what you seek, seeks you too! an easy way to rev up your magic!

Did that subject line make you smile?

I hope so because it’s true!

It’s a New Moon in powerful, truth-telling, adventure-seeking Sagittarius and it is that time to pop the cork off your deepest desires that will lay the foundation for the next cycle of your life.

No pressure or anything.

And part of tapping into your desires, especially around relationships and love is TRUSTING and BELIEVING that what you are seeking…is also in fact, fervently seeking you too.

Spiritual tip-off: It’s about emanating the vibration of what you want as if you already HAVE it and even beyond that, tapping into the unmet need that it’s bringing up-usually like feeling not enough, not worthy, not special, etc.

But in order to actually get into that crazy, flowy awesome space, you’ve gotta help the Universe out a little!

The secret is easier than you think.

The answer?




Activate your creativity and childlike imagination.

Examples from my client files and personal experience (changed names to protect privacy):

To get in the feeling of more than enough, Sarah went to the mall and mentally “bought” anything she wanted in each of the stores she had been afraid to go in. According to her, “I felt like a silly idiot, but walked out of there feeling super filled up and confident and actually got an idea on the drive home for ways to rev up my income!”

To get in the feeling of being married to the love of her life, Anna went to David’s Bridal and tried on 3 dresses, even saying that she was engaged! She said, “I decided to be engaged to the Universe until Mr Right showed up and since they didn’t specify, it wasn’t a lie and I had so much fun for the first time in a long time!”

To get in the feeling of going to Italy on a solo trip (a long held dream!), I’d make Italian food (ok, I bought Italian food!) and went on Airbnb daily for three weeks. Within that time, it turned out that I had enough points saved on Continental since I was little to cover a round trip ticket. Then, I found a sweet room in Florence and I took off a month after that!

All of this comes from trusting that what you seek is already seeking you. And that if it’s a true Soul desire, it will be yours, but first you must act as if  you don’t “need” it. And you get something even more aligned and perfect than your head could see.

Q: Have you ever “acted as if?” Do you have a fun story? Share it with us in the comments!


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this first step to stepping into your brilliance is…

With the holidays upon us, you may be bombarded with invitations to gatherings, anxiety around hosting family from out of town or the opposite, maybe feeling lonely or conflicted about not having people around or familiar surroundings.

No matter where you find yourself as we wind down November, trust that you will get through it!

There may be things in your life that you wish were different. You may have heard yourself saying things like…

I should be married by now.

I should have more money in the bank.

I should be or have <fill in the blank>. What’s wrong with me? Why do other people have that and I don’t?

The key to move through these difficult thoughts and the emotions that accompany them is not, contrary to popular opinion….gratitude.

It’s something else.

It’s acceptance.

Accepting your reality just as it is right now. Not trying to escape it or live in the past. Or a future based on your fears.

I went to the Center for Spiritual Living this Sunday with my partner and the story shared was about the Reverend attending this workshop on grief and going over to this woman’s home for lunch afterwards. She had set three placemats and he was confused-who was this mysterious third guest?

She opened up to him and shared that it was for her late husband.

She said, “I even keep his dry cleaning on the same hook over there.”

And sure enough, he saw a 3 piece navy blue suit.

Well, at that moment he felt so stupid for asking or for not being more compassionate about this! After all, they had both just come from a workshop about grief!

They had a nice meal and the next day, he visited the friend who had led the workshop.

She said, “You know….she’s been coming to this workshop each time I offered it. It’s actually been 10 years since he passed..”

And his eyes got wide as he took this in. 10 years?

He went on to share with us the difference between allowing yourself to move through the stages of grief and clinging to it, draping ourselves in it because it’s too scary to consider that we aren’t the same person we were and that the event happened a long time ago.

While not the same scenario, this lesson relates to our thoughts that we hold close and the stories we tell ourselves.

Yes, maybe you aren’t married and you feel upset. 

Yes, maybe when you look at your bank account, it’s not what you want it to be.

Yes, that all may be true. But does it change that you are whole and complete and beautiful just as you are in this very moment? That this is a temporary experience that you will emerge from?

