your angel story from the city of sin

Happy Tuesday!

Did you have a good weekend?

I just got back from Vegas and got to spend time with my sister, my man and just let loose after a very packed couple of weeks!

I have a love/hate relationship with the City of Sin and being both an introvert and an empath, it’s a place that really requires me to walk my talk…or get completely derailed by the bright lights, the constant stimulation and well….people!

Have you ever been there before?

Can I share my story from the weekend with you with the intent that it helps you make better decisions from your intuition?

I had been there two other times, once for a weekend with some teacher co-workers in my early 20’s (which ended so badly because all they wanted to do was shop, so I bought a plane ticket home early!) and the other for a 1-night workshop which was really awesome, but I still had to run through a smoke-filled casino to get to my hotel room and recharge (I remember thinking it was hilarious that they chose Vegas to host a spiritual conference!)

So, when my guy suggested we go to Vegas to let off steam, my initial reaction was…NO! Absolutely no. No, no, no.

He asked me why and I told him about my experiences in Vegas and he just listened.

Then he said, “What could we do to make sure you feel taken care of and not have the urge to get on the plane early this time around?” And then asked me again…(he’s persistent and inquisitive which I adore and get annoyed at simultaneously).

I had never even considered that.

I asked my intuition.

A few things came out.

In order to make the trip a YES, the following needed to be in place:

  1. A non-smoking hotel room, preferably in the end corner of the floor, off the main Strip (quieter)
  1. A list of 3 must-do’s.

We each shared 3 things we absolutely wanted to experience and gave each of those things a specific day or time during our 3 day stay. That way I wasn’t spending energy or money or time on things that weren’t that important to me. Mine were 1) See the Mob Museum 2) See my sister and learn/play a game of blackjack with her at one of the major casinos and  3) See the “Oceans 11” fountain show at the Bellagio in the night.  His was shorter….1) Walk down the Strip and take pictures…everywhere.

  1. Balance out being out with time to do nothing.

Even though it was Saturday night, we went to see a show in our hotel, had a nice dinner off the Strip and called it an early night. We chose to stay out late and be “extroverts” socializing until the wee hours Friday. Balance is everything.

Photo by Gavin Scott Productions

I’m so glad he posed that question to help me make a decision about the trip that was based on me actively creating my experience vs. falling back on previous memories that made me feel like a victim.

We always have a choice!

Now let’s recap.

3 Must-Do’s Before Making A Decision

  1. Make an absolute YES list (1-5 things that must be in place for this situation/offer/etc to be a YES for you! My magic number is 3.)
  2. Check yourself if you are making a decision off a past experience that was negative. Ask yourself if that reason is still true or if you can just chock it up to a previous choice.
  3.  Declare your decision and be the co-creator of your experience! You are never a victim!

That’s it!

Q: What is ONE thing you are contemplating this month? What is ONE thing on your absolute YES list for that thing? Share with us in the comments below!

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3 tips to let go of a relationship…with love

Ending a relationship can be so emotional and hard.

There are so many emotions that can come up and even if we know that letting go is for our highest good, there may be a part of you that holds on.

In this video, I’ll share 3 tips to help you let go of a relationship that has run its course…with love.

This week’s soul question: Which one of the 3 tips will you apply to help you release during this Eclipse week?

Share with me in the comments below!

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Prefer to read?

3 Things I’ve learned about letting go of a relationship (TEXT)

  1. You don’t need to have them physically present for you to move on.
    You can do it energetically. This concept of releasing energy from the past without having to talk to them in front of you, in the flesh, used to confuse me…until I tried it and was finally able to start the healing process and move forward.
  2. Stay in the present and accept your part in the past.
    So often when a relationship ends, we want to re-hash it over and over again, usually from the point of view of our Ego, which stars us as the hero/heroine. But all this does is keep you a victim to a story that isn’t serving you. When we instead take 100% responsibility for our part in what happened, then the energy can start to move and you can see beyond the haze of your pain.
  3. You can still love someone and let them go.
    So often when I would go through a breakup, I would just brush aside any feelings of love that I had for that person because I felt so hurt. But the truth is, true, authentic Soul-level love is always present, even if it’s in your Highest Good to let each other go. Love never does; it simply changes form and expands in different directions.

when the other shoe drops…

Have you ever seen the movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary?

There’s a great line in there that goes something like this:

“Why is it that when one part of your life starts going brilliantly, another part always seems to fall spectacularly apart”

In the movie, she’s referring to being in a fun, exciting new relationship while her relationship with her mother starts to unravel. Fast.

Have you ever experienced that?

The Meltdown
There are all these fancy phrases to describe this phenomenon, but to make it fun, let’s call it the “Subconscious Meltdown.”

Basically it’s when you dramatically up-level one area in your life that has been a thorn in your side ….and your subconscious freaks out.

It is feeling unsafe, unsteady and in new territory and all those pesky little beliefs that go contrary to your new reality decide to make an appearance.

All with the sole purpose of helping you feel comfortable. Safe. Status quo.


You’ve been doing all this work on your money mindset.

You start upward momentum and land a huge raise or a new client.

The same day, your tires go flat and your computer craps out.


You’ve been going on dates, despite feeling scared.
You agree to a second date, things are going amazingly well…
You’re smiling, feeling sexy and desirable…AND
You have a meeting with your boss who says they no longer need you. And the date cancels.

It can feel like the Universe is playing this nasty trick on you.

And it’s so easy to go into victim-mode, curl up in a ball and think the whole world is against you.

It’s easy to just stop trying for what you want and justify that you really like where you are..really….it’s not so bad, right? LIE!

But the thing is, these events, as frustrating as they are, are essential to you getting to the next level. In love. In business. In life. They aren’t the verdict.

