Success Stories

“I am in an amazing relationship + feel like a literal QUEEN!”

I first heard about Diana from Helena Hart’s podcast and knew I wanted to work with her right away.

I had been struggling to let go of an ex and a pattern of people-pleasing-I knew I was letting insecurities get in my way of finding love.

Through the healing work, intuitive exercises and coaching we did together over the course of a few months, several amazing things happened.

I was able to not only release old energy with the ex, but also stand my ground with my female friendships.

I felt lighter and better than I had in a long time and am now in an amazing relationship with a man where I feel like a literal QUEEN!

Thank you!! I cannot wait to work with Diana again very soon!

Rachel Hopkinson

‘I feel immensely lighter and happier!’

When I first spoke with Diana, I felt so not good about where I was in my life and relationships. I was in a really negative headspace and bogged down with recent events that weren’t positive experiences. 

After working together for about six weeks,the energy work and spiritual practices I learned have helped me remove the heaviness in my heart. Things began to feel more manageable and I feel immensely lighter and happier. I have regained the appreciation for both positive and negative events and have gratitude for all relationships in my life. 

– Mosmi Shah

‘Feeling Fearleass’

Lots of wins!! After our work together, I am being honest with myself, giving myself permission to want what I want and not sugarcoat it so other people feel good.

I’m also prioritizing myself when I feel overwhelmed. When I feel I’m losing control, I’m really not and there are things I can for on to create room to just be. That’s one of the biggest takeaways these past few months! 

I’m also more open to whatever lies ahead. And feeling fearless! Thank you!!! 

-Daniela Micu

“Angela got her groove back!”

I now feel so connected to having fun and I’m in my element with the man I’m seeing. He’s always so excited to see me and schedules dates consistently. I also feel like I’m livelier now and happy! Angela got her groove back! 

– Angela Castellanos 

“My relationship with myself and my husband has improved!”

I knew I felt stuck and blocked when I first connected with Diana and my relationship with my husband was a bit off. There were some events in my past and in my marriage that were keeping me from being fully present and happy but I wasn’t sure how to move past them. Through her guidance and healing sessions, I lifted off the heavy energy that was holding me back, I was able to truly forgive and appreciate my husband and it reaffirmed where I needed to get back to my own self care and treat myself like a priority. The best part? I didn’t even have to have the conversation I thought I did about it. After our sessions, my husband naturally began offering ways to make my life easier – it was amazing!

Monica S.

“I discovered what I needed to let go of to love and express myself to others! I feel more like myself than I have in years!”

I found Diana’s videos on YouTube and knew that I wanted to get more in touch with my feminine energy and felt blocked from opening my heart and letting people in. I enrolled in one of her private healing programs and OMG, I wish I had done this sooner for myself!

Through the work, I was able to release a lot of my perfectionism and let go of pain from my past that I didn’t even know was affecting my relationship with men and myself! She gave me concrete steps on how to communicate and express my Truth even when it was scary. I feel more like myself than I have in years and even my family is saying, “Something is different!”

I am so grateful and excited to be growing-it is all unfolding as it is supposed to!

Thank you Goddess Diana! You are truly an inspiration to me!

Tracy Van Kampen

“I can finally speak my truth and see the truly authentically beautiful me. Transformed!”

I first met Diana through attending her monthly Goddess circles and after reading her book, The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again, I just knew I wanted to hire her to help me transform my relationships. 

I’d been single for years and hadn’t allowed myself to experience true intimacy and pleasure due to past traumas. 

And I felt incredibly blocked creatively and around expressing myself to others. I knew I was on the brink of a breakthrough-I just wasn’t sure where to begin.

Through my coaching sessions with Diana, so much unexpected amazingness unfolded in several different areas of my life. 

A few?
• I let go of old relationship energy I’d been hanging onto with exes and felt free!
• I called in a man who helped me learn how to set new standards for how I want to be treated and what was most important to me
• received invitations to commission my art and sold my first painting online!
and most importantly
• I came back to myself….
• I can finally speak my truth to the world and see the truly authentically beautiful me already fully transformed and ready and serving so humbly she doesn’t even know she’s doing it. The beauty is astounding!
 Wow. Thank you Diana for being an authentically beautiful empowered goddess and witnessing my own empowerment in action!

