Is it “too late” for you? A true story about the power of love + how to stop this belief

It’s ‘too late’ for me to go for my dream. I need to be more practical.

It’s ‘too late’ for me to attract love because I’m too old and/or I don’t have enough time.

It’s ‘too late’ for me to admit how I REALLY feel. We broke up so long ago. I don’t want my friends to think I haven’t moved on yet.

Have you been guilty of any of the above self-talk? (I said YES to all three btw)

If you said YES too, it’s ALL GOOD. Breathe!

*I have something that can help you (and others world wide) if you’re having trouble with this, so stay with me. First, a story.

The Story:

Last year when the earthquake hit Japan, I had recently broken up with a guy we’ll call Mr. T (Tokyo-I know, original 🙂

I had read about the destruction via my personal news anchor aka my dad who sends me critical news in the form of two line emails (I don’t watch TV or read the news a lot and he worries that I’ll miss something 🙂

I was still hurting from the break-up (I was supposed to go visit him in Japan and we broke up the week before my flight..i know..GREAT timing, right?)

Thoughts like ‘it’s too late’ for me to tell him how I REALLY feel because then he’ll think I’m whiny and desperate. It’s too late to show him I still care for him, even though it didn’t work out. Anyhow, when I saw the news, I hadn’t talked to Mr. T in a few months and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that it took a catastrophic event for me to get out of my own way.

Divine intervention ensued.

I was awoken at 2:30AM with this pulsating in my gut. I had been crying and was prompted to go to Facebook and lo and behold, he was ONLINE. Before my logical mind and Ego feminine pride could kick in, I just IMed him. Very simple.

“I love you. I’m so glad you’re alive and you’re okay.”

Tummy happy.

His reply?

“I love you too. Thank you. I okay.” (His English wasn’t perfect but it was brilliantly authentic).

So freakin simple.

There was no talk of reconciliation. No awkward so “how are you faring since we’re not you know, a couple?” and certainly no fishing for details of each other’s dating lives.

It was just human to human.

Or Spirit to Spirit.


Real LOVE.



And best of all, that one simple action to override my pride and follow my intuition/instinct to let him know I cared (without any agenda for myself) kicked the

“It’s too late” excuse in the ass.

FYI: There is an epilogue to the story at the bottom of this email.


*******Here’s the deal: TRUTH TELLING TIME

It’s NEVER too late to trust your intuition and follow through on what it’s telling you.

It’s NEVER too late to surrender your Ego and pride in the name of authenticity.

It’s NEVER too late to SHOW UP FULLY. Bruises. War wounds and all.

So, ask yourself this:

1) “Where have I believed that it’s TOO LATE in my life?” (Go with your first instinct here. Note: It’s usually the one you’ve been avoiding the most) 🙂

2) “What action however small could I take RIGHT NOW to flip the script?

3) GO DO IT. (And get off Facebook already unless that’s your action and then by all means, rock it sister!)

Epilogue + An Invitation

So, that night at around 2:40am, Spirit guided me to resurrect a guided meditation from hiding which I channeled to help people feel less alone and more able to move on from the ties that kept them from finding love, “Journey to Love with ArchAngel Jophiel.”

I had stashed it away on my desktop because I felt it was “too soon” to show to the world something that wasn’t PERFECT (that’s a whole other issue for another night)

Again, kind of out of body, I put it up on my online store at the time. And I gave away a portion of the proceeds to the Red Cross to help Mr. T’s peeps and Japan.

I was so scared to write that email and put it up. It wasn’t “ready!”  And overnight, so many people from all over the world wrote responses to the meditation and also their own stories on love in response to the one that I’ve shared that inspired its birth.

My Invitation:

1) Do YOU have a similar story about turning around an “its too late” in love?
I’d LOVE to hear from you. Send me an email with your story.

2) Get your fix:
If you’re wanting to bring in love, need to forgive yourself/move on from a love or just need to feel HAPPY and LIGHT, I’ve resurrected the famous love meditation for you to purchase. (A portion will ALWAYS go to the Red Cross as that’s how it got its legs and I’m a sucker for tradition sometimes 🙂

Here’s to love and YOU!