And it’s not the Universe saying you suck.

It’s part of the process of transforming your life from the inside out.

It’s a temporary side-effect on the way to creating what you desire.

It’s like popping the zit.

First all this crap comes to the surface, it pops and BAM! Clear skin.


A do-over.

Your face may be a little sore.

You may want to use some cover-up and hide out.

But all in all, it was just a zit.

In short: When you start taking massive action in the direction of your dreams, potholes can and do appear. But you don’t have to let it stop you. It can help you know that on the other side of pulling yourself out or asking for help out of the hole, is a new place.

One that is more like you.

More in alignment.

More fun and way more authentic.

So, the real question is:

Are you willing to keep going towards your deepest desires even when the other shoe you didn’t even know you had…drops?

 If so, in the comments below, post 1) what your big desire is and 2) one action you will take this week towards it!

That’s the path of the Spiritual Seeker and Master Manifestor!

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5 Truths towards self-love and self-acceptance

The Paradox of Transformation:

5 Truths on Self Love and Self-Acceptance

debGuest Post By Deborah Reynolds

I am writing this guest post from my bed at the Omni resort in gorgeous Tucson, Arizona. It’s 10pm, the rain is gently dropping on the roof like the sound of hands clapping in a small theater.  I am breaking into the mini bar for cashews to crush a salt craving. Calories be damned. I am on a two-day VIP retreat with Goddess Diana to create a new vision for my business and reconcile my love life.  Day 1 just ended.


We decided in the hot tub, after our chicken wings and tuna sliders, that I would write this for her – and you.  There is nothing like a report from the soldiers on the front line in the quest for enlightenment.


Here are five spiritual truths I got after the first day that hopefully will help you in your own quest towards self-love and self-acceptance.


Truth #1 Transformational healing takes courage.

It’s a journey and a mindset that takes courageous work and support. It takes great effort and consistent commitment to integrate completely. We wonder if we’ll ever “heal” completely. Sounds like another job. But here’s what I’ve found.


Truth #2: There is no place to go. You’ve already arrived. There is no great single aha moment that will always occur to let you know that you have transformed once and for all. There is no profound change that will suddenly take over your psyche and you will never feel worthless or bad or ugly again.


So you may ask, then what is enlightenment and transformation? How does it happen?


Here’s my take: it is simply the moment-by-moment practice of a profound and real self-acceptance of those ugly places and feelings and a deep, abiding self-love for your humanness.  From this deep place comes wise choice and effective action.


Truth #3 Your authentic transformation starts from the act of simply accepting.


The Buddha found enlightenment while sitting under the Bodhi tree.  Sitting and noticing his inner world.  It happened in a flash. Enlightenment and transformation come to us in a moment, and that is a moment of stillness when we accept our situations and ourselves completely – meet ourselves where we are and with love and compassion for where we are – care deeply for ourselves. It happens when we bring clear, kind vision to our current situations, habits, actions or inactions and accept the truth of the moment.


The paradox of being human is that we believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with us, and to heal and transform our lives, we have to change everything about ourselves.  


My story:

I woke up this morning in a start full of fear, my mind racing about work and being away, some large business payments due this week, my son’s doctor appointment, my taxes, a perceived betrayal by a business partner, blah blah blah. I lit a candle, sat cross legged on my bed and began to name all the feelings rushing through my mind and filling my body: fear, anxiety, resentment, stupidity, untrustworthiness, shame. Breathing into them, I allowed myself to feel them deeply, feel my cells reacting, the heat on my skin, the knot in my stomach, whatever arose. I met these with compassion with an open heart for my struggles, my decisions, my humanity. I acknowledged the truth of my current situations, the choices I made to get here in this moment without judgment and chose to love myself with all my heart in this moment, with great compassion for my suffering, deeply connecting with my humanity. I had to do this three times.


I know that millions of people on our planet woke up with many of those same feelings of fear, shame, guilt or thoughts of lack or failure as a mother, father, husband, partner, wife, employee, boss, some perceived failure in being a good human being.  It is the human condition. No one is free from this.


Nelson Mandela changed the fate of a nation through acceptance and love.  Gandhi set his country free through a radical acceptance and non-action.  The simple practice of acceptance and presencing love and deep compassion for ourselves can change your world. It brings a consciousness to the moment where all decisions are made, and it’s in our choices where our lives and mind are changed.


Truth #4: You are imperfect. We all are.

Acknowledge that to be human is to be flawed and know this.  Accept it. Feel it deeply. Love yourself and make different choices with this knowledge.


Transformation happens in the moment. That moment is our Bodhi tree.


And now for the big Truth #5…..The boundary of what you can accept is the boundary to your freedom.


Whatever you want is waiting for you on the other side.


The question is…Will you accept it? Will you accept you?


I’d love to write more, but my eyes are closing and the fluffy bed is calling my name.


From my heart to yours,

Deb. Or as Diana calls me…Goddess Deb.


This week’s Soul Question: Which of the 5 Truths speaks to you today? Why? Share with us by leaving a comment!


Your Hostess, Intuitive Coach, Diana Dorell

Your Hostess, Intuitive Coach, Diana Dorell

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Your March Message from the Angels

Happy March 2016!

This is one of the most fabulous months of 2016, and as such, I made a video to help you

  • know the key “themes” of March so you know what to latch onto
  • an energetic overview of how you can maximize the beginning, middle and end to the month!
  • I’ve pulled TWO oracle guidance cards for you for March so have more clarity and spiritual anchoring!

Watch below:

This week’s Soul question: What is one thing you are excited to PURGE and one thing you are excited to CREATE this March? Share with us below!

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