does the ‘one’ exist? Q+A time!

Happy Wednesday!

Today, I’d love to take a question from our Goddess community about this whole concept of The One.

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Q:  “I’m confused. Can several people be “the one” for you and why or why not? I feel scared that I may have missed my chance as a man I thought was the love of my life chose to marry someone else. Is it too late for me?”

A: Check it out here

are they ready or are you wasting your time?

Today’s Q+A is about marriage/commitment.

Q: I’ve been burned a lot in the past by men who couldn’t commit. I feel cautious dating again and am wondering, are there signs I should look for that the person I’m seeing is open for marriage?

A: Oooo, I love this question. It can feel really scary to put yourself out there only to discover that the person you’re interested in isn’t on the same page-in this case, around commitment.

There are 3 common dating behaviors I see in my private practice. 

One of them is a sign you can tell before you are monogomous.

The other two are for when you’ve been with the person awhile and want to know if you’re on track for the M-word 🙂

Check out the full answer below in this video:

Q: Have another sign you’d like to add? Share in a comment below!

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how to handle a guy’s mixed signals

Happy Wed!

It’s Full Moon week (August 15) and one of the things that can come up especially around that time is dealing with mixed signals.

Emotions tend to heighten around full moons anyway, and if you’ve ever gone through that dance of having someone text you everyday…to hearing crickets, you know how frustrating it can be!

The advice I share in this week’s audio can be applied to any relationship in your life, not just romantic, so have a listen and allow yourself to feel everything that’s coming up to be released this week.

Listen to your inner guidance and know that it’s all going to be okay!

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can you be friends with an ex?

Is it possible to be friends with a ex?

It can definitely be a gray area but it’s not impossible.

How do you even make that transition without it feeling super weird and fake?

Is there anything you can do to lay the groundwork for a healthy friendship after a breakup?

I tackle all these questions in today’s Goddess audio!

3 ways jealousy can ruin a relationship

Listen to the audio below or prefer to read? Scroll down!

Q: Is jealousy ever healthy in a relationship? why or why not? 

Jealousy, if it is communicated in a playful way can be healthy-Example:  “I saw that waitress staring at you and it made me really jealous=you are so hot!” The key is making it light and playful. If you seriously believe that they are not doing anything to make it clear they are in a relationship then you have an issue with your partner around fidelity and that needs to be communicated.

3 ways that jealousy ruins a relationship:

1-It indicates a lack of trust in your partner. If you are constantly jealous, on some level you are saying to your partner, “I feel threatened and I don’t trust that you can reassure me.”

2-It breeds insecurity.If you’re feeling jealous all the time, your energy contracts and you are suddenly focused on the other person and what could go wrong vs what you appreciate about them and the relationship. They may start to pull away without realizing why.

3-What you focus on most is what you get more of.If you are focused on the negative then you will just recognize more of that and the Universe mirrors that back. Flip it and focus on trust and confidence within yourself around the relationship and you get more of that. What do you want to choose?

If you sense that jealousy could be ruining your relationship, first ask yourself if this is a one-time thing or if it’s a pervasive feeling and you never really trusted your partner from the beginning. Ask your intuition. It knows the truth. And consider having a heart to heart with your partner.

Q: Has jealousy been a problem in your relationship? How did you work through it? Leave a comment and are you new to the Goddess community?

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