Brandi Hurtt
Artist and Founder of Soulful Creations:

“I met and went on a wonderful date with a high-value man who I felt comfortable with.”

I struggled with self-esteem issues and insecurity around my ability to attract quality relationships. I didn’t get asked out a lot and wondered if maybe I jut wasn’t beautiful or good enough. When I began the Soul Mate coaching with Diana, I learned spiritual techniques and mindset tools to calm my anxiety, let go of heaviness from my past that had been blocking me from opening up to men, and learned how to stand my ground even when it was scary.

During the course of the program, I was getting asked on multiple dates in a week and even met and went out on a wonderful date with a high-value man who I felt comfortable with- something I never had experienced before! I feel more self assured in communicating my needs around men and although it’s not always easy, I can honestly say that I love myself and know that I am worthy and deserving of a great relationship.

– Nivedeeta K

“I’ve been asked out on dates by men who want to please me, feel more at peace with myself and even got a promotion at work!”

Before starting coaching with Diana, my love life was non-existent and despite desiring a relationship, I wasn’t getting approached by emotionally available men and had a hard time loving myself unconditionally. I just didn’t know what it felt like to be in my feminine energy and let go of control.

I joined her private coaching program and what happened over the course of six months blew my mind. I started attractive genuine and consistent compliments from men without trying- daily! I let go of toxic people in my life and started attracting amazing new friends on the spiritual path. I learned how to finally set healthy boundaries. My relationship with my children has improved and I even received a promotion at work, where I used the communication skills I learned in the program. I am excited to share that I have been asked out on dates by men who want to please me! But most importantly, after completing the program, I feel at peace with myself, grounded in who I am and most of all, happy. 

– Machemo M, South Africa

More confident and clear-minded!

Before Diana and I started talking, I felt insecure as a potential partner and was withdrawing into myself. I came into her six month program looking to shake things up after feeling like I’d somehow fallen behind romantically. I came out of the program with a clearer understanding of what I want in a partner, what I have to offer and ways I can keep myself open to invite that person into my life. I feel better equipped to trust that the right relationship will come at the right time-and that I’ll recognize it when it does. These days, I feel much more confident and clear-minded because of the work I did with Diana. A heartfelt thank you!

-Erin A.

“I feel more mentally and emotionally strong than ever before!”

When I first came to Diana, I felt creatively stifled, stuck and a bit lost in the relationship that I was in. I felt this deep desire to get my creative ideas out into the world and make some major life changes to be closer to my family.  I knew I had great ideas but it was like something was holding me back and I couldn’t get out of my own way.

Through working with Diana over the next few months, I not only got laser clear on my book topic and what I needed to do to get it out there, but also found the courage to break free of the relationship drama that was holding me back.

Today, I feel mentally and emotionally stronger than ever before. I’m standing up for myself. And instead of inviting negative people and drama into my life, I call B.S and walk away because I know who I am. I finally have this huge smile on my face because I finally feel free! Thank you Diana for helping me come back to myself!

-Andrea Mijak, author, psychologist, trainer and mom

I’m more spiritually connected than I have ever been and through the principles, I learned, I manifested a long-desired trip to Africa to meet my extended family for the first time!

When first I came to Diana, I was struggling with what I feel many post-graduates do; answering the question, what do I do with my life? I felt very lost, blaming people, places, things and situations outside myself for the frustration I felt. I was stuck in poverty mind-set, my confidence was shot and I knew I needed support getting myself back on track with my spiritual self.

