Are you ready to let go of all the weight and heaviness from the past cycle? Full Moons are  poised to help you step into the full self-expression and flow of Abundance that your Soul is craving. It’s a time to get quiet, go within and be still.


To hear the voice of your intuition, shed excess energy and pent-up emotions and get clarity on your next steps.

It’s hard to do that with all the noise in your head!

Join me for “Abundance Activation with the Angels!” an intimate, Soul-rejuvenating energy healing and meditation evening with the Abundance Angels, who want to help you step into the vibration of Abundance. Abundance is not just about financial flow (although it is certainly one aspect of it!) Abundance governs the energy of “more than enough” and my hunch is that if you’ve been stressed, you have been going into “not enough” or fear vibes, which blocks your creativity and your ability to tune into the gentle nudgings of your intuition.

*When do I get this meditation? A recording will be sent to you via email (keep your browser open after you complete payment!) and you will receive the same energetic benefits if you listen to it on your own time. I recommend listening to the meditation portion weekly or daily, depending on how committed you are to drawing in that abundance vibration!

60cea576-3164-4e2a-b6f7-a372004875d8What’s included in this audio-course and meditation:

1.We will begin with an intent setting and a grounding to calm your mind and relax your physical body.

2. Then I will share channeled information from the Abundance Angels with you and you are welcome to take notes and invited to write down insights you have.

3. You will learn 3 core blocks to abundance and receiving a corresponding Abundance Activating Code to help you release each of the blocks!

4. (At :26 minutes in) As we settle in, I will take you on a vision journey and facilitate a powerful yet subtle energy healing to help you release your intents into the Universe and also let go of energies you are done with. You may do this part of the recording over and over again to use as a daily clearing too!

Finally I will bring you back into the here and now and we will complete.

10363775_10202795961518938_2428182819912217634_nInvestment: $25

There are no refunds. Recording will be sent via email.


Ready to raise your abundance energy NOW?

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Abundance Activation Night

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Much Love and Blessings,


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