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Video: How to transition out of your 9-5 to do what you love! (4:58min)

A woman wrote to me asking,

“Diana, how do I transition out of my 9-5 job to start my own business?”

This is a juicy question!

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The truth about what it takes to transition out of your 9-5 with grace and confidence
  • What you absolutely MUST have in order to be successful (and profitable) in your new business
  • The easiest way to leave your job (without feeling shitty, uncertain or ‘energetically incomplete’)

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Video: How to Get Out Of Indecision Land (In Less than 5 Minutes)

The phones are ringing off the hook.

You’re running late to yet ANOTHER appointment.

In front of you, you have a To-Do List miles long.

And when you DO have 5 minutes to actually glance at it, the thought of tackling it or focusing feels too exhausting.

And did I mention it’s only 12noon?

If this sounds like you, do yourself a favor and watch this SHORT (less than 5 minute) video. (made especially for YOU!)

I hear you and I want to help you get out of what I call “indecision land.” It sucks. It’s exhausting and it’s soul-sucking.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • How to stop treading water (and wasting time) on “to-do’s” that suck your energy
  • My Top Secret Unconventional 3 minute strategy to knowing EXACTLY where to focus first
  • How to stop feeling distracted when life around you gets CRAAZZZYYY



1. Golden Arrow It.

2. To-Do List

3. Take it to the Heart/Select

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3 Simple Tools to Stay Sane This Month with guest blogger, Mom and teacher, Andrea!

Summer is upon us and June is poised to be a month that highlights the following themes in your life:

Two former ballet students who are NEVER afraid to be themselves!

Authenticity: Where in your life are you feeling called to be MORE YOU?

Authority: Where in your life do you need to harness your personal power and stop being a victim?

Abundance: What is your relationship to money? How about relationships? Where do you need to ditch LACK mentality around these areas and adopt a new philosophy of TRUST and INFINITE SUPPLY?


Today’s Guest Post: 3 Simple Tools to Stay Sane

by Andrea Lavender

Hello everyone! I’m Andrea Lavender and I wanted to share a few tools that I use in my everyday life.  For starters, I’m a high school teacher. On a daily basis I communicate with over 100 young teens plus all with very different emotional activity going on inside. Knowing that I’m clairsentient (I feel energies and emotions very easily), I need to protect myself as much as possible so I don’t absorb or mix their stresses with any of mine. 

Tool #1: Center and Ground Yourself

Every morning when I get to my classroom, I take a sticky note and draw the 1st reiki symbol in all 4 corners of it plus the middle. I imagine that the paper represents my classroom and its 4 corners. I then envision a golden beam of energy coming from those 4 corners and they meet in the middle of my classroom. Those beams represent grounded, focus, responsibility, and calmness.  I notice that when I do that, my students seem to enter in the classroom and get organized more quickly and they seem to stay on task a lot better than when I don’t do this plus it helps me center and ground before taking on a full load of other people’s energy. 

Tool #2: Lead with Your Intuition vs. Your Mind

Another tool that I constantly use throughout the day is my intuition. I purposely try not to over think something and just listen to the guiding voices I have around me. It really helps me to notice students who may be having an issue and are quiet about things or who feel that they can’t seek help. I somehow seem to find them at just the right moment. It also helps me diffuse any issues before they start by sampling noticing the energy around us. I feel something intruding, I take a quick second to ask my higher self what could be happening and instantly my attention is lead towards the problem. 

Tool #3: Call on the ArchAngels to avoid Energy Drains and Exhaustion

Finally, before even stepping foot into my place of work, I ground the building and then think of AA Michael and Raphael. Michael encloses me in a bubble of purple/blue light so that I can be protected from others emotions and Raphael surrounds me in green light and I ask him to only filter in healing vibrations. When I do this, I usually leave work as energized as I came – when I don’t I feel drained and worn out. It’s simple, it works and I have enough energy to wake up and do it all over again! 

Andrea is a high school teacher as well as an Angel Reiki™ II Practitioner and aromatherapist.

Take ACTION: What is 1 thing that helps YOU stay sane in the summertime?

Post your response! 

Have a great week! 



Much Love,

Diana Dorell

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