Your 2014 Message + The Key to Surviving New Years’ Eve


In this PACKED video of spiritual insight, you will learn:

*How to handle feelings of anxiety and depression as we approach New Years’ Eve (especially if you are single!)

*The secret to manifesting love after trying online dating and failing that rarely gets talked about

*A tried-and-true success principle from 1919 that will change your life and your relationships!

*The one thing you MUST do if you want to stay on track in 2014

*The themes of 2014 and what you expect for the year ahead

*A fun invitation to help you manifest your dreams in 2014 with me!


ps: Last call to join me for the January Goddess Tribe! It’s all about Freedom and finding your Flow in the midst of challenges. It’s not too late. If you’re ready to manifest with grace and ease in the power of a group setting, this is for you! I will be teaching principles that I have used to manifest many miracles in my life including: a fully paid-for trip to Florence, Italy in the height of the summer, the perfect place to live in exactly the price range, location and feel that I wanted, unexpected sums of money and much more!  Check it out here + join us!


The real key to a man’s heart (New Video)

You may have heard the expression, the “key to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”

While that may be true, I’m here to share another key that you may not have heard before that will score you more dates, more love and more admiring glances and attention from that special someone already in, or coming soon, into your life. 

I listened to countless men share this secret with me and I want to share it with YOU.

In this video you will learn:

  • What men really want more than anything from a woman (this may surprise you)
  • The three magic words you can say  to unlock a man’s heart or keep him interested (without feeling all weird and fake!)
  • How to get more attention from your man (or any man) without manipulating or compromising who you are

After you watch, I hope you’ll take me up on the exercise for this week and report back!


1. Who is one MAN in your life? *doesn’t have to be someone you are romantically involved with.

2. Using the I appreciate you tip above, what is 1 thing you appreciate about them that you will share with this man this week?

3. How did it go? How does it feel to appreciate them? Report back!

ps: Want to be a part of my fabulous, strong-spiritual sister Goddess Tribe for 2014? Click here! Early enrollment ends FRIDAY!

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How to Stay In Your Own Energy in LOVE (The Lipstick Tube technique)

Q: “Diana, I tend to be really empathic with the people I am closest to. If you are sad, then I match them and become sad. And if they are happy, then I am happy.
What can I do to stay in my own energy and not be so affected by other people’s emotions?”

This is a GREAT question and in today’s video you will learn:

  • An unconventional energy technique to help you clear out negative energy and stay present in your relationships

(it involves lipstick…I’m so serious!)

  • Feel less burdened by other people’s heavy emotions
  • De-stress and stay sane in public places without feeling like you have to run for cover energetically!

Watch it below:



What do YOU do to help you manage your emotions?

Share your insights below!

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