As we approach the holiday season, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress and drama of the people we love the most or feel overwhelmed, confused or just in need of clarity. And it’s also a time where so often we give to others and forget all about taking care ourselves, starting with our Spirit and what it really needs.

I’ve found that during these times, turning to the Angelic realm can be incredibly calming and also helps us see beyond the haze of what’s around us to the Truth in our hearts.

The Angels want to help. 

They can cut through the confusion and deliver messages specific to your situation to help you make important decisions, feel less alone and most importantly, loved and supported.

They can help you with things such as:

-helping you understand a certain relationship and what lessons our Souls came here to learn with that person so we can feel at peace

-navigating your Soul’s purpose and career path, so you make decisions that are truly going to make you happy

-knowing which of your creative ideas to act on and which ones to save for another day so you are using your time and energy wisely

and much more. But they never impede on your Free Will. They come when called.



Are you ready to connect with your Angels and stop doing it all yourself?

Until November 25, I am happy to offer you an

Angel to the Rescue” Reading at a special rate for the holidays.

Book your appointment by December 15. 

How it works:

  1. We’ll hop on the phone or Skype and we’ll call in your specific Angels. I will let you know who is around you and how you can call on them.
  2. You come prepared with a focus area you’d like the Angels support with and I will share specific channeled messages with you to help you get clarity.
  3. Finally you will receive a next step to help you move the action forward and a blessing to send you off into the rest of your day with high vibration and elevated energy!  
  4. These traditional Angel readings run approximately half an hour depending on what information comes through. PLUS: I will also include a complimentary recording of your session so you can listen again and again!


  1. This special reading will expire on November 25 @8pm Eastern Standard Time.
  2. You must book your appointment by December 15, 2015. No exceptions.
  3. There are no refunds for sessions for any reason. If you need to reschedule your appointment I require you to email me at info {at} with 48 hours notice.
  4. Next step: Please complete payment for your reading below and you will receive an email from me within 24 business hours with a link to pick your appointment time!

Investment: $97. (Usually $150)

Reading Special

PLUS:  The first TEN people to sign up will receive a free BONUS GIFT from me!

Choose from one of the following gifts:

  1. Angel to the Rescue Affirmation Guide: A quick “which Angel do I call on for X issue” chart. Keep it in your wallet or on your desk! This has saved me so many times! ($15 value)
  2. Peace of Mind Meditations: includes 3 of my most popular guided meditations to help you start or end your day in peace and positive energy! ($33 value)
  3. E-book: Kick As& Dancing Goddess-a compilation of six true inspirational stories about moving through fear, the courage to start over, and feel supported and loved. ($15 value)

Reading Special

“I came to Diana anxious and defeated. And afterwards, I felt validated and appreciated. Best of all, I knew what I needed to do next in my business!” “Before I talked with Diana, I was feeling anxious and defeated in my business, particularly around a certain tagline and making sure my messaging was clear. During our time together, Diana spoke back to me my own words (which had somehow been eluding me)- and she brought it FULL CIRCLE. I felt validated and appreciated. And best of all, I got confirmation of what I knew I needed to do next in my business to help more people.”

-Sarah H Nicotra,

“The craziest thing happened after one of our calls. I went to in my email inbox, and I had an interview request waiting for me from a company that would allow me to work from my home town!”

Working with Diana helped me get clarity on a big move I was considering on making to relocate back to my hometown. She helped me connect to my intuitive side and showed me techniques to understand how to use my body to know if a decision is right for me or not. After a session with her, I was absolutely sure that I was ready to make the big move back to my hometown. The craziest thing happened after the call. I went to in my email inbox, and I had an interview request waiting for me from a company that would allow me to work from my home town! I was shocked and amazed at how much my energy opened up after working with Diana. She is the real deal!

Aditi Ramchandani, Coach and Healer at


“I met Amber, a wonderful, soulful girl who I’m crazy about. We have a connection that’s out of this world! 

“A while back, you were kind enough to give me a really quick reading after your radio show finished. One thing you mentioned was Amber and that I needed it. So I researched many different ambers and finally found the perfect necklace, which was actually made for me and it was cheaper than anything else I’ve encountered. I also noticed that I would pass an Amber street everyday going to work and wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before.Then a month or so after getting the necklace, I met Amber, a wonderful, soulful girl who I’m crazy about. We have a connection that’s out of this world! It’s like we’ve had relationships in the past or something. I guess I just wanted to say thanks a second time for the reading.I really appreciate it!

Nick H, Berkeley, CA


Book your Angel to the Rescue Reading here: 

Reading Special

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and many Angel Blessings to you and your family!