Want to be famous? Try this!

3 ways to spruce up your “Fame” space


Do you secretly want to be famous?

Want to be well-known in your field or be known as the one to go to for a particular thing?

I’m a huge fan of integrating intuition with space clearing as I’ve found that sometimes shifting our OUTER world can trigger our subconscious/inner worlds. When the two worlds are in harmony, you experience manifestation and flow.To keep it very simple, choose one room in your home that you’d like to work some “fame” energy on.

*When you walk in the room, look towards the back CENTER. That is your FAME/reputation space. 

NOTE: Before using any of these 3 suggestions, I always recommend a thorough de-cluttering and cleaning of the space for maximum benefit.


1. Use the colors orange, red and yellow/gold to decorate! Get creative!

The element of this space is FIRE, so you want to stay away from black, which represents WATER. And using logic, water puts out fire, so keep your black vases and desks away from this area.


2. Triangles and diamonds rule:

This area loved the shapes that have points like triangles, diamonds, etc. So, if you have a beautiful rug, angle it slightly or if you are on a budget, you can literally cut out triangle shapes on orange construction paper and tape them to the bottom of your favorite desk or chair legs!


3. Post your awards!

Have you been in the paper for anything? Do you have any certificates or diplomas? This is the place to hang them up and display them proudly!  For extra benefit, again, use firey or earth tones vs. black frames to capitalize on the fire elements.

Below is an example of one of my fame corners. Note the geometric shapes in the fabric and in the center is an amethyst, which is all about spiritual knowledge and healing from higher planes. Hindu Goddess and God, Lakshmi and Ganesh complete this cozy fame space. 


Extra tip:

Ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for?” Cut out pictures, make a vision board or add photos or snippets that represent that to put in this area. Example: One lady I know wanted to be on TV, so she literally created a TV frame out of construction paper and put a picture of herself in the frame! Soon after, she landed her own show!


Your Turn!

1. Which do you want to be known for?

2. Do you have any ideas on how to spruce up your space?

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Have a fabulous week!




Do you undervalue yourself?

“I worked for a menial’s hire,

Only to learn dismayed,

That any wage I had asked of Life,

Life would have willingly paid.”

-Jessie B Rittenhouse


I first read that quote in Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and everytime I re-read it, I find something new (great quotes do that!).


Have you ever done any of the following?


  • Said YES to a friend’s request for a favor even when you really wanted to say NO but you were too afraid?
  • Said YES to the first offer in a job that know you’re overqualified for but you are too afraid to counter-offer and command what you really know you’re worth?
  • Said YES to a lover or spouse and done something (or accepted some kind of behavior) that made you feel less than or frustrated afterwards?


If you say YES to any of those, chances are you are undervaluing yourself in some area of your life. (By the way, you’re not alone in this camp. The reason I wrote those examples is because I’ve said YES to all three in the past and I know how soul-sucking it can be!)


As it relates to your most important relationships, are there places where you see your energy being leaked simply because it’s too scary to rock the boat?


You’ll notice a common theme in all those 3 questions above: FEAR.


Fear of not being liked.


Fear of losing something or someone (sometimes before you even have it!)


Fear of confrontation and not being loved for who you are.


But I don’t want to focus on fear. You are a highly conscious, intuitive being (I love you!) and it’s so easy for us to focus on releasing fears, over-processing and putting energy into how to fix something when my opinion is this:


What if….


What if there was nothing for you to fix?


What if instead you chose to put your focus on ACCEPTANCE and truly loving yourself?


What if you felt afraid and did it anyway?


What’s the worst thing that could be possibly happen?


If we go back to the quote at the top, “…any wage I had asked of Life,

Life would have willingly paid.”  I have to ask you the scary question:


What kind of WAGE do you WANT?


And when you think about your most precious relationships, WAGE = The qualities of how you intend to be treated and treat others.


Example: Respected, harmonious communication, powerful, sexy…you get it, right?


See, most people want the Universe to give them a big ole HANDOUT because they are too lazy to take personal responsibility for their failure to say what it is that they WANT in the first place!


The ones like you reading this know better. If you know what you want and you ASK for it, you’re 100000X more likely to actually get it than the person who says, “I don’t know. You decide Universe. Whatever. (But if I don’t like it, I’ll blame you!)


(You can tell this subject gets me riled up!)


Take Action: Your Turn!


So, I’m curious.


1) What is YOUR desired relationship wage?


