diffuse any issues before they start by sampling noticing the energy around us. I feel something intruding, I take a quick second to ask my higher self what could be happening and instantly my attention is lead towards the problem. 

Tool #3: Call on the ArchAngels to avoid Energy Drains and Exhaustion

Finally, before even stepping foot into my place of work, I ground the building and then think of AA Michael and Raphael. Michael encloses me in a bubble of purple/blue light so that I can be protected from others emotions and Raphael surrounds me in green light and I ask him to only filter in healing vibrations. When I do this, I usually leave work as energized as I came – when I don’t I feel drained and worn out. It’s simple, it works and I have enough energy to wake up and do it all over again! 

Andrea is a high school teacher as well as an Angel Reiki™ II Practitioner and aromatherapist.

Take ACTION: What is 1 thing that helps YOU stay sane in the summertime?

Post your response! 

Have a great week! 



Much Love,

Diana Dorell

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