“Let Go of Your Ex, Already!” 1:1 package with Diana Dorell includes 3 sessions

The first session will be an in-depth intuitive reading to see why you two connected, if you share any karmic lessons or lifetimes and get an idea of the Purpose for you two coming together. Clarity is priceless! Then in the second session, it will be energy healing around what came up so you can clean up your space! The final session is a follow up call where you can ask any burning questions and get next steps. Sessions are 45-minutes but please plan on an hour just in case.

See what’s possible:
33edc915-0934-4cf7-9642-557f18003f6f“When I first came to Diana, I was heartbroken and reeling from a painful breakup that I hadn’t been able to recover from for over a year. This person had deceived me but for some reason NOTHING I did helped me finally let go and move on…until I started intuitive healing sessions with her. I had tried everything to let go of this person and the memory, but I kept holding on. It wasn’t until Diana helped me finally…and miraculously… clear that old relationship that I was finally able to make room for my soulmate which I met three months after our first session! Today, I am living happily with my soulmate and our new family and doing work that allows me the freedom and space to explore my passions! I am forever grateful to her intuitive gifts that finally helped me clear the past and helped me come back to myself. Thank you Diana!”
-Jennifer Klemm



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Investment: Normally $675

For Special gifts of The Ready for Love listeners: Just $297 or 2 payments of $$169 for a limited time. There are no refunds for this package. You will be emailed a link to Diana’s scheduler once payment is complete. 


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