Not manifesting what you want? This could be why…

So, for the past 3 days, I’ve talked to not one, but several amazing women friends who are all going on and on about the same things: can you relate?

  • I am a workaholic and I feel like my life is a never ending To-Do list and no one appreciates me
  • I have no social life and no love life…I know something has to change
  • I’m tired of feeling isolated and alone but I don’t know what to do

Then I ask the bold question:

“So, what are you going to change so you can you start loving yourself more? What do you do to take care of your Spirit”


I sometimes get weird stares and a laundry list of rational excuses, mostly about how they need to focus on their business. Or their responsibilities. Or re-organizing the closet. 

Sigh. I get it. OMG I’ve been there. So many times.  

It’s SCARY to change.

It’s SCARY to trust.

It’s SCARY to not be in control all the damn time and trust that thing are going to work out

But here’s the deal:

We say we want to take time out of our busy lives, love ourselves and come back into balance but what we are really are saying is…I’ll get to that later…

as soon as I get the business or career stuff handled

as soon as I have more free time

as soon as the kids go to college

as soon as I have more money

as soon as as soon as as soon as…

Only “as soon as” never comes, does it?

Self-care and prioritizing our Soul go to the bottom of the to-list…. if it’s even on the list at all.

Pleasure and taking a new direction towards something fun seems frivolous, unnecessary, unreasonable. The idea of putting our needs and emotions above others’ we love seems selfish.

But, consider this.

Your dream life is rarely birthed when you are being ‘reasonable.’

Otherwise, you would have it already, wouldn’t you?

The Universe knows you are EXTRA-ordinary. It’s just waiting for you to get the memo so it can start helping you get what you want. But normally we’re too in our heads to actually listen or do anything about it.

You are Divine. Are you ready to change?

Click here.

See, The Universe doesn’t respond to you when you’re being ordinary. Or reasonable. Or in overdrive business mode.

It responds to your request when you are relaxed, in a space of receiving and joy. Not stress. Or worry.

When you take time out for pleasure and Soul nourishing time, you become a magnet for the things you want.

  • My client slashed her work hours in half and started walking again and taking time to be with her Spirit. The result? Her quarterly income increased over 34%.
  • I treated myself to lunch at a 5-star restaurant in the middle of my work week. Just because I felt like it! The result? Two media invitations for interviews on helping women trust their intuition in love (hello, YES!)

and my personal favorite:

  • I took not FIVE days off from the grind to nourish my Spirit and be with horses in the Santa Cruz mountains totally unplugged. I didn’t know how I was going to cover all the costs, but I just trusted. When I came back, I got a new client.


I think not.

This week’s Self-Love Soul Challenge:

What’s one “unreasonable” thing you can do for your Soul this week? Something that fills you with a feeling of “OMG I can’t do THAT! But wouldn’t that be neat….”

I give you permission to go for it Goddess.

Fuck reasonable.

And if you don’t like it after a week,  you can always go back to the way things were before.

No questions asked.

Your call.

It’s time to put yourself first.


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You’re so worth it.

And I love you.

Signing off now to do something “unreasonable” and fabulous 🙂

Love and Blessings,

Diana Dorell

Part 3: Passion Time!

You’ve decluttered, put your bed in a favorable position and gotten two nightstands. Now it’s time for the fun part: adding elements to increase passion in the bedroom (or whatever your intention is!) There are two simple steps. Here we go!

Step 1: Locate the “Love” corner of your room.

When you walk in the door, it’s the back right area.

You can use color to infuse your entire space, but pay particular attention to what is in this area. I once had a client tell me that’s where she put her dirty laundry and it wasn’t a shock that her relationships were a mess!

Step 2: Infuse your space!

My favorite way to infuse a space is with COLOR!

Colors: Use the color guide below to infuse your space with the corresponding energy. Get creative and remember, you don’t have to go nuts and paint your entire room red for passion. Too much of a good thing is not what you’re going for and will actually repel what you want or overcharge the energy. Intentional additions are!

Consider these for: wall paper, wall paint, sheets, comforters, rugs, picture frames, etc

Red=activator, passion, hot sex. Note: Don’t use this color for your sheets if you intend on getting a good night’s rest because it can literally keep you up all night! (Hey, there is a reason that there was a room called the “Red Room” in Fifty Shades of Grey!)

Pink=soul mate love, inner child, playfulness, peace, bringing in the romance Angels

White=Harmony, peace, marriage

Skin tones=Browns, beige, cream are GREAT for sheet colors or comforters as it evokes the feeling of being enveloped in your loved one’s arms.


Too much purple=This is a spiritual vibration color and I once had a consultant tell me that too much of it actually repels lovers because it implies that your primary relationship is with Spirit and you really aren’t interested in a love relationship. (I personally LOVE purple so everything in moderation but if you have an altar with a ton of purple, etc keep it in another room besides the bedroom).

Too much black=Black represents the element of water and emotions. Too much of it and you can see symbolically that you could be calling in a lot of emotion, which can cloud your judgement in relationships or make it hard to move on. On the other hand, if you’re trying for a baby, a little black can make things flow! All in moderation!

Objects of Love and Things to Put Somewhere Else!

Finally, check that you have things in pairs, not just pictures of statues of single people around if you really desire a relationship. Two candles, two nightstands, you get the idea.

Also, move pictures of family out of the direct line of your bed. Symbolically it’s like all those people are watching you having sex or being intimate and well, yea…it’s your call!

What reminds you of love? If your intention is to be in a solid, stable relationship, you’ll want to make sure you have solid stable furniture. No rickety chair with broken arm for you!

Want to have a hot sex life? Create a special place for your naughty lingerie or toys (preferably in the love corner!)

Want to increase communication? Fix that broken phone already!