As a result of working with her over a period of months, some amazing changes started to happen. First, she helped me get over a poverty mindset that had plagued me for as long as I can remember. I also cleared ancestral and family blocks that I did not even know that I had which improved my confidence and belief in myself. Applying the principles I learned from her, I was even able to create supplemental income and manifest a long-desired trip to Africa to meet my extended family for the first time!
Today, I feel like a different person! I am in a better place, a better mindset  and most importantly, I feel more more spiritually connected than I have ever been before. Thank you Diana!
-Tejiri Itietie

Issue: Recovering from a breakup and believing in love again
“When I first came to Diana, I was heartbroken and reeling from a painful breakup that I hadn’t been able to recover from for over a year. This person had deceived me but for some reason NOTHING I did helped me finally let go and move on…until I started intuitive healing sessions with her. I had tried everything to let go of this person and the memory, but I kept holding on. It wasn’t until Diana helped me finally…and miraculously… clear that old relationship that I was finally able to make room for my soulmate which I met three months after our first session! Today, I am living happily with my soulmate and our new family and doing work that allows me the freedom and space to explore my passions! I am forever grateful to her intuitive gifts that finally helped me clear the past and helped me come back to myself. Thank you Diana!”
-Jennifer Klemm

“I’m thrilled to say the bad dreams stopped!”

Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

Coming to Cali from NYC, my fiance Josh and I rented an amazing place by the beach. It was beautiful in every sense, but one. We both had sleepless nights and we had no idea what to do to make them go away. Diana was able to tune into what was happening and gave us a simple suggestion to try that night. I’m thrilled to say the bad dreams stopped and we are now fully enjoying our days and nights. Thank you so much Diana!”

Marie Forleo, founder of B-school and author of “Make Every Man Want You”

I gained a deeper understanding of myself and what I am creating in my relationships with others.

Raquel Botelho

When I first saw Diana I was so attracted to her energy and essense. Then I received a reading from her and felt tingles all in my body confirming that what Diana was sharing is aligned in what is my truth. I gained more self love, self worth and completely fell in love with my current life and what the universe offers to me after my one-on-one coaching sessions with Diana. I am more self aware and Diana showed and shared practices and mediation I can do my self to sharpen my intuition and be aligned with my wisdom, heart, and knowing… I also gained a deeper understanding of myself and what I am creating in my relationships with others. I also love Diana’s charm, feminine pizzazz, and YouTube videos.

Raquel Botelho,

Issue: “I was afraid to be uncomfortable.”

Andrea Hill PerezI really struggled with thinking in the beginning: “what if I don’t deserve good things yet? Or what if we uncover some unpleasant things.” I was afraid to be uncomfortable.  But working with Diana help me to gain the confidence and trust I needed to unveil those uncomfortable things, allowing me the ability to combat them and change my perspective.  Diana helped me to understand things without outright telling me that this is what my problem is.  Now, I challenge myself more to do things that will empower me rather than automatically thinking that I can’t accomplish something. Before Diana came along I didn’t realize how much self sabotage I was doing; through our sessions I have been able to recognize when I do that and put in actions to counteract that behavior.  For anyone ready to move forward in business, love or anything else – Diana is certainly the right coaching choice.

Andrea Hill Perez


“I would recommend Diana to anyone who feels an aspect of their life could be working better and wants to cut the crap and get right to the root cause.”

Prior to connecting with Diana, I struggled at times to find a connection to Spirit and rarely had the confidence to trust my intuition.  During our work together, however, I have made huge breakthroughs in shifting old patterns, some dating back to childhood. I trust and respect myself more, and care for myself better.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Diana to anyone who feels an aspect of their life could be working better and wants to cut the crap and get right to the root cause. I am amazed at how much progress I made in a short time; the work may be intense and challenging at times, but the end result is well worth it!


Issue: Clarity around how to gracefully decline an offer without burning bridges

“Ideas started flowing like crazy and I knew I made the right decision!” 

“I came to Diana for clarity around a book contract I felt unsure about and wanted to know if my hunches were correct.After working with Diana, business ideas started flowing like crazy and I knew the exact words I needed to say to a particular book editor that helped me bow out of a business opportunity that didn’t feel right, without lying to myself or feeling like I was burning bridges. The best part? The whole thing consisted of a powerful, honest two-liner and I feel really good about it! I know I made the right decision. Diana has inspired me to handle these types of uncomfortable situations in a whole new way!

Amanda Aitken, Canada, Founder of “The Girl’s Guide to Web Design”

“Diana gave me the confidence I needed to put some of my biggest work out in the world, something I couldn’t have found without her help!”

jenny-shih-300pxI was in the midst of putting out a new website with new photos, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was “off.” But I had no idea what what it was. I loved the website changes and I hated them. I loved the photos and I didn’t love the photos. I was getting both a YES and a NO from my gut at the same time.