Your power comes from acceptance about where you are and reminding yourself WHO  you really are-a Divine Being with infinite potential.

So back to you, Q: Where could you benefit from accepting something in your life and coming back to the present?  Are you willing to increase your compassion for yourself and stay open to what your intuition wants to share with you around it?

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$150,000 in 3 min…Supermoon miracles+ a challenge for you!

Happy Tuesday!

Have you seen the Super moon in Taurus? I’ve been catching gorgeous pictures from my friends in Arizona because in Portland, we got so much rain, I couldn’t see it!

Because it’s in Taurus, you may be seeing themes in your life such as:

  • Material: Wanting more financial prosperity, stability, better management of your resources
  • Physical: Emphasis on sensuality, sexuality/sex, beauty (inner and outer)
  • Mental/Emotional: Holding your own, commitment in partnerships, taking a stand for something…and sticking to it

The air is ripe for miracles and I wanted to share one with you today that I saw on my Facebook feed.

One of my friends was at a workshop in NYC this morning where Bob Proctor was one of the speakers.

A woman stood up and basically declared that she needed $150,000 to help fund her non profit charitable organization for children.

She went balls out and asked Proctor directly for his support in front of the entire crowd!

The result?

He said, “If 14 of you listening to this will donate $10k, I will add in my own $10k. What are you waiting for people?”

Now, we have been conditioned to believe that raising $150k might take a long time….or that she would have had to create a super thought out plan and hound people for pennies.

This all transpired in three minutes.

The Universe has no limits to the magic we can create with it. The only restrictions are the ones in our minds and in our belief system.

So when you hear yourself saying stuff like…”I really want to do this but I just don’t think I have enough time/resources/energy…” or “I’ve always wanted to do XYZ but I’m not qualified enough…it would take too much work…I’m too old/not old enough/not (fill in the blank).

I’m calling B.S right now 🙂

Check yourself. Because when your desire is strong enough, those excuses just don’t hold up.

You will find yourself willing to do things outside your comfort zone.

And it doesn’t have to take forever and a day for you to change something in your life.

Unless you believe it does.

Are you up for a challenge?

When I sat outside watching the rain last night pour down, I lit a candle and took out my journal and got quiet. I asked, “What feels like fun?” (tapping into desire)

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Magic and miracles happen everyday.

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my favorite prayer to trust when you’re in transition

Right now you may be aware that changes are happening, perhaps within you or outside of you.

If you’re at all in tune with your intuition (which if you are reading this,  you are), you may have experienced in the past few weeks any of the following:

  • Strange dreams, usually quite intense even if you don’t remember them
  • A death/re-birth, maybe literally someone passed in your life or someone close to you…or you feel like a part of you has died
  • Emotional highs!! And emotional lows.
  • A burst of creative energy, followed by confusion or stuck-age to act fully on it

Any of these ring a bell?

Whenever you’re in the middle of a soul up-level or transition of any kind, it’s so important to take extra good care of yourself.

And it’s also really easy to go into your head, freak out and forget that you are always supported.

You have everything available to you when you need it. You are loved right now, just as you are, even when things are confusing or crazy in your life.

Here is my favorite prayer you can say or write when you’re in a period of transition or confusion and you just need to turn it over to something bigger than yourself.

I’ve used it when I was confused about a relationship I was in, worried about whether I was making the ‘wrong’ move in my business and during those periods when life simply tests us to stand in faith when it would be infinitely easier to stand for fear.

“Dear Spirit, I (insert your name) lovingly give you (this situation, problem, challenge, etc) to take off my shoulders.

Give me the courage to be still when it’s time to be still and to take inspired right action when it is time for me to do so.

I now give myself permission to be free and I trust that all is happening in perfect and Divine time.

I now give myself permission to stop grasping and be at peace now knowing a peaceful solution is already happening. Thank you. And so it is!”

As with all mantras, affirmation and prayer, the emotion and feeling behind the words are more important than just saying them. Visualize that energy releasing from your body as you say it. Cut off all distractions as you say it. Give yourself that gift of full power and presence as you turn it over to Spirit.

Do you like this?dianaoval.jpg

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