Everything is symbols and energy.

And if you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a space that supports your intention for love and more!

Soul Q: What is ONE thing you will add to your space this week? Tell us in the comments! And if you are brave, upload a pic of your new space!

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part 2: positioning your space for love

Read Part 1 here


Now you’ve prepped your space. It’s free of dirt, you’ve sorted through what needs to go and what gets to stay and now you’re ready for the second step: Positioning your space for the relationship or energy you want to call in.

The most important position is the position of your bed. This is a Feng-Shui rule, but I want to say this about any of the suggestions I am about to share: listen to your body’s signals about what feels good. What feels “good” for lack of a better phrase is “your Feng-Shui.” Got it? Good.

As you enter your bedroom, you want to avoid the following bed positions:

  • “Corpse” Pose: With your bed right in line with the door, this position supposedly drains your energy of its natural vitality.
  • Especially if you are tired of being single, “bed pushed up against the side of a wall.” This position leaves no room for the “partner” to enter his/her side of the bed and there is no room for a second nightstand which is a no-no….unless you want “one-night-stands” or you really just want to be alone right now. 
  • Head right under a window. Not only does this position just plain feel weird, being so close to a window supposedly drains your energy in the same way that being in the corpse pose does. If you absolutely can’t find another position except this one, then I would suggest getting a very solid headboard that comes up high enough when you sit up in the bed to avoid the glass and some nice curtains that feel protective and nurturing.

Ideal positions have you:

– being able to see the door and

-also have your head near a wall for extra support.

-leave enough space on either side to enter and exit

See my 3 fabulous, hand-drawn masterpieces below!


 Other important things to consider:

Night Stands and Space around the Bed:

  • Make sure there are TWO, ideally identical, but if you just moved into a new place, you can use that moving box as a nightstand…temporarily.
  • Having something stand in for what you want is a good idea, but just make sure that your intention is to actually get a solid one or the relationships you attract could mimic the nature of the box: temporary!
  • Having two that are different shapes are okay as long as your partner has room to put their stuff up too.
  • Make sure you are able to freely move around your bed (on each side). If there is a set of drawers in the way or a gorgeous statue or dressing chest, move it somewhere else! If you have to tiptoe around your own bed, remember everything is energy. Do you want to tip-toe around your relationship? My guess is no! So keep the space around clean, free-flowing and roomy and that’s what you will invite in too!



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4-steps to preparing your space for love (Part 1 of 3)

Unknown“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.”-Joseph Campbell 

Let’s face it-it’s no surprise that when you de-clutter your space, you feel more energized, more clear-headed and generally make better decisions about your life.

Beyond those awesome side-effects, our spaces (internally and externally) can affect the way we feel about ourselves but also send an energetic signal to the Universe about what we say we want and what we are willing to put up with.

I love the art of Feng-Shui and combined with space clearing (a technique to energetically clean out lower vibrations from a space), my secret fantasy of being a spiritual HGTV interior decorator comes to life!

One of the biggest things I see with super busy entrepreneurs is a lack of separation between their personal and professional lives, which affects your energy and if you’re single and wanting to be in partnership or if you are already with someone but something feels off, looking at your bedroom from an energetic standpoint is a great place to start.

Here are 3 simple tips to get your bedroom ready for more harmony, peace, and romance!

Over the next 3 weeks we will look at 3 core components: Preparation. Positioning (pun intended! haha!). and Passion. (wohoo!)

Part 1: Preparation

Total time required: Approx 1-2 hours…unless you are O.C.D, have a super clean space already or are so intuitive that you are one step ahead of me.

Materials needed: Trash bags, cleaning supplies, candle (optional), 3 Moving Boxes or Trader Joes paper bags with the handle (depends on how big your space is and how much crap you have!), 3 post-its labeled Trash, Sell/Donate, I’m Not Sure

1) Set an intention
Always! This is the most important step because without it, you can move furniture around to your heart’s content but it won’t have the energy behind it to work for you.

Example: I desire more peace of mind (literally, shut UP To-Do list generator!). I desire more romance. I desire more S-E-X, like at least 4X/week. Whatever it is, write it down AND declare it aloud. You can even get all fancy and light your favorite candle to symbolize this new intention coming in. The Universe has NO opinion about what you desire, so don’t be afraid to really put it out there Goddess!

2) Clean!
This goes without saying. When was the last time you checked for dust bunnies under the bed? Time to put on some Lady Gaga and bust out the Swiffer Mop and trash bags.

New energy can’t flow in a space where there is dirt and grime. Bonus: put your whole body into it and burn off extra calories!

3) Call in Help you have your 3 boxes, labeled Trash, Sell/Donate, I’m Not Sure. Get quiet, close your eyes and call in the Divine/Angels, Higher Self, whatever you believe in and say, “Thank you for helping me sort my stuff for my Highest and Greatest Good.”

4) Spiritual Sorting of your Sh*%
Open your eyes and go around your room SLOWLY. As you look and hold the different objects you have, ask, “Does this energize me and align with my intention for (look back at what you wrote)?” It’s a YES or a NO. If it’s a YES, it stays. If it’s a NO, use your intuition to tell you which box it goes in.

You may need more than 1-2 hours. Don’t stress. You can work on one area of your bedroom at a time.

As you go through these 4 steps, notice if any emotions come up for you. Pause. Reflect and Feel. Remember, this is not just about preparing your room for love. It’s also about preparing your Soul. Be tender and loving with yourself and you will all set for next week, when I teach you about the positioning of furniture and objects in your sacred space! Wohoo!

Soul Question: Share with us or in your journal!

“What is your intention for your new space? What comes up as you think about preparing your space following the 4-steps? What are you excited to call in? Share with us in the comments!


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