Ascend: 14 Days to Tap Into Your Personal Power

Imagine being so connected to your heart, and your truth. You:

  • Feel safe to set and express boundaries, creating healthy relationships
  • Feel confident in your choices and actions, and you stop letting fear run the show.
  • Feel supported by the Universe and no longer try and control everything, which leaves you feeling exhausted.

How different would your life be, Goddess?

What wonderful things could you create and welcome into your life just from acting from your own power and honoring your heart?

A Goddess values herself, knows she is worthy of love, honors herself and her energy, and radiates love from her heart to everyone she meets. 

She knows who she is, and is strong and soft. Her presence can be commanding and nurturing. And others respond to that pure energy and feel like they can also let down their masks and be themselves.

Being a Goddess is your birthright and this is what we are inviting you to explore with Ascend -14 days to Tap Into Your Personal Power … where you get to experience:

💙 Short, yet impactful Goddess video lessons to help you integrate your authentic power and balance your inner Feminine with your inner Masculine

💙 Two live group-energy activation/Q+A calls with Diana to support your spiritual body as you apply the lessons to your daily life and get your questions answered!

💙 Private Goddess community (FB) to connect with others in the group and share your experience/ah-has!

Over these 14 days, you’ll:

  • Distinguish masculine from feminine energy…. Understand each energy’s strength so you can use them more appropriately.
  • Learn how to stop overgiving, overfunctioning and stay more receptive to support and miracles.
  • Learn simple tools and language to help you say no (or yes!) so you have time for what matters most to you and aligns with your values.
  • Learn how to trust your intuition more so you know which actions to take and which ones are distractions.
  • Learn tools to manage emotional overwhelm so you stop letting fear run the show
  • Stop looking to the outside world to validate your choices and feel more confident and at peace with yourself..and more!

All that is possible for you, Goddess…and Ascend is the sacred container for you to both learn to allow (Feminine) and assert (Masculine) your natural personal power to shine through!

And the best part?

You won’t be going through this alone!

You’ll have me holding space for you and get to connect with other amazing women all committed to growing and supporting one another throughout the process.

Is this for you?

This is for you if:

  • You are a recovering people pleaser or overgiver and want to learn simple ways to honor your energy and set healthy boundaries.
  • You know you are very dominant in either your feminine energy or your masculine energy and it’s not creating the kind of results you want in your life. You are ready to start integrating and balancing both energies. 
  • You tend to go into your head a lot and feel disconnected from either your heart or your intuition (or both!)
  • You are open to energy work and spiritual practices.

This is not for you if:

  • You prefer a more 1:1 experience vs a group experience. (If that is true, I do have private coaching programs available. Click here)
  • The use of energy work, Angels and spiritual practices turns you off.
  • You prefer to stick with your current habits, beliefs and thought patterns. 
  • You are looking for a magic bullet solution and are unwilling to do the work or take personal responsibility for your experience and results.

Energy exchange: Early Bird $88 until October 5.

Regular rate is $149. All sales final.

What others say about being part of Diana’s group programs:

Diana’s Goddess group programs always remind me to take care of myself, stay present and tune into my body.

The video lessons helped me check in with myself first and learn small steps I could take to accurately assess my emotions in any situation in my life instead of reacting from the moment. Through what I’ve learned, I now embrace my values and know how to create a warm, loving environment for myself, regardless of what is happening outside of me.

-Nivedeeta Kale

That is what is so special about working with Diana!  It’s always fun, new and exciting!

I really enjoyed Diana’s group program, Awaken.  It helped me stay focused on going within and staying present with myself.  I love having a new topic and new things to work on.  It’s amazing the things we need to work on without even knowing we need it.  That is what is so special about working with Diana!  It’s always fun, new and exciting!  And it’s nice to have other like minded women on this journey and meeting new Goddesses.  Can’t wait for the next one!

-Nichole Rivera

I had a great time taking Diana’s group course this summer and truly felt like I was nourishing my inner feminine!

My favorite part was awakening my sense of taste and smell. From yummy meals to fresh lavender, I realized that even just a few minutes a day of indulging my senses with these simple pleasures of life can be so energizing and soothing. Thank you Diana for giving my inner feminine energy a chance to come alive and be herself. <3

– Nita Chawla

Meet “Diana the Dancing Goddess!”

Hi Goddess!

I’m DDG-Diana, the Dancing Goddess. I’m so glad that you are here. I know what it feels like to be a bit shall we say, different than most. To have a lot of love to share but not always feel comfortable or safe to express it.

If you are reading this far, chances are high that you also know deep down that you desire more love, self-acceptance and fun in your life! You also want to be heard and appreciated…and feel self-confident in the choices you make. That balance can be delicate-so often as women, we feel like it’s unsafe to be in our full power. That we won’t be seen as a ‘good woman’ if we assert ourselves. No one teaches us how to do that, that it’s safe to be in our feminine AND our masculine…. and that it’s very natural to both receive and powerfully share our Divine magic.

That’s why I’m here. My passion is empowering women like you to trust your intuition, take back your power and love yourself as the beautiful goddess you are! This is what I wish to help you explore in Ascend: 14 Days to Tap Into Your Feminine Power! I’ll be honored to hold space for you as you Ascend to your next level.

Much Love, Diana

Energy exchange: Early Bird $88 until October 5.

Regular rate is $149. All sales final.