it’s full moon time-are you feeling it?

Happy Wed!

As we approach Saturday’s Full Moon, have you found yourself purging old stuff?

I ended up decluttering my entire home and finding three gift cards and a NYC metro card (still good!). 

It’s the perfect time to let go of bad habits, turn the ships around internally and externally and trying on new habits and ways of be-ing.

This week is Spiritual and Relationship TIP time!

This one I’m about to share with you is one of my favorites as you can implement it today and is perfect if you want to:
:: magnetize that special man or woman to come your way
:: draw in more opportunities without pushing hard
:: be more attractive to money 
and more.

I call it the LB.

Click below to have a listen.




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the universe rewards you when you reward yourself

What are you grateful for right now in your life?

I just got back from a solo healing journey to New Mexico and everything from the moment I committed to go on the trip has been magical and Divinely orchestrated. I can’t wait to share more about it with you soon!

But in this week’s love note, it’s spiritual lesson time!

Are you ready to dive in?

I have been loving making short, inspirational audios for you in real time, so click here to check out this week’s episode: The Universe rewards you when you reward yourself!

I share another manifestation story and shed light on how the Universe responds to your requests!

Click below


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Love, Blessings and Magical Manifestations to you!

How can you strengthen your intuition?

Happy Wed!
It’s Q+A time!
Today’s question comes from Kim on Facebook:

“How do I get better at trusting my intuition? I’m so fearful of being wrong that I ignore myself sometimes.”

The good news is that you can improve your intuition. It’s not some gift for the chosen few!

Click below to learn a simple tip to start strengthening your intuitive muscles and get out of fear!

Love and blessings!

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Are you willing to let go of who you were to make room for who you are becoming?

Happy March to you!


There is so much potential this month for fresh starts, do-overs and the kind of transformation that comes from complete and total self-acceptance.


No matter where you find yourself at this stage of your journey, March invites you to romance yourself and tap into your deepest desires, even if you’re not ready to act on them or voice them just yet.


Are you willing to let go of who you were to make room for who you are becoming?


To start off our month, I’ve pulled a card for you and intuitive message:



The additional message from Angel Rochelle: “As you let go of all that you’ve been holding inside and action on your intuitive nudges, miracles come into your life and creative solutions appear! A great time to speak your truth, get your finances and emotional life in order and ask for what you want and need without apology.”


Are you willing to let fear, doubt, “confusion” move through you and still keep moving? (side note: I don’t really feel we are ever truly confused, just afraid to make a move in case we f–ck it all up, but really you don’t always know until you act). 


Q: If everything is energy, where have you been afraid to speak your truth? Held back on taking action towards what you know will move you closer to where you want to be in a relationship, career, spirituality, health, etc? What is one thing you could do today, right now, to move you forward?


Go do it. Be brave. The Universe rewards you when you reward yourself by trusting your intuition and knowing you are supported 1000%. 



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