twin flame or soulmate?

Happy Wed and August!

It’s a brand-new month, filled with infinite possibilities and new beginnings.

With the aftermath of the lunar eclipse from last week, there may be some emotions that you’re still sorting through.

Eclipses bring up all sorts of unexpected pieces of information, something is revealed and things leave our lives as fast as new things enter!

But when the dust settles and it’s all said and done, everything that’s left standing is helping you grow into the best version of yourself and everything that’s not helps you make space for more aligned fabulous-ness!

Relationships may be on your mind and as we begin August, today’s Q+A is:

Q: What’s the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate?

They are so different but it’s easy to mix them up and I’m here to set the record straight!

If you’ve ever met someone and wondered…why is this connection so strong? 

Are they my forever person or am I just projecting spiritual twinflame/soulmate blah-blah-blah?

Click below to hear the answer! 

ps: Do you have a question you would like me to answer on the weekly blog? You can totally ask anonymously right here. I LOVE taking your questions as they benefit the entire Goddess community!Have a fabulous week and remember: you are loved.

are other people’s opinions of you clouding your intuition? Q+A time!

Happy Wed!

Have you ever felt like your intuition was ‘blocked’ because of crappy things people told you was true about yourself?

Can I share a quick story with you before we dive into today’s Q+A question?

I remember walking off stage after I’d just spoken at my first live-streamed to thousands conference, so nervous that I ended my speech 3 minutes early.

I walked to the dressing room, super proud of myself (and shaking!) and took deep breaths only for the organizer to basically corner me and tell me how I was super vulnerable and too innocent for this industry and would be taken advantage of…(he said more but that’s the gist!)

It made me doubt everything that was great about my speech and although I teach intuition and live it everyday, that really hit a nerve and it made me question whether I was doing the right thing. Was it all in my head? Was there Truth to what he was saying and should I just forget the whole thing and get a “regular” job and close all my social media accounts, email list and abandon my mission to help millions love and trust themselves? Was my intuition faulty for taking me on this path and on this stage?Dramatic but that’s what shitty thoughts can do if you let them!

Luckily I didn’t let it stop me but it totally could have!

Now onto this week’s question:

Today’s Q+A comes from anonymous:
I’m claircognizant so I just “know” things but have always just been told I’m opinionated, stubborn and a know it all so I think that caused some blocks for me and now I don’t “hear” guidance at all. What should I do?”

Click below to listen to my A to this Q 🙂

Have an amazing week and keep shining your Light. The world needs you Goddess.

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my favorite detox exercise!

With so many planets in retrograde you may be feeling a bit all over the place or just feel like things are moving through molasses.

But there is a silver lining.

It’s the perfect time to forgive yourself and others and also to energetically off load heavy old emotions, patterns and beliefs that have put a haze over you taking full action in the direction of your dreams.

One of my favorite tools is the forgiveness letter. It’s got two super simple parts and I’ve made a short audio for you!

Check it out here: 

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do you love yourself? 5 questions to ask.

Do you love yourself?

It sounds like such a loaded question, doesn’t it?

But the degree to which you love and accept yourself affects how open and available you are to allow others to love and accept you. Not just in relationships, but in all areas of your life.

With Thursday’s solar Eclipse (July 12), the Universe is shedding light on how you feel about yourself and how you project that out to the world. Solar eclipses are about masculine energy and the vision you see outside of yourself/a male energy close to you and what they are trying to teach you.

It’s not so black and white like yes, I do or no I don’t.

Over the past 7 years of witnessing thousands of clients transform their lives, it always circles back to this one area: self love/self-acceptance.

And I’ve seen over and over again, 5 critical areas that surround a healthy self-love relationship with yourself.

Ready to take the mini quiz?


Ask yourself the following and then without thinking, rate your level of self-love in this area from 1 to 5. 

1= I don’t love myself very much in this area at all to 5= I am knocking it out of the park-I’m totally loving myself in this way!

1. Do you treat your body with kindness and respect? (eating healthy foods, moving it everyday, choosing clothing that feel good to wear)=

2. Do you say No to other people’s demands on your time and energy (even though you may feel a little guilty)?=

3. Do you have healthy practices in place to self-soothe when you have a challenging day or moment?=

4. Do you maintain friendships and associations with people who energize you and who you can be yourself with?=

5. Do you reach out for support when you are feeling overwhelmed (vs trying to just do everything yourself?)=

Next steps:

  • Notice which ones you scored highest and which ones you scored lowest.
  • Journal to go deeper:
For the highest, what can help you maintain that frequency? What tends to distract you or take you away from loving yourself at that level everyday? For the lowest, what is one thing that you know would help you elevate that to a new place? What fears or thoughts come up as you think of increasing the self-love in that area? Your first instincts could shed some valuable light on how to love yourself even more!

It’s never about being perfect.

It’s about just elevating yourself to the level you want to be at.

Loving how you feel about you and operating from that high vibe.

Happy Solar Eclipse and would you like more support?

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what’s in store for you? your goddess message inside!

July is a very spiritual month and one that can take you into deeper parts of yourself if you allow it in. It is the 7th month of the year and 7 in numerology represents the hidden aspects of yourself, tuning into other realms and perspectives and of the dance between independence and isolation.

So it’s a month where you may feel heavy emotions coming up or stuff that you thought you dealt with coming up to the surface and you’re like…WTF? I really thought we were done with that Spirit!

But it’s coming up for you to look at it one last time and decide-are you really done with it? What are you rejecting in yourself or another? Where can you honor something that’s caused you challenges so you truly truly let it go once and for all?

This month requires you to be the warrior goddess as well as the visionary-where do you want to go next?

This week especially I was feeling Goddess energy and I channeled a message from the Goddess of War herself, Athena. These messages if you block out distractions and really tune in, can be a healing for your Soul if you are open to receive it.

In this week’s video you will:

  • re-align to your Truth (hear the channeled message to help you maximize this week’s energy)
  • let go of stress (you’ll receive a specific Goddess mantra you can use throughout the month when you are feeling torn between what to do or not do).
  • prepare for an amazing, magical month (know what is being asked of you to move through supposed challenges at this time!) 

Watch it here:

Love and Blessings,

ps: Stay tuned because next week I have a very important announcement you won’t want to miss!

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