I called Diana to help me sort through the mixed messages. She was able to confirm I was on track with both the design and the photos – and also explain why I felt the disconnect. She explained it in terms of numerology, colors, and intuition, all which helped calm my fears.

I also asked for her guidance on a new tagline, program name, and program release date, and she gave me the same confident, no-fuss, straight-forward help I knew she could.

I was able to put the new site and new photos out into the world without any panic, and I launched the new program with confidence as well.

Diana taught me that my intuition was spot-on, and it also doesn’t hurt to have someone back me up with a totally different approach. She helped me get past the fear of making the wrong decision and reminded me that I always know what’s right for me. Thanks Diana!

Jenny Shih, Coach and Consultant for Creative Entrepreneurs,

I had the best two months financially of the entire year!

mindycraryI came to Diana because I wanted to launch my first group-coaching program but I wasn’t feeling sure how to start and I knew I wanted her psychic perspective. But I had doubts. Before I met Diana, I had had other psychic sessions and although I felt they were very affirming, no real action came from them. So I went in knowing I would receive good info around my business, but I wasn’t sure if there would be anything actionable. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Through working with her, I got the clarity I needed on the schedule, content and logistics for my first group program for 2013 and had the best two months financially of the entire year! I was completely booked for December and even into January and it was the first month that that’s ever happened to me! In my personal life, through my energetic, spiritual work with Diana, I was able to really process my mother’s sudden passing and become more fully present. I always looked forward to our calls as a “return to groundedness.” I experienced energetic shifts that translated into real-life effectiveness. This may be the most important work I have done this year, because it helped shift the way I thought about myself AND gave me practical steps to move forward AND balance the business, personal and spiritual.  With intuition and business sense, she provided me with EXACTLY what I needed to move forward.  I didn’t have to filter through generalized information and figure out what applied to me, and that saved me so much time!

Any business owner who feels stuck, off balance, maybe has lost trust for their own gut instinct and feels unsure how to move forward would benefit from working with Diana.  And it doesn’t have to be business; I would trust Diana’s guidance and support around any aspect of my life.

Mindy Crary, Certified Financial Planner, Creative Money Coach


Issue: Feeling unsure about her direction and needing help getting her confidence back

“Diana has a kind and gentle  soul and is always a pleasure to work with.”

“Since working with Diana I have learned more ways to take back my power in tandem with other spiritual practices and truth-seeking as I increase faith in myself and my abilities. She has helped me to get back on my path when I’ve drifted and I feel a sense of sisterly connection with her.  Diana has a kind and gentle  soul and is always a pleasure to work with. I have and will further recommend her to folks seeking help with stepping outside of the norm and into positive, loving ways towards greater potential of self.”

~Melanie Burton, R.M., A.R.P., Divine Spiritual and Natural Healer

“Her level of accuracy is outstanding. She’s someone whose reputation I would stake against my own.” 

“I’ve known Diana Dorell for almost 4 years. As far as psychics and healers go, she is the real deal, the genuine article. Her gift allows her to channel accurate, practical information that can genuinely help you in your life vs. conjuring vague generalizations that you have to figure out. I’d highly recommend any of Diana’s services. Her level of accuracy is outstanding and a reading, healing session or coaching with her is an exceptionally good value. She is someone whose reputation I’d stake against my own as she shows up in the world authentically no matter what the situation. She works toward the highest good of the people that come to her and it is a privilege to count her amongst my friends.

~MaryEllen Smith, CEO of Prosperity Technology Solutions, LLC

“I came to Diana anxious and defeated. And afterwards, I felt validated and appreciated. Best of all, I knew what I needed to do next in my business!” 

“Before I talked with Diana, I was feeling anxious and defeated in my business, particularly around a certain tagline and making sure my messaging was clear. During our time together, Diana spoke back to me my own words (which had somehow been eluding me)- and she brought it FULL CIRCLE. I felt validated and appreciated. And best of all, I got confirmation of what I knew I needed to do next in my business to help more people.”

