Is it too late for you? My 3-step process to change your limiting mental tapes!

Have you ever wondered, is it too late for me in love? Should I just forget about it?


I was speaking to a woman recently and she shared that fear with me when it came to love.


Q: “Diana, what if it’s just too late for me? I’m having a hard time believing it (true love) will ever happen for me. Maybe I should just get used to be on my own.”



A: It will never happen for you if you keep believing that it won’t. And if you believe it will happen for you, then it will. Maybe not in your time frame, but it will be even better than your logical mind can imagine. Simple logic! This feels like the voice of fear attempting to keep you exactly where you are-safe but unsatisfied in your Soul. The only way out is to change your mental tape that it can’t happen or that it’s too late.  And by the way, if you believe it will take forever to change your mental tape, then it will too!



Three Steps To Change Your Mental Tape:

1. Start with your current reality (The Ego hates when you lie about this and try and go straight to the happy, fabulous part!)

So, you might as well give yourself a break and consider shifting the tape to something like, “Spirit, I’ve been having a hard time believing that it’s not too late for me to meet my soul mate.


2. Commit to a new thought and time (NOW!)

“But I am open and committed to transforming this belief with your help Spirit RIGHT NOW. I am open to believing that love is already on its way.” (Feel free to switch up the words so they feel like YOU!)


 3. Do something different

The Ego/fear mind hates when you break routine, so do an honest assessment of what you always do when it comes to approaching love and actually all of your relationships. Do you always wait for your friends to call you? Then, pick up the phone! Do you always hold in how you feel? Get uncomfortable and actually tell someone how you are feeling! You get it? You have to change the action to truly change the tape.



With practice, you will be on your way to creating a new mental tape that knows that you are worthy and deserving of great love and whatever barriers you have put up are only illusions to who you really are, which is a Divine Being who can truly create whatever you want.


Your Turn: What is something you have done in your life that scared you? Have you ever struggled with thoughts of “Maybe it’s too late?” How did you get through it? Share your insights!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pack. The Big Apple is waiting!


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sallyhope-2013After talking to Diana, I honestly feel more centered, conscious, and more in charge of my life, instead of feeling victim to my old stories. I feel like it’s a whole new chapter. Through my sessions with Diana, I was able to understand where my love blocks and hang-ups really are and I think being able to have conversations with my Spirit Guides about love is just so damn cool! I’m intuitive and also highly sensitive so having an outside source like her to guide and provide wisdom is invaluable. All her intuitions and visions were so spot on and her communication with my guides and past lives resonated so much! I feel like things make so much more sense to me now. I feel more ready than I ever have to have the relationship I’ve always imagined. Thank you Diana!

Sally Hope, Rockstar Coach and Founder of the Wildheart Revolution,




Want to attract more dates? Improve your body confidence (7 must-have practices below!)

7 Practices of Body Confident Women

By Guest, Alexis Logan


I used to think body confidence was overrated. When I was in elementary school, I was the biggest girl in school. I remember feeling I was too fat because I could not share clothes with my skinny girlfriends and the cute guys saw me as friend rather than girlfriend material.


So I committed myself to my academics because as long as I felt smart, I didn’t worry about feeling uncomfortable in my body. Unfortunately, I lived the majority of my life focusing on my accomplishments and what I could offer instead of learning to feel good in my body.


When I started my business, I ended up repelling clients instead of attracting them because my body language and energy screamed, “I don’t feel good about me.” I never really got it until a woman approached me at a networking event and asked if I believed in what I was saying. That’s when I realized my external accomplishments would never compensate for how I felt about my body. And if I did not feel good about myself, then clients would not feel good about hiring me.


So I decided to learn how to love myself and feel confident in my body. After working on myself for years and coaching women around the insecurities they have about their bodies, here’s a short list of common practices body confident women do on a regular basis to cultivate confidence and self-love.


1. Body Confident Women practice self-compassion.

They are not striving for perfection, but self-love and acceptance. Instead of judging themselves for not looking a certain way, they celebrate their uniqueness. And when they find themselves going down the rabbit hole of negativity, they focus on the progress they’ve made, no matter how small it feels.


2. Body Confident Women address their self-image issues head on.

They get to the center of how they are seeing, thinking, and feeling about themselves. Because they know the sooner they address it, the faster they can get back to enjoying their life experiences like sex, eating, and wearing hot outfits.


3. Body Confident Women honor their desires without judgment.

They want to skip the workout… they do it. They want to have sex.. they get ready. They want to eat chocolate, they go for it. They move in alignment with what they are feeling and don’t push themselves unless it feels right. Pushing creates comparison and judgment.


4. Body Confident Women trust their bodies.

They make friends with their bodies, learn what their bodies need and what works for them. They realize their bodies are knowledgable and when they listen, they will understand what their bodies need.


5. Body Confident Women eat with relish.

They nourish themselves with foods they love, make them feel good, and indulge when they want. They know food is a physical and emotional experience, when done right, leaves them satisfied instead of hungry for more. Food becomes an experiment for their taste buds instead of an obsession.


6. Body Confident Women treat other women with respect and love.

They honor the women around them as goddesses instead of the competition. They speak highly of other women and support other women because they know judging others means they are judging themselves.


