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Amplify Your Love Trio!

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:: Reprogram your subconscious mind + open your heart to love again with ArchAngel Jophiel PM meditation mp.3 ‘Journey into the Heart” 






:: Learn how to stop attracting the same guy with a different face, clear your ex with the Angels and more with a signed paperback copy of my book, “The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again!”





:: Get peace of mind and clarity on your specific relationship issue/question with a 3-card Romance Angel card 20-minute intuitive reading with me (I do not offer these publicly anymore, so this is a rare treat! Take advantage of it!) This call can be recorded. You will receive a link to my scheduler within 24 hours of purchase.


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Amplify Your Love Offer

“Diana helps you become aware of the hidden things that are stopping you from having the love you want.” 

sallyhope-2013After talking to Diana, I honestly feel more centered, conscious, and more in charge of my life, instead of feeling victim to my old stories. I feel like it’s a whole new chapter. Through my sessions with Diana, I was able to understand where my love blocks and hang-ups really are and I think being able to have conversations with my Spirit Guides about love is just so damn cool! I’m intuitive and also highly sensitive so having an outside source like her to guide and provide wisdom is invaluable. All her intuitions and visions were so spot on and her communication with my guides and past lives resonated so much! I feel like things make so much more sense to me now. I feel more ready than I ever have to have the relationship I’ve always imagined. Thank you Diana!

Sally Hope, Rockstar Coach and Founder of the Wildheart Revolution,




I met Amber, a wonderful, soulful girl who I’m crazy about. We have a connection that’s out of this world! 

“A while back, you were kind enough to give me a really quick reading after your radio show finished. One thing you mentioned was Amber and that I needed it. So I researched many different ambers and finally found the perfect necklace, which was actually made for me and it was cheaper than anything else I’ve encountered. I also noticed that I would pass an Amber street everyday going to work and wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before.Then a month or so after getting the necklace, I met Amber, a wonderful, soulful girl who I’m crazy about. We have a connection that’s out of this world! It’s like we’ve had relationships in the past or something. I guess I just wanted to say thanks a second time for the reading.I really appreciate it!Nick Hamiter, Berkeley, CA

“I am living happily with my soulmate and our new family!”
33edc915-0934-4cf7-9642-557f18003f6f“When I first came to Diana, I was heartbroken and reeling from a painful breakup that I hadn’t been able to recover from for over a year. This person had deceived me but for some reason NOTHING I did helped me finally let go and move on…until I started intuitive healing sessions with her. I had tried everything to let go of this person and the memory, but I kept holding on. It wasn’t until Diana helped me finally…and miraculously… clear that old relationship that I was finally able to make room for my soulmate which I met three months after our first session! Today, I am living happily with my soulmate and our new family and doing work that allows me the freedom and space to explore my passions! I am forever grateful to her intuitive gifts that finally helped me clear the past and helped me come back to myself. Thank you Diana!”
-Jennifer Klemm


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