-Sarah H Nicotra,

“She has helped me become more present in my busy, everyday world, which has been such a blessing to me!”

“Diana is amazing!  What a gift she has…she articulates her knowledge in such a loving and beautiful way and is able to put your mind in a receptive place.  Her voice is soothing and her inner and outer beauty utterly mesmerizing. She has helped me become more present in my everyday world which has been such a blessing to me! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Diana…she is definitely sharing her gifts with the world in a most magnificent way!!”

-Gigi Belmonico, CEO of “The Bombshell Factor™”

Issue: Feeling stuck 

“We went into a past life and I experienced myself to the core! It was time … I felt completely at ease!”

I’ve had many psychic/intuitive readings before and Diana definitely sparked my attention when we met at a marketing event. I wanted some no-nonsense guidance and clarity with a few health pieces as well as some business direction. We actually ended up going into a piece of my life, past-life actually, that I hadn’t thought of in a long time. It was really good to have her bring this up. It felt like it was time. I felt completely at ease when we were together. I was able to fully go into my spontaneity and experience myself to my core.

-Irene Lyon,

Issue: Getting past negative self-talk 

“I could finally stop the nagging doubts!”

“Before working with Diana, I was feeling lots of stagnant energy about a failed launch and a bit afraid to move forward with my next program. Through our work, she helped me release the negative energy I was creating about my last product launch and helped me see the hidden reasons why it didn’t take off so I could be free to create what I was really meant to. I left with a green light on my new tagline so I could finally stop the nagging doubts! Best of all, it was all in line with my own intuitive hits, which only allowed me to further trust my inner voice that much more. I left feeling empowered, confident, and ready to get down to creating already!”

-Anita Avalos,

Issue: Wondering if she made the right decision or not

 “I left feeling energized, peaceful and excited to dive into this new chapter of yoga teacher training!”

“Before contacting Diana, I felt conflicted and stuck: should I stay in Thailand and start a yoga teacher training program or was I supposed to move back home to Australia and go down another path? I felt pulled in so many different directions and wasn’t sure what was a true gut feeling or what was just wishful thinking! Diana quickly got right to the heart of the matter and I left feeling energized, peaceful and excited to dive into this new chapter. Awesome!”

-Caitlin Gardan, world traveler and yoga Goddess!

Issue: Needing clarity around a big career move and possible re-location

“The craziest thing happened after one of our calls. I went to in my email inbox, and I had an interview request waiting for me from a company that would allow me to work from my home town!”

Working with Diana helped me get clarity on a big move I was considering on making to relocate back to my hometown. She helped me connect to my intuitive side and showed me techniques to understand how to use my body to know if a decision is right for me or not. After a session with her, I was absolutely sure that I was ready to make the big move back to my hometown. The craziest thing happened after the call. I went to in my email inbox, and I had an interview request waiting for me from a company that would allow me to work from my home town! I was shocked and amazed at how much my energy opened up after working with Diana. She is the real deal!

Aditi Ramchandani, Coach and Healer at

Issue: Feeling conflicted around setting boundaries 

“I was finally able to see what was holding me back with a client and my business. Finally, a solution!

Diana is 100% the real deal. There is no doubting her psychic and intuitive abilities. She doesn’t waste time with unimportant psychic drama; she gets right to it. In fact, in our first session together, I was able to really see what was holding me back with a new client and with my business. Boundaries is one of the most difficult issues I struggle with in business and for the first time, this really made clear and solvable.I got a solution that I understood on a deep level. It was almost as if Diana was able to go in and shepherd the atoms of my soul to realign. Beautiful, soulful work. Life changing possibilities!

Candace Beck

Issue: Needing help finding the right words to use on her website to attract ideal clients without having to completely start from scratch.

“My website is now more professional and I’m on track! Diana’s feedback helped me feel more confident rather than incompetent.”

 I thought at first that I was going to be a complete mess and that I’d have to restart or come up with better ideas but of course, Diana made me feel like everything was right on track. The feedback helped me feel more confident rather than incompetent. Diana is super supportive. Nothing seems like a bad idea and so you take that and you helped me to tweak things to make them better the way I want them to be. There doesn’t seem to be any negative judgment at all. From my work with Diana, I found that I am also able to help my other friends with similar projects!

