take this word out + watch what cool stuff happens

Want to learn how to manifest quicker?

When I first started learning about manifesting, one of the things I found out super quick was that the words we speak have power.

They have energy behind them. And say them enough, and that energy becomes the norm and stuff starts showing up to back up what we keep telling ourselves.

And if you want to create better relationships, earn more money, call in a new home or anything else for that matter, you want to make sure your words align with your actions.

And if you want to create fabulous things in your life, you will want to stop saying one little word.

It trips everyone out including myself because we say it without even thinking about it and it blocks your progress and creates the opposite effect of what you want.

And last night, I forgot this golden word rule and had a crazy experience in my NYC hotel room that made so much sense now.

Want to know what that word/sound is?

Click below to watch my super ridiculously short video and stop saying THAT word!

After you watch, be sure to leave a comment on the blog to this week’s Soul question!

Q: What is one thing that you DO want to call in for yourself? Declare it in the comments below!

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4 simple steps to call in your desires….Goddess style

1_20 blog - DDI just finished leading a movement workshop called “Dance Your Desires” at an event in New York this past weekend and I shared my 4-step system to call in your desires….Goddess style that I want to share with you!

I’ve used this ancient system to help my clients manifest:
:: a new job
:: more confidence in dating
:: the strength to leave a relationship they knew wasn’t right for them
:: an influx of cash at just the right time
:: attract more ideal clients into their business
:: the perfect new home 

It is based upon 4 ancient elements that we need to tap into to harness what we really want:

Step 1: Earth
aka “Ground your energy!”
The first step of birthing your desires is to make sure that you are rooted in what you’re asking for. It involves getting clarity around what it is that you really want, starting with how you intend to feel when you receive that. Example: I would like to call in a new relationship where I feel deliciously adored. As you breathe into that specificity, you can ground your desire by writing it down or planting your feet into the earth (Goddess-style!) and envisioning it running up and down your body.

Step 2: Water
aka “Flow with the emotions that come up”
So often after we get clear on what you want, uncomfortable emotions and thoughts come up to the surface. Joy, sadness, fear, anger. They aren’t rational but if you flow with them and stay present with what you’re feeling, you move through to the next step. When you fight your feelings, you become their prisoner and our energy contracts, making it really hard to call forth your desire. 

Step 3: Fire
aka “Let your passion out and speak your truth!”
This step is about external energy. While the other two were more internal, once you’ve moved through any weird feelings, the next step is about letting that passion out. Making that phone call, signing up for that class, making the big ask. I call it your “Lady Gaga” because it’s about being unapologetically on fire about your desire and letting as many people know as possible who support your vision and can help you call it in. Asking for help. Pitching your ideas. Basically not giving a crap about what anyone thinks and letting out the vision you’ve been holding. Massive action! 

Step 4: Air
aka “Surrender and detach”
This last step can be the most challenging. It’s about letting go of control and trusting that you’ve done all you can do. It’s about letting go of the “how” and the “when” and mentally detaching from the outcome and emotionally surrendering to the space that the Universe will rush in to fill. Letting go of what form your desire comes to you in. Being wide open to receive. And being open to being surprised. This is the time to meditate, to light that candle and do a release ceremony. To create movement in your body that symbolizes your total detachment to what you’re asking for. To call a friend to help you let go of any grasping. Faith and open-ness.

That’s it!

With practicing those 4 elements and steps, you’ll be on your way to calling forth your desires in a way that is authentic to you and joyful!

Q: Which element feels easy for you? Which feels more challenging? Why? Share your comments with us below!

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the fastest way to a breakthrough (not for the faint of heart)

I’m done.

That’s the blog post.

Just kidding.

But what I mean is that if you want to create massive results in your life, then you have to take massive actions that are aligned with who you really are. And there may be lots of fear, insecurity and doubt that keeps you exactly where you are-comfortable but quietly living a life less than you you desire.