7. Body Confident Women ask for support.

They are in-tune with their emotions and they know when they need help to move forward. They are not afraid to let others help them because they know they don’t have all the answers, but they have a willingness to learn.


Pick one practice to work on each week so you can boost your body confidence quickly, love who you see in the mirror, and become a rockstar in your business!


Alexis Logan helps ambitious women entrepreneurs get past hang-ups about their bodies so they can take center stage and unleash their star power. The founder of Whole Body Confidence, she’s helped some of the most successful thought leaders and coaches permanently increase their body confidence and become the hottest leaders in their industries, without having the same boring conversation about diet + exercise. Get her free guide, The 4 Hidden Ways Hang-Ups About Your Body Sabotage Success (And The Cure) here.

Is it a fantasy or the one that got away?

 Have you ever had a relationship in the back of your head that just won’t go away no matter what you do?


 A good friend of mine shared this situation with me over breakfast. It has to do with wondering if you are falling in love with a fantasy. She wanted to get resolution with herself around unresolved, intense feelings she was having.


What she shared (yes she knows I’m sharing with you. She actually inspired today’s blog post since I was feeling blocked on what to write about!)


“There’s this guy from my past who I have always felt this intense connection with that I can’t explain. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced with anyone else and every time I see an email or text from him, I get this intense rush of heat, almost like I’m having hot flashes all up and down my body. It’s different than butterflies or just that physical attraction thing.


We had texted and talked on the phone when I was out of my divorce a few years ago and I started feeling like maybe he was my true love, with one small exception: he was still married. I was unhappy in my marriage and would often fantasize about this other guy. One day I told him, “I can’t do this anymore. Call me if you ever get a divorce.” And then I hung up. I thought I was over it. I thought I had let it go.


I’m now in a new relationship and out of the blue, I get a text from this guy that says, “I would like to connect. Oh, and I’m getting a divorce.” I don’t know what to do. Part of me says, “Even if you did have the same crazy rush you’ve always had when you see him name pop up, you want very different things out of life and it would never work. But I feel like it’s this constant in the back of my head. How do I get closure with this guy? What do I do with this intense physical feeling and emotional feeling like maybe he’s my true love? Should I do anything? Is it just a fantasy? It’s been going on for over 5 years in my head. Help!”



What I shared with her:


We’ll look at this from a few angles.


1. First, it feels karmic.

The physical sensation and the inexplicable connection you are describing sounds like a past life karmic connection, so that may help you understand why it seems to have this weird hold on you. You aren’t crazy for feeling that. That’s the first thing. Stop judging yourself for that feeling if you are at all. If you want to learn about karmic connections, check out this past video I made all about it:



2.  It feels like you’re holding onto a fantasy that served an unmet need.


You also mentioned that you started building this emotional relationship with him before you were completely healed from your divorce and there was something missing in that marriage that this interaction satisfied in you.  It’s easy to build up an illusion of true love when you have the emotional connection without the day to day interactions or real-life challenges and nuances of a completely committed relationship. The other person becomes ‘perfect’ and an ideal that is based on fantasy and drama of what ‘could be’ rather than what IS.


3. Do the Opposite

One thing I always share with my clients is, “If you want a different result, you have to do something different.” So if you are super clear that connecting with him would help you get closure and move forward, then do the opposite of what you normally do. If you always texted with each other, then call him on the phone. If you have the impulse to see him in person but that causes anxiety, technology is fabulous. FaceTime or Skype him. Just be very clear that your intention is to get closure and ask any questions you have unresolved vs simply indulging in continuing the saga! You can do this!



Have you ever gone through something similar with feeling like you can’t get someone out of your head?



Here’s Your Soul Love Advice:

Go Deep With Yourself

My invitation is to get still and ask your intuition, “What need did my interactions with him/this person fulfill?” Get really totally real with yourself, even if it’s embarrassing. Journal about it. Talk it out with a friend. Let it be all over the place until you get to the core need.


Maybe it was feeling safe to be totally emotionally vulnerable without being judged. Maybe it was to feel special and adored. Name it. Claim it. And once you do that, you can see where you need to satisfy that need within yourself. It always comes back to us. No one can fulfill our needs for us. For example, if it satisifed the need to feel special and adored, what activity or action would help you experience feeling special? Maybe when you ask your intuition, you get the word, “Get up a half hour earlier for my morning run.” Listen. Then make note of it. As you take responsibility for meeting that unmet need yourself, you’ll take the pressure off of yourself and you’ll give less energetic weight to this fantasy guy for meeting that need for you. You are fabulous and you deserve to feel free!


This Week’s Question:

Have you ever had a friend who had a fantasy that was keeping a hold on them? Have you ever felt like it was hard to let someone go even though you know you should? What helped you move forward? Share your experience if you feel guided! You never know who may need to hear just what you have to say!



Want to Go Deeper?

In Kona calling in Pele, Goddess of Passion!

In Kona calling in Pele, Goddess of Passion!

One of my healing specialities is helping you truly let go of an old karmic relationship or pattern at the cellular, subconscious-level so you can feel light, like a weight is off your heart and totally free to create a new relationship and new situations that light you up again! Click here to check out the different ways we can work together here:


Much Love and Peace to you!