Law of Attraction Real Talk (And My Take on Attracting Unavailable Men!)

Happy Tuesday!

Do you believe in Law of Attraction? 

The other day, I was waiting in line to mail off a package at the post office and this woman was having this super loud conversation on her phone, going on and on about how she is so tired of attracting unavailable men. 

She’d been watching all these Law of Attraction videos on YouTube and kept asking her friend, “What is WRONG with me-why do I keep attracting them and why does the law hate me?!”

Now it wasn’t my place to launch into a coaching session right there, but it inspired this week’s post-so thank you random lady at UPS.

Law of Attraction can really confuse you when you’re dating. 

Dating is not for the faint of heart and it’s easy to lose confidence if you take it literally.

So, here’s my unfiltered take on Law of Attraction when it comes to this.

Have a listen below: 

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Manifesting Secret

Happy Tuesday! 

I get asked all the time -“Diana, how can I manifest more quickly? Is there particular secret?”

I’d be a bejillionairess if I had one no-fail secret for you, but over the past 12 years working with amazing clients as an intuitive coach and healer, I am more that happy to share helpful tools that are easy to use and support the manifestation process. 

I don’t know about you, but if it’s not simple, I won’t do it. 

It’s a two part process but again, super easy. 

I actually did these two steps without fully thinking about it and recently (like literally less than a week ago) manifested a Dancing Goddess business engagement (I’m being flown, put up in a hotel and being paid to share my message) which I’ve manifested in parts before but never all of these things at once! 

Have a listen blow:

After you listen: What is something you desire to manifest and call in? Leave a comment below and let’s support you! You never know who could be watching or reading!

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The Secret to Keeping a Man Interested in You

Happy Tuesday! 

Today it’s Q+A time and we are looking at one of they secrets to keeping a man interested in you.

It has nothing to do with manipulation, your looks or making yourself behave in a way that feels inauthentic.

It boils down to two key actions…and it will also keep you in emotional balance with yourself so you can see where things stand. 

Find out what they are in the video below: 

Q: Are you willing to give this a shot this week? Let me know how it goes by leaving a comment!

Why It’s Hard to Really Be Friends With an Ex

Happy Tuesday! 

Have you ever been friends with an ex? 

It’s a tricky subject and one that I’d love to address today.

When I was writing my book, ‘The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again,’ there were so many dating experiences that presented themselves where I tried very hard to be friends with an ex. 

Clients ask me all the time when we start working together: “Are you going to make me cut off ties with my ex?!” 

As a coach, I can never *make* anyone do anything 🙂 Everyone makes their own choices and too choices lead to different results – I do find it interesting that I get asked that though, because it’s like at a subconscious level, they know something feels a little energetically ‘off’ about maintaining the same connection they have with an ex, however friendly. 

But let’s dive in… 

Here are 3 important reasons why it can feel really hard to be friends with an ex to consider: 

After you listen: 

  1. Have you ever tried to stay friends with an ex? If it worked, what are some tips that helped you? 
  2. If it didn’t work for you to be friends with an ex, what are some tips that helped you navigate that or end it? 

I would love to have you share your wisdom with the Goddess community by leaving a comment below!