your dec Goddess msg inside!

Happy December!

This is such a beautiful month and one that gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate the relationships in your life. 

Some key phrases for the month:

  • Let it go
  • Love yourself 
  • Take some risks
  • Walk joyfully

If you’re new to my community, welcome! Every first week of the month, I blend the love stuff with the woo-woo stuff and create a Goddess Guidance Oracle video for you.

I pull a Goddess oracle card for each week in the month and you’ll also get some key dates to be aware of.

I believe you are incredibly intuitive, so as you watch, pause the video after a card goes up and write down your own insights.

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3 tips to survive the holidays as an empath

Happy Wed and if you are in the States, Happy Thanksgiving week!

I know the trend is to write about gratitude and giving and all that jazz, but one of the things I don’t feel gets addressed enough during the start of the holiday season is…

how to deal with emotional shiz that comes up during said holidays.

It can be a really triggering time if you feel different than your family of origin or have to be around folks that you don’t normally spend time and energy with.

I remember dreading going to a get-together with old friends from my past because I couldn’t relate to their lives.

I don’t have a mortgage. (yet…working on that Universe!)

I don’t have kids. (I mean, human kids-sorry, Bella!)

I don’t work a regular 9-5 gig with two-week vacation and stock options, etc.

Nothing wrong with those things at all.

But I felt the stuff I was excited about-personal development, this cool crystal I just got…ideas for a second book and how to curate a fun bi-coastal laptop lifestyle with my partner and our fur babies well just…didn’t compute. 

I got a lot of odd smiles and awkward silences. 

So I’d downshift into small talk and excuse myself to the ladies’ room for the third time, feeling drained and annoyed.

It was really triggering.

And as an empath and an ambivert, I flip flop between wanting to be around people and wanting to hole up in my Goddess cave and tune out the noise of the outside world.

Can you relate?

If you have often wondered about opting-out of the holidays or feeling anxious about how to not energetically burn-out during the season, good news!

I’m currently creating a course for you fellow empaths (stay tuned!) but, here are 3 of my favorite tips to prepare yourself!

1. Take control of the conversation.

I know-super counterintuitive for introverts. 

But if you’re around people that you have no idea what to say to, or if you have awkward silences and don’t want to deal with a lot of questions directed at you, ask this question: 

“So…what’s something you’re excited about right now?” 

The brain is trained to answer questions, so this question really sets the stage for interesting conversation and forces the other person to think and then talk (yay, not having to talk!).

2. Wear or carry around some hematite or black obsidian.

Yea, I’m all about crystals! These two can be found in any metaphysical store and having them near your person blocks out negative energies and helps you from feeling drained. I keep ’em in my bra if I’m going into a really unpredictable space…or you can just have it in your pocket or as a necklace/bracelet. 

3. Have an exit strategy.

I realize that if you’re not in your normal city, this could be hard, but one thing that works when I need to excuse myself is to say, “I need to check on a friend right now. Please excuse me.” 

And I really do schedule time to text or call a friend! It could be to just say hello. But you’re still in integrity and you never have to stay in any situation that feels draining. 

If you can make a date with them or yourself at a local bookstore or grocery store (heck, I’ve been known to go there just to read magazines and buy chocolate when I need a break!), do it! Take care of you.

The more you can follow these 3 simple but effective tips, the more fun the holiday season can be and who knows, you may actually find some interesting connections you couldn’t see before when you guard yourself or dread the occasion!

does the ‘one’ exist? Q+A time!

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I’d love to take a question from our Goddess community about this whole concept of The One.

Want to ask me something for a future month? Go here

Q:  “I’m confused. Can several people be “the one” for you and why or why not? I feel scared that I may have missed my chance as a man I thought was the love of my life chose to marry someone else. Is it too late for me?”

A: Check it out here

the secret to letting go (full moon week)

Happy Full Moon week!

How are you feeling? 

Yesterday, I visited this cool ghost town in Arizona called Jerome with my honey and he wanted to check out the tasting room from the vineyard of Tool’s lead singer, Maynard. (All he had to say was wine and I was like…okay! Is there chocolate too??)

It’s a sleepy, creepy kinda town, with houses that look like they are going to fall off the cliff…skeletons hugging the sign of Haunted Hamburger joint and if you gaze up, you can see the Grand Hotel and Asylum cafe high on the hill, where you can take in the scenery of the mountains, the former mine and this quirky little place.

I felt like I went back in time and on the drive back, I reflected on what it must have been like to live there in its Gold mine heyday…and how it all came crashing down in the 1950’s and was basically left deserted when the mine dried up. Only to be reborn again when artists and hippies came to revive it a decade later.

It got me thinking a lot about this year-things that panned out for you.

Things that fell spectacularly apart.

Maybe even things that never even got off the ground but died in the idea phase.

Friendships that you outgrew. 

Relationships that deepened…or dead-ended.

The theme of this week is “illumination.”

Full Moons bring up insights, illuminating the things you’ve been avoiding, the things that are really important to you and all the emotions that accompany both of those awarenesses. 

And with the awareness, comes letting go.

But what I’ve found in coaching hundreds of people and in my own personal experience is that letting go starts with one thing: 


Acceptance of what is. Acceptance of how you are feeling. Acceptance that something is being asked to deepen or die. 

Until we accept it, the letting go can’t happen.

It maybe can mentally but not a full-body let go.

And letting go is not a destination. 

It’s an on-going decision to stop fighting what IS. 

Like Jerome-it used to be this booming gold mine town…then it was deserted for a long time…then it was reborn and is now a booming little town rich with artists, wine, haunted hotels and tours and who knows what it will reinvent itself to be in the next century.

So during this Full Moon week, I encourage you to journal and look at the following:

1) What is being asked to deepen?

2) What is naturally falling away?

3) What do I need to accept about XYZ situation?

Sink in.

Get a cup of your favorite beverage.

Cozy up.

And I’ll see you on the other side.

your november goddess message!

Happy November!

This is a month of lots of expansion and re-connection to what’s important to you.

A coming back to yourself if you will.

It’s time for your monthly Goddess guidance oracle message.

If you are new to my world, welcome!

Each month, I love pulling oracle cards for you and sharing important dates for the month to help you maximize the energies and boost your relationships!

I highly recommend pausing the video after each card goes up and encourage you to jot down your own intuitive insights!

ps: Do you tend to feel other people’s feelings deeply? You are probably an empath like me! Good news-I will be teaching a class later this month for Empaths: Best Practices to Stay Happy, Healthy and Whole. Want to get on the priority notification list when I open doors for this? Click here.