one of the biggest spiritual lessons I had to learn

Happy Tuesday!

As we near the end of August, you may be reflecting like I have on the summer.

Maybe holding out for one final vacation, midnight swim or lazy Netflix marathon.

I celebrated my birthday on Friday and amidst all the usual hoopla and moments with my man, dear friends and close family, I made sure to carve out some me time to reflect on my life.

Maybe you can relate.

Where you feel you are.

Where you want to be.

And the gap that’s in between those two destinations.

I’ll be the first to say it.

I’m not perfect.

I make mistakes just as much as the next person.

And this thing called intuition-trusting it has become my daily practice.

I’ve gotten to the point now where I rarely doubt my inner voice and I can tell very clearly when I’m out of alignment and how to get myself back on track.

I’m a powerful manifestor and I can say I have co-created some seriously cool things in my life and so have my clients but I wasn’t/ they weren’t born that way as Lady Gaga sings.

It’s taken quite a while to get here.

And one of the first (and biggest!) spiritual lessons I had to learn was the difference between passive in-action and active stillness.

Let me break it down for you.

When I first got on the spiritual path, I seriously believed that if I made a vision board and wrote down what I wanted, even if it was super vague, all I had to do was look at it every now and then (more like once) and the Universe would be my bitch.

ala “The Secret” mentality.

And then I’d get so so pissed when I wouldn’t get my way.

Ring a bell?

I was practicing “passive in-action

Looks like:

  • making no (or vague) requests like “I want a hot body”- “I want success”-”I want love”
  • expecting the Universe to be your delivery boy and constantly changing your mind about what you want (The Universe can figure it out!)
  • taking zero to minimal action towards what you’ve asked and expecting it to all fall in your lap

But then I learned about “active stillness” and through consistent practice of this, I started manifesting with greater ease and speed, eventually teaching the techniques in intuitive classes and private sessions with awesome results!

Looks like:

  • getting super clear and intentional on what you request + being willing to change certain parts of your lifestyle or habits that are out of alignment with that request
  • seeing the Universe as a faithful partner (what you put out you will get back)
  • consistently generating feelings and emotional connection with that thing (s)
  • consistently listening to your intuition and nudges to drop into stillness
  • being willing to WAIT for inspired actions to present themselves….and then actually taking them, even when it makes little sense or doesn’t necessarily guarantee the outcome you want.

Yea, I know, it’s not as sexy or easy as passive inaction.

It requires you to take full responsibility for what you are requesting. (no handouts from the Universe and no victim-talk allowed!)

The big word I want you to see in what I shared was CONSISTENCY.

Just like going to the gym, your intuition is a muscle that must be exercised on the regular or it gets weak and flabby!

And your ability to trust your intuition affects how rapidly you can create the life you want…and maintain it. 

The tool I just shared is one way that’s worked consistently for me that I’d love to teach you more about in a free training I’m hosting tonight that I’m super excited about!!!!


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Here’s what we’ll cover:

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  • The real reason why people get stuck at a certain income level or unhealthy relationship dynamic
  • The obvious signal most people choose to override or ignore that impact your ability to feel confident in your decision-making
  • 3 easy fixes you can make in your living space to dramatically increase your energy level
  • Finally you’ll learn of an opportunity to completely un-block and create a plan to help you feel more confident, more aligned with your Soul Purpose and on track to realizing that dream in your head.

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You get what you’re aligned with, not what you ask for

*names have been changed for privacy

Have you ever heard the expression, “Is Cupid taking a piss?”

Or felt like, “Man, I am doing all the right things. I have my vision board in place, I’m saying mantras till I’m blue in the face and I’m getting crap back. 

What’s up Universe?”

You are not alone. I’ve been there and gotten the T-shirt as my friend Helen says and so have my amazingly talented and super intuitive clients. 

*One client, Angela, kept saying she wanted a spiritual soulmate, someone to share her life with.

Someone who treated her with respect and kindness.

She hadn’t always respected herself and in the past, had willingly given away her power to men in her life.

Uh, been there done that.

But she was ready for that to change. 

What happened: 

She attracted men easily and the men that came into her world after she declared it were interesting, handsome….and wanted something casual. Sex. Or conversation. Sometimes both. A good time.

But unlike the men from her past, these men did accept her for who she was and never judged her. That was a new feeling.

At first, she kept saying, “What the heck Universe? What’s going on? What am I doing wrong?”

But after digging deeper into it, she got clear that at this particular time in her life, she didn’t really want something committed and lasting. 

She wanted to have fun with men who treated her with respect and kindness. 

To experience her power as a female from a healthy place with a man. 

That would be a massive breakthrough for her and it was in complete alignment with her Soul.

That was more of her Truth than the whole till-death-do-us-part relationship she swore she wanted.

And as soon as she saw that she created exactly that, she laughed heartily!

“I got exactly what I wanted! The Universe is awesome!”

She was free.

Yes, you too are that powerful.

Let’s break it down, okay?



3 Core Spiritual Principles:

  • You have to be a vibrational match for what you’re asking for.
  • We don’t always get what we ask for.
  • We get what we believe we can have and are aligned with at a cellular level.  Tweet that!

So, what do I, you know, do Diana? I get asked a lot. 

My down and dirty response:

If you want to work on strengthening something, work on strengthening your “alignment and faith” muscle. Then all the other stuff-the vision boards, the mantras, the meditations, the yoga will supplement that. 

Otherwise you will sabotage your good when you get it.

Or you’ll draw in things that validate what you think you deserve on a subconscious level.

Want to learn how to get out of your own way?

I’d love to help!

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How to tame that “Yeah, BUT……” feeling

Have you ever tried to make a list of things you are grateful for only to have this sneaky little voice pop up and say, “Yea, that was nice, BUT ________

-I would have preferred _____

-I really wanted more of ______

-I wish that it would have had ______

Let’s face it.

We want what we want, right?

And while you probably already know the power of gratitude, that little voice can create a snag in your manifesting mojo.

But it doesn’t have to.

In this video you will:

  • Learn why that voice is actually helping you get closer to being a vibrational match for what you want
  • The simple 3-step process you can take to be totally real with your gratitude and honor the part of you that wants something different than what you got
  • Learn of an opportunity to let go of roadblocks to having the 5-star life you’ve always dreamed about! (it’s not the same for everyone. you are a unique Soul!)

This weeks’ Soul question: What is one desire or one thing you are truly grateful for that you want to call in more of this week? Share with us in the comments below!

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People Pleasing Tip #2: Tapping for “Saying No” (Video)

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique “Tapping” is an effective way to help rewire your neural pathways with thoughts that support you and also free you from the ones that get in your way.

In this video, you will learn:

*The basic sequence of tapping that you can use to clear out beliefs around saying no 

*Identify where “saying no” lives in your body so you can catch yourself before going into a downward emotional spiral!

*Feel lighter, more centered and neutral around saying no and potentially disappointing others.

Just to review:

After you have practiced the Tapping points along the body….

Think of someone you need to say NO to or someone you wish you would said NO to in the past. 

Let it actually register in your physical body, even if it’s very uncomfortable.

What are you feeling?

What emotions come up? Shame? Embarrassment? Fear? Anger?

Name them. Write them down.

Example: When I say no, I feel scared that the other person is going to hate me. 

Tap on it.

  1. Say aloud, “I acknowledge that I feel scared that the other person is going to hate me when I say no.”
  2. Go through each of the tapping points as you say it until you get to the karate chop.

Now turn it around.

“It is safe for me to say no. I am safe. I can stay in my own energy no matter what the reaction.”

Tap on that!

How do you feel?

You’re done!!

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