1. 3 of my most popular guided meditations to help you shift out of negative energy, release daily stress from work/life and feel connected to your Divine Goddess nature.format: mp.3 downloads ($45 value)

#1 Journey to Love with Archangel Jophiel

#2 Tapping Back Into Your Power with Goddess Oshun

#3 21 Mantras to Manifest Peace in Your Daily Life

2. My popular ebook: 60cea576-3164-4e2a-b6f7-a372004875d8Kick Ass Dancing Goddess filled with inspirational lessons and stories to help you feel strong and powerful! ($14.95 value)




3. 30-minute, 1:1 Goddess energy healing/intuitive reading to answer any questions that you have around your path right now and also give you a space to tune into yourself, heal and know your next steps ($150 value)

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