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Self care is not a luxury-it is about learning how to prioritize yourself, set powerful boundaries that honor you and being at an optimal energy level-emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. As women when we are taking care of ourselves, we are available to be 100% for the people and passions we love. This is why I founded Self Care for your Soul: 12 Weeks to Master the Art of Divine Self Care, launching September 5!

Two of my core values are creativity and giving back to my community. It is my great pleasure to be offering three scholarships (one full and two partial) to bright, creative, amazing women who are ready to up their spiritual self care and have more energy, peace and vitality.

NOTE: These scholarships are offered from the space of creativity and ability to express with conviction and inspiration why you would like to be considered vs. a financial need.

How to Apply: It’s easy!

  1. Tell me why you are fired up about learning how to take better care of yourself, what you feel you bring to our community and be in this program. NOTE: To learn more about the program and make sure you know what it’s all about, please go here.
  2. Format: Make a video (under 3 min please!) or write your response (less than 400 words!) and send the link or Word doc to: info (at) dianadorell. com
  3.  Deadline: All entries must be received by Wed, August 23 @6pm Pacific (no exceptions!). Winners will be notified via email by 9am on Thursday, August 24!

More info:

Be creative and most of all, be authentic. Let’s have fun!

My decision is final and subjective.

If you have already registered you are welcome to apply and if you are chosen, you may gift your scholarship to a very lucky friend!

Good luck!