Andrea Perez, Mom, Teacher and rockstar Healer

Issue: Feeling blocked around raising her rates/trusting her intuition

“I had resisted raising my rates and couldn’t figure out what the block was until I worked with Diana.

The block dissolved and I realized what I want to do is to help people reconnect to their soul’s destiny and find their true calling in life and in work. I can now focus on truly defining my offerings and adding more value to my signature ones, which is so thrilling! Diana brings all the intuitive gifts from her lineage to the table and is skilled at inquiry and digging deep beneath the surface of an issue. Anyone who is struggling with a block or is ready for more clarity on their life purpose would greatly benefit from working with her.

Sherold Barr, Life Strategist at

Issue: Re-branding her coaching business + getting clear on her new message

“I wasn’t even done with Diana’s 90-day coaching program and ideal clients started signing up for my new list at a crazy speed that I NEVER experienced with my old business!”

Before the 90 days were up, I experienced a total 180 degree business mentality shift that took me in a totally new, unexpected direction with my health coaching business. I got clarity on a NEW name, brand and best of all, a more powerful, real message that I LOVE! I wasn’t even done with Diana’s 90-day coaching program and ideal clients started signing up for my new list at a crazy speed that I NEVER experienced with my old business. Diana brings a perspective from a much higher level, but somehow she’s able to articulate it in a way we will understand. I would definitely recommend her services to women – women entrepreneurs for sure, and anyone who is having issues in love or with their spouses.”

Tanuja Paruchuri, CEO and Owner of

Issue: Having trouble making decisions + balancing being a Mom and starting a new business

“Diana told me things that I would admit only to myself. I felt taken care of. “

“I’ve always been very skeptical of psychics.  To me the word “psychic” would bring an image of revolting Mrs. Fortune holding a crystal ball with lightning shooting out of it, offering to give advice over 1-800 number.  That was something I would never engage in…and then  I met Diana.  By just introducing herself, she immediately made me feel taken care of.  There was something in her presence that made me feel “gotten” from the first moment.  I almost had to laugh when Diana said that she was a psychic – she was a far cry from how I always thought of people of her profession. I felt smitten. Not knowing me at all, Diana told me things that I would admit only to myself.  Her advice was wise and soundly reasoned.  After the session, I felt grounded and relaxed.  Finally, there was clarity and ease to decision making!  It was such a cathartic experience that I can hardly wait for my next session.”

Natasha Vorompiova, CEO of Systems Rock!, Belgium

Issue: Tired of being single but not knowing when love would show up

“I met Amber, a wonderful, soulful girl who I’m crazy about. We have a connection that’s out of this world! 

“A while back, you were kind enough to give me a really quick reading after your radio show finished. One thing you mentioned was Amber and that I needed it. So I researched many different ambers and finally found the perfect necklace, which was actually made for me and it was cheaper than anything else I’ve encountered. I also noticed that I would pass an Amber street everyday going to work and wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before.Then a month or so after getting the necklace, I met Amber, a wonderful, soulful girl who I’m crazy about. We have a connection that’s out of this world! It’s like we’ve had relationships in the past or something. I guess I just wanted to say thanks a second time for the reading.I really appreciate it!

Nick Hamiter, Berkeley, CA

Over the 90 days I worked with Diana, I successfully launched not one, but TWO side businesses from the ground up that feel like ME. I feel confident and enthusiastic about getting my message out there as a Health/Wellness/Beauty coach instead of being in fear and doubt. I believe now more fully that I really can live my dreams! 

What helped me the most was that Diana gave me specific action steps and concrete first steps to get my businesses off the ground and balancing it with my personal life using spiritual tools. On another note, I have noticed that during our work on the business, I also came full circle w/ relationships of the past! I loved and appreciated the concrete and logical steps and tools I learned to better manage my life combined w/ the intuitive/psychic input. Invaluable investment!

Shelby Matonak, Health/Wellness/Beauty Coach and Founder of Truth and Alchemy

Issue: Feeling blocked to move forward with her true passion

“I feel like a weight has been lifted and  I have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities.”

