About Diana

I hold space for smart, successful women to shed the past, get back into balance with themselves and make empowered decisions in their relationships and lives.

I help you go from feeling overwhelmed and over scheduled to feeling connected to your Spirit, confident in your decision-making and heard in your most important relationships, starting with yourself.

I have helped hundreds of women just like you as a healer, mentor and behind-the-scenes intuitive relationship counselor.

About Me:

I am a third-generation medicine woman and I come from a long line of healers and sensitives from Columbia and Venezuela. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been able to read the energies of people around me and was told I had “healing hands.” In my former life I was a high school English and dance teacher and at the heart of my work as a spiritual healer is teaching my clients how to find their own intuitive Truths using the body, movement and spiritual tools…with fun!  I’m especially gifted at taking complex, emotional situations and challenges in my clients’ lives and psychically distilling it down to the core, so we can get right in there and help you make changes quickly and gracefully.

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