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Have you been feeling “off” in the past week?

Been wanting to stay in faith but finding it hard to just relax into what ‘is’?

Are you feeling tired, restless or energetically scattered?

The energies have been very strong in the past 3 weeks and with the New Moon happening tonight at approximately 8pm Pacific, new energy is being ushered in.

Especially when it comes to your most important relationships.

And your self-talk.

Are you loving yourself or beating yourself up?

Are you judging another or judging yourself?

Are asking for spiritual assistance or trying to lone-wolf it alone?

Big question-time.

One of the most effective ways I love helping my clients is to connect with the Angelic realm as you know.

And it’s often when you’re just on the brink of something amazing that it’s so easy to de-rail yourself and head down the negative rabbit hole of victim thoughts, scarcity, or just plain-ole crap!

I want to help you have an amazing New Moon period (next 2 weeks).

Are you ready for a little energy boost and some Angelic support?


? Come this Thursday (Oct 15)?

LIVE! Group New Moon Meditation + Healing Circle with the Angels

credit: peek-photography.nyc

credit: peek-photography.nyc

There is so much power that happens when people of like-mind come together to ask for spiritual assistance and to surrender.

I’m excited to be hosting a New Moon Guided Meditation + Angelic Prayer Healing experience to help you do just that.

  • Raise your energyfrom all the crap that may have gotten stirred up in your aura from Mercury Retrograde
  • Connectwith like-minded folks in a safe, supportive community (yay Angel sparkles!)
  • Let go of control + find peace of mind and inner calm(you’ll need both to navigate and birth the new things that are sure to be created during the New Moon!)
  • Open to receive: This is the #1 block I see people dealing with when they are learning how to manifest love + miracles. When we are open to letting the Angels help, you can actually quiet your mind to hear your own intuitive guidance

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How it works:

Before the call, you can submit requests for healing or specific support around a situation in your life from the Angels in a short form that we’ll be sending to you the day before our call. I will use all of these for the Angel Prayer Healing.

You’ll hop on the call (phone, Skype or on your computer) and I will be sharing a channeled Angel message for our group for the New Moon to set us off right.

We’ll go through a short grounding experience to help you relax into the moment.

Then, I’ll guide you through a powerful group meditation with the Angels (about 10-15 minutes).

Then, I’ll invite you to write down the insights that came up for you during the experience and share if you wish with our group.

To wrap our evening, I will open up the line for you to share your insights, ask for Angelic clarification of what came up for you during the meditation and for us to connect with each other!

Most importantly: BEFORE AND AFTER the event, I will be sitting with your requests and energetically putting them into a group “Angel pot” for prayer and healing.


When: This Thursday, October 15 @6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern

Investment: $25 per person.

You will receive the call details within 24 hours after you register via email. 

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? Early bird gift?

The first 5 to register for this event will receive my brand-new meditation Heal Your Heart & Open Your Soul with ArchAngel Raphael (a $12 value). Great for daily clearing of negative energy.

Can’t attend live? Replay available 24 hours after the event. You can get all the energetic benefits as Spirit knows no constriction of time and space.

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