“When I first came to Diana, I knew something was blocking me from feeling confident in getting myself out there as a speaker on overcoming eating disorders and stepping out fully with my gifts. I was also wanting to call in more passion with my fiancé and deepen my connection with him. Since I’ve started working with Diana, I feel so much clearer about what was blocking me from feeling 100% me and what steps I can take to get where I want to be. I feel like a weight has been lifted and  I have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities. And my relationship with my fiancé has totally continued to blossom and I’m so excited for the wedding!  Diana has helped me so much that I’ve already passed her information on to my mom and sister because I think they can benefit from her services.”

Brittany Stall, General Manager of L Salon & Color Group,

Since working with Diana, our relationship is more real and honest than it has ever been.  Nothing short of miraculous!

Michael-Hart-picThe guidance that Diana can bring and relief from past life baggage is extremely powerful. I had never worked with an intuitive healer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect! I came to her to get clarity and support around my relationship with my wife and to let go of anything holding back from my true Path. The results? Since working with Diana, our relationship is more real and honest than it has ever been.  And our path so far has been nothing short of miraculous, trusting in each other and coming to agreements without a lot of bitterness or anger. I also have a renewed faith in myself and my Purpose and it was truly magical working with her, especially since I was at the most vulnerable time in my life. If you are ready to take your life to a new level but you haven’t known exactly how, Diana’s guidance will get you there.  And if you are going through a challenging time or a crossroads in life, Diana will help you find your answers at the deepest and truest levels – so you can move forward without regrets and without looking back!

Marc Geronimo, Speaker and Visionary at

I was finally able to get clarity and let go of past relationships that seemed to have a hold on me

aditiBefore I met Diana, I had invested in a coach and I felt that they were sometimes helpful and sometimes not. I was hesitant about signing up with another coach and paying that kind of money again with only 50% satisfaction. But with her, it was different right from the get-go.

Through working with Diana, I was finally able to let go of past relationships that seemed to have a hold on me because I didn’t understand what had happened. She really helped dig deeper into what was really going on. Whereas I would think the problem was my obsession with a certain guy, she would dig deeper until the truth came out and my own insecurities spilled about what I was really feeling and what I really wanted. I got specific knowledge about why they came into my life and what our bigger purpose was for the time we were together so I could truly move on. This was something I couldn’t get from any regular coach since they don’t have the same intuitive kick that Diana has.

I also learned how to trust my own decision-making abilities! I learned what it means to make decisions from the heart, vs. the mind, vs. the gut. This was an invaluable tool I learned from her and afterwards, I would always feel lighter and more energized than before! Each session I feel like a new weight or burden has been lifted off of me and I always wished the calls could go even longer because they were just so good!

If you feel any sort of discomfort, uncertainty, or unhappiness in life, especially around dating and relationship stuff, you will love working with her! I would recommend her services in a heartbeat!”

Aditi Ramchandani, Coach and Inspirational Speaker at

Issue: Wondering if she made the right decision to end a relationship

After my sessions with Diana, I woke up feeling happy. Weirdly happy. Just 4 days out of this breakup, I was already a better version of my actual SELF. I feel alive again! And I even started making sexy faces at myself, something I haven’t done in over a year!

“I came to Diana to help me get clarity on ending an old relationship and if I was making the right choice. I thought that the breakup would somehow be debilitating. But, after my sessions with Diana, I woke up feeling happy. Weirdly happy. It really made me feel a little guilty to feel this good! I was actually smiling. I sang in the shower and danced around the apartment. Just 4 days out of this breakup, I was already a better version of my actual SELF. I feel alive again! Colors look brighter, flowers smell sweeter, I have more energy, I look better. I actually spent time looking at myself in the mirror today and making sexy faces at myself! I haven’t done that in at least months…possibly even a year! I can’t believe I didn’t realize how unhappy I was. I knew I felt trapped and somehow imprisoned, but I just accepted it and tried to move forward.Of course, sometimes, I still think about him. But just not in the same way. I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Of course it is hard, but in the end I stand by my decision and do believe it was the right choice.Thank you so much!”

