Happy New Moon (Jan 27): Foundations, Clarity, Leaving a Legacy


New Moons are a time of birthing new conditions, re-setting your foundations for lasting success in 2017 and re-aligning spiritually.

When you mix your unique energies with the energies of the planet, it is easier to call in what your Soul wants with grace and ease.

And the Angels can help you find peace in your heart around the issues that arise during this powerful time.

So you can let go of what’s held you back, see the lesson and begin to heal.

I know how easy it is to feel alone or scared during this time, like things aren’t going to get better or how easy it is to get stuck in worry, wondering what’s coming up or why stuff is happening!

One of my greatest pleasures and Purposes is to help amazing Lightworkers like YOU to tune into the natural cycles of your journey, help you pin-point the possible roadblocks and to help you use the energies that are coming up to help you move forward courageously! 

And so for the next 72 hours only, I’m offering a special email reading/healing combo to support you during the New Moon shifts!


What you get:

  • We’ll hop on the phone or Skype and I will share personalized messages from the Angels about what this New Moon period means for you.
  • To help you integrate and keep your energy high, bright and moving, this 45-min session also includes an energy healing (I will send this while I’m connecting with you and your Guides on the phone).
  • Finally, you’ll have a chance to ask me any burning questions to help you move forward during this stage of your journey. Peace of mind and clarity awaits!



Important info

  • This forty-five minute session is being offered on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis for  just $149. ($250 value)
  • Due to my schedule, I have just TEN spots. This is a special New Moon reading that is only available until Tuesday, January 31.
  • I will close out registration once 10 spots are filled or we reach 5pm Pacific on Tuesday, January 31st whichever comes first!
  • There are no refunds for readings and if you are a no-show, it is on your dime.

If you’ve been wanting to get a reading with me and haven’t because of timing, life circumstances or something else, now is your chance!

These will go fast and I am so excited to help you rock this New Moon and step into a new cycle!

Love and Blessings,




Complete payment below and keep your browser open after you pay as it will re-direct you to my scheduler from PayPal. I’ll also be sure to send you a follow up email just in case within 24 hours with the link!

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New Moon Reading