2) If you’re brave, post your top 3 adjectives that describe how you intend to be treated/treat others using the leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


3) I love you (that’s not an action, but I just wanted to remind you of that!)



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Have a fabulous rest of your week/start to SPRING and I look forward to reading your “Relationship Wage” adjectives!


Love and Blessings,




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Let your S.O.F.T side out

Want more respect and a winning reputation? Let your S-O-F-T side out!

Aretha sang about it. You want it. More respect. That’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like you are in a one-sided conversation or feeling like your words don’t matter.

Luckily, there is something to help you have better communication with the person of your choice. Maybe it’s your son or daughter, a business partner, your lover or dare I say it, YOURSELF.

When you follow these steps, you have the potential to be known as a “5-star” communicator and you can watch your reputation and your energy skyrocket. I call it let your S-O-F-T side. Get a notepad!

But don’t take my word for it.

Try it out for yourself and remember, the action continues after you watch this video. Be sure to post a comment after you watch and share it with your friends!

In this video, you will learn:


  • How to stop going on the defensive when you’re about to have a difficult conversation
  • My secret tip to getting more respect without DOING anything
  • My easy 4-step, 5-minute process to building an awesome reputation (and relationships!)

Take Action Time: Your Turn!

1. Which of the 4-steps of the S.O.F.T process are YOU going to experiment with his week in your conversations?

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The most overlooked action to take when you’re struggling with a decision

What’s one area of your life where you’d LOVE some more clarity?

I can feel some of you saying, just ONE, Diana? What if I’m going through a complete life overhaul?!

Usually this place is an area where you have some questions, some confusion, a lot on the line.

It’s also usually something that is near and dear to your heart.

Maybe a relationship. Maybe a place to live. Maybe a job or business opportunity.

When we’re going through any transition and have to make a big decision, it’s easy to feel like we’re going to go totally go off the track and be back at square one if we do this one, simple action.

Can you guess what it is?

Take a Guess!

Take a guess! Let’s play.

No, not just “going for it” for the sake of going for it.

If your heart isn’t totally saying, YES, then ‘going for it’ anyway can be the avoidance of some deeper awareness that you may be in denial about. Go gently with yourself.

On the other extreme, the answer is also not meditating to escape our reality, pulling card after card with the anticipation that we’ll get the answer we want to hear. That is just another form of avoidance of what is bubbling up inside of us in the present.

Got another guess?

A third, often overlooked option is to do nothing.

Before some of you start rolling your eyes at me, let me expand on this a bit.

Have YOU ever..

Have you ever had the experience where you really needed to make a decision (sometimes we put the pressure of a time-table on ourselves) and your brain starts to dart this way and to try and deal with that, you start looking for things to do that seem so important like… cleaning your house, re-organizing your sweater drawer, cooking, meditating, internet surfing. All to avoid the mental chatter inside your mind that is nagging at you, reminding you, ‘You STILL haven’t figured this out.?’

I have too.

My personal brand of ‘I am trying to escape the crazy thoughts in my head?’ updating my website, which side note: honestly, I should really stop trying to do myself!

The Golden Ticket

*Doing “nothing” CONSCIOUSLY is really a simple way of saying to the Universe, “I choose to stop the mental worry around this situation. I totally SURRENDER.” Click here to Tweet That!

Complete surrender.

It’s not that you stop your life or pretend that everything’s rosy when it’s not.

It’s about choosing consciously to stop trying to pretend you have to know exactly what to do right now. You may not. You may already know what to do but there’s fear that comes up.

Okay. Sit with it. Stop trying to escape it or negate it. That voice will just get stronger after you come back from your distraction haze. In my case, html haze. Haha!

What I found is that the moment of COMPLETE and total surrender is when solutions and options unfold that you couldn’t see before.

People come out of the woodwork to offer their assistance.

You get the money you were so worried about to pay off a debt.

Your ‘relationship issues’ seem to dissolve when you simply tune inside and listen more than  you speak.


Now, I’m no guru at this, but I can say that when I am super stressed, and I sit quietly with myself and with every fiber of my being as best as I can in that given moment SURRENDER it to Spirit, the next right action comes pretty fast.

The trick?

You have to stop pre-judging it or have a timeline or way that it has to look.

It takes practice, but wouldn’t you rather be AMAZED than moderately satisfied?

I’ll leave you with that question.

I have to go practice what I preach now.


Take Action: Your Turn!

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