Tanuja Paruchuri, Health and Wellness Coach and Founder of The Love Your Body Project

Issue: Wanting to find an intuitive partner

We’ve been inseparable ever since, my daughter loves him and his dog and we’re building our family! Believe and feel and it can happen! Thank you Diana for helping me trust my intuition and call in my man!”

shelbym“I told Diana that I really wanted to find an intuitive partner, someone who my daughter loved and who I had an insane emotional and spiritual connection with. For the next few months, I worked a lot on feeling the presence of this man and stepping into who I really wanted to be. During one of our energy sessions, I asked if I would meet him at a grocery store. She said no. It would be more familiar than that. Soon after I had a dream and a strong sense that I would be hearing from him. Two days later, I got an out-of-the-blue message on Facebook from a man that I knew from childhood that I had lost touch with for 20 years. The rest as they say is history. We’ve been inseparable ever since, my daughter loves him and his dog and we’re building our family. Believe and feel and it can happen! thank you Diana for helping me trust my intuition and call in my man!”

Shelby Matonak, Health/Wellness/Beauty Coach and Founder of Truth and Alchemy

“Diana helps you become aware of the hidden things that are stopping you from having the love you want.” 

sallyhope-2013After talking to Diana, I honestly feel more centered, conscious, and more in charge of my life, instead of feeling victim to my old stories. I feel like it’s a whole new chapter. Through my sessions with Diana, I was able to understand where my love blocks and hang-ups really are and I think being able to have conversations with my Spirit Guides about love is just so damn cool! I’m intuitive and also highly sensitive so having an outside source like her to guide and provide wisdom is invaluable. All her intuitions and visions were so spot on and her communication with my guides and past lives resonated so much! I feel like things make so much more sense to me now. I feel more ready than I ever have to have the relationship I’ve always imagined. Thank you Diana!

Sally Hope, Rockstar Coach and Founder of the Wildheart Revolution,

Issue: Negative thinking, worry about finding a life partner

“Working with Diana has been transformative and helpful on levels that are not reached as easily by traditional means of counseling. I feel feeling more peaceful, confident and excited about my life again!”

virginia firestoneBefore I started working with Diana, I was in a space of worrying about whether I’d find a life partner and giving into negative thoughts about myself, feeling like I had to do it all myself. Through our work together, I left feeling at peace and excited about my life again! With her assistance, I was able to move some heavy energy from past disappointments that were keeping me stuck and I learned how to access my intuition and connect with my Angels and Guides, which was invaluable. If you’re ready to make a big shift in your life and you’re open to some profound spiritual energy work in a safe and supportive space, you’ll love working with Diana!

-Virginia Firestone, Spiritual Counselor

Issue: Trouble trusting her gut and unclear on what was keeping her stuck

“If you’re looking to make big changes in your life, but you don’t want to go at it alone, I would highly recommend Diana as a coach!”

754614From the first session, I felt incredibly comfortable and safe to express myself without feeling like I would be judged. She felt like a friend I could genuinely talk to but was also extremely professional. Through our work together, I got clarity on the core blocks that were keeping me stuck and learned how to trust my gut more than ever before! I now know when I’m “bullshitting” myself and when I’m being real, which has given me the courage to take the leaps in my business and personal relationships that I was scared to take before. If you’re looking to make big changes in your life, but you don’t want to go at it alone, I would highly recommend Diana as a coach! Her strong connection to the Angels/spiritual realms gave me so much faith, confidence and relief in those times when I wasn’t sure what to do.  Thanks Diana !”

-Nita Chawla, Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Issue: Needed help letting go of limiting beliefs

“Working with Diana kicked off a period of intense life change!”


“Working with Diana kicked off a period of intense life change! I came to her to let go of deep-seated limiting beliefs to prepare to meet my soul mate. I’d tried it all: from the Rules to hundreds of dating blogs. What Diana did that none of this “advice” could was to cut the cords to a previous relationship that I just couldn’t do on my own, and heal past trauma that has helped me open my heart to deeper love. She’s kept me on track since, continuing to encourage me to shift my mindsets.  Thanks Diana!”

– Sophia Chang,,