So the fastest way to create a breakthrough is not by trying to shoo away the fear.

It’s always going to be there on some level and the bigger your goal, the bigger the point from where you are to where you want to be, the bigger and louder that fear voice gets. So it’s a waste of energy to try and banish that voice.

Instead focus on this.

There is a  little motto a mentor once shared with me called “Burn the Ships.”

What she meant was focus in your mind only on what you truly desire and eliminate all other safety nets.

Example: In case it doesn’t work out, then I can always do X” kind of thoughts.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have those thoughts.

The secret
It just means that you put them down on paper to ease the mind once and then you tear up the piece of paper and claim only what you truly desire or what Spirit desires. (manifesting tip: I have all my clients write “This or better” on top of any goal they choose to purify the energy and open to something even greater than I can imagine!)

If you “burn” the ships so to speak, then you have really only have three choices: swim, figure out how to stay afloat and get creative…. or drown. 

I told you, this isn’t for the faint of heart. But it does work!

Because when faced with an opportunity to stand an inch closer to what we want but not have any guarantee it’s going to work out OR go to a back door at the eleventh hour, you’ll likely choose the back door every single time.


Because the Ego likes to make sure we are safe.

And then you’re right back where you started.

So, if you want massive change in your life, the fastest way to do that is acknowledge, identify and then burn the ships.

When there’s 100% directed towards what you truly desire, the Universe has a cool way of bringing people, opportunities, more time, more ideas and creative solutions that you couldn’t have seen when you were playing it safe. Anything less than 100% is staying where you are.

Now over to you.

Q: What “back door, Plan B’s and metaphorical ships” are in your head right now around what you truly desire? And what is one action you can take to move closer to where you want to be this week? Brave souls! Post a comment and share! Let’s support you!

Maybe it’s an ex you’re keeping in the wings just in case there’s no one for you (so not true!). Maybe it’s staying in a sub-par relationship or a job that drains you because you’re scared you’ll never be able to pay your mortgage if you leave or put an exit strategy towards your dream work. Maybe it’s hoarding that book you’ve been working on eternally but haven’t put out into the world because it’s not “perfect”, so your back door is to just say you write for fun when you really want to be a writer.

Just writing it takes away some of the power it has over you.

2015 is a year of abundance in all forms. 

But it starts with you.

I’m rooting for you!

Diana DorellCredit: Peek Photography

Diana Dorell
Credit: Peek Photography

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what’s your personal year number for 2015? find out!

2015 is a year of abundance, expansion and freedom!

It vibrates to the number 8 (2+0+1+5=8).

I have not one but TWO videos for you!


Video #1: The Energy of 2015 (General)


Video #2: YOUR Personal Year Vibration 

And in addition to the energy of the Universal year, it’s important to know your unique Personal Year number so you can see how to capitalize on the opportunities coming your way!

How to calculate your Personal Year: 3 easy steps

  1. Take the month you were born and add it to the day you were born. 

Example: Someone born on January 1, would add (January-1+ 1=2).

  1. Take that single-digit number and add the Universal Year (8)==2 + 8=10 
  1. Reduce it to a single digit and voila, you have your Personal Year Number!

(10=1 + 0= 1 Personal Year)


Watch the video below to hear my channeled insights about 2015 and each personal year number.


In a hurry? Use the guide below for a quick overview of the themes in each.

Personal Year Themes

1:  creating a new path, forging ahead in a new direction solo, leaving the past behind for good

2: partnerships, compassion, peace-making and collaboration

3: creating social circles/joy, sense of community and communication

4: creating solid systems and structure, bringing in order to your life 

5:  travel, communications, learning about different cultures, beauty

6: family, grounding/putting down some roots, creating a sense of home

7: spiritual development, intuitive insights, redefining your priorities

8: abundance, expansion, mastering money and the material world

9: teaching, incurring knowledge, being a student of your life, expanding your awareness of cultures and differences in people




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