Want to get that hot guy to notice you? Do this!

Do you feel like things are not moving as fast as you would like them to?

Are you tired of pushing and feeling like “Ok, Universe. Why the heck is everyone else getting attention and love/clients/money/etc and not me?”

I want to share 1 of the secrets to getting more attention and being an attention magnet.

I learned it in Los Gatos up in the mountains…from a beautiful black stallion named Danny…(seriously…very Danny Zuko ala Grease). *Cute pic alert!


If you master this secret and are single, you’ll have more male (or female) attention than you will know what to do with.

Or if you are a business owner and want to attract clients without pushing or feeling desperate, I’ve got you covered too.

Are you ready to learn the secret?

Watch the video below and comment on this week’s Soul Challenge!

This Week’s Soul Challenge:

DannyandmeWhat is ONE thing that you value about yourself? Post it in the comments below!

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The simple rule to re-vamp your relationships (or any part of your life for that matter!)

Diana DorellCredit: Peek Photography

Diana Dorell
Credit: Peek Photography

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that life’s a great balancing act.”-Dr. Seuss

Do you ever feel called to do a complete Soul overhaul or life makeover?

So often, we think that once we’ve declared what we want to be different in our lives that we must go through every single area and change everything to achieve results.

Like if you want to attract a new relationship, you also feel the need to lose ten pounds, get a new website for your business and move to a more fabulous apartment. All at the same time. With a 4-page list of how we are going to achieve each one.

I see this a lot with my amazing friends and clients who tend to be over-achievers and action-takers to a hilt. (hmmm…is that you too?) We tend to attract each other.

It’s really exhausting to try and do it that way.

And honestly, it could be a lot more enjoyable and fun!

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

And it doesn’t have to take so much of your mental, emotional and physical energy.

The solution: Just focus on shifting ONE thing.

And by the law of Spirit, once you radically shift one area of your life, it’s like all the moving parts have to shift to create something new, but you don’t have to manually move the pieces into place. It just happens as a by-product because who you are BE-ing requires that you take different actions and behave differently than you did before.


*names have been changed for privacy.

My client *Sarah recently shared with me that her focus has been to re-vamp her self-talk in relationships. (no easy feat but yes, she is a rockstar and super awesome!) She used to really struggle with taking everything personally when date plans would be cancelled or changed and she had a really hard time speaking up and stating what she wanted without getting defensive or falling into thinking like..”I’m just not good enough. I wonder who they are really going out with tonight..This always happens to me, etc”. So we started working together and she learned how to manage her monkey mind using spiritual tools, taking the focus off this other person and back onto what she could control: her thoughts to herself. It wasn’t easy, but she has been practicing everyday and just reported that she was able to stay grounded and neutral during an event in which someone was putting out some seriously weird vibes. And the results? She’s being treated with a lot more love and respect in her relationship. “It felt amazing…and weird…but I was so proud of myself!” From this powerful place, she’s also taking better care of her physical health and has increased energy there and consequently, she’s being offered more work! Win:win:win. And all she focused on shifting was ONE THING: her self-talk space.


Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a 3-part series of what I’m calling “Mind Your Mind” tips that you can use to calm monkey-mind/mental stress + come back into alignment with yourself so you can go out there and rock your relationships, career and life!

For now, I want you to answer this question: 

“What is ONE area you are committed to shifting in your life? What is one powerful action you could take right now to begin?”

Example: Maybe it’s to mark a date on your calendar, to write in your journal, to call/email/text someone. To get supplies you need for this. You get it. Pick one thing!

Share with us in the comments!

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Plug Up Your Energy Leaks

Now I want to hear from you.

What is one energy leak you can identify in your life? One place where you have not kept a committment to yourself or another person? What is ONE step you could take today to begin plugging it up? Post your action step in the comments below so we can support you in creating more self-love, self-trust and magical opportunities than you know what to do with!

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This 5-letter word can change your life. Right. Now.

Right now energetically, you are being asked to revisit old relationships, old ways of thinking and unearth the Truth as it exists today for you.


How you felt and what you wanted last year is different than what you may feel and want now.And for those on the spiritual path (you!), things are happening a lot faster and there is lot less lag time for you to f*&% around and stall on major issues and situations that your Soul wants you to look at and heal.


Because on the other side of the discomfort is FREEDOM. Followed by a lightness and inner peace.


So what is the 5-letter word that can help create this?

And the key to freedom and peace starts with your level of FAITH.


Let me ask you: How strong is your level of faith right now? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest level possible.


How strong is your Faith that even though things may seem up in the air, that you can and will land on your feet at the perfect moment?


Are your thoughts that you are thinking right now supporting you and supporting the idea that there is something happening behind the scenes that’s awesome or crappy?


Now, let’s be clear.


It’s not about side-stepping your responsibiities and leaving it all to Spirit while you twiddle your thumbs and watch Netflix, hoping for the best. That’s called quitting and giving up your power.


Faith IS about:


F-Following your inner wisdom.

Not letting yourself get pulled down by what other people want for you or allowing others to dump their fears and insecurities and color your Truth in a situation.


A-Accepting that you are more than your current circumstances

Yes, things may seem all over the place or super awesome, but the path to freedom, love and peace is about finding the middle. You are more than the awesome things and the crappy things that happen to you. You are infinite. Try that on!


I-Inviting in the possibility of something wonderful

This is riffing on last week’s post. Where attention goes energy flows!

What’s the BEST that could happen?


T-Thinking of a kind Universe who is only working on your behalf

I’d rather believe in a kind Universe. how about you?


H-Having little or nothing to go on except a knowing that it’s all going to work out

My personal favorite. Once you’ve taken all the action you can think of, you must detach and step into a space of surrender. Are you willing to let go of control and be okay with the grey areas of your life?


It will all come out eventually.


It’s going to be okay.


It already is.

Your Soul Question: In what area of your life could you use a little more faith? What helps YOU stay in faith when it’s so easy to give in to fear? Share your wisdom with us by using the Leave a Comment button!


Photo Credit:Peek Photography

Photo Credit:
Peek Photography

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