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can you be friends with an ex?

Is it possible to be friends with a ex? It can definitely be a gray area but it’s not impossible. How do you even make that transition without it feeling super weird and fake? Is there anything you can do to lay the groundwork for a healthy friendship after a breakup? I tackle all these […]

are you ready to embrace new beginnings?

Happy July! This a packed month so I wanted to write you a day early so you could get the low-down on today’s Solar Eclipse (July 2) which is all about fresh starts and other important dates and messages! Click below to check out the July Goddess Guidance video! I will pull a card for […]

3 qualities that make men want you

Have you ever seen women who may not have the best body, the most attractive face but they seem to draw an abundance of men and you can’t help but wonder, what does she have that I don’t? They have this It factor about them and it’s more than just a great personality. You can’t put your finger […]