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I had to kick him out….

Happy Wed! Have you ever gotten to the end of your day and just have a headache that won’t go away? Maybe you try poppin some Advil, meditating or even showering, but you can’t quite escape the feeling like you may have absorbed other people’s energy. If you’re an empath like many of my clients, […]

I was so afraid of being hurt again…

Opening your heart again after being betrayed or hurt can feel really scary. There is this transformative energy in the air, especially with this past weekend’s Harvest Moon/lunar eclipse. Can you feel it? There is tremendous opportunity right now to let go of the heavy shackles that have kept you stuck from the past. A […]

hmmm..what would you do in this situation?

Happy Wed! Today is Q+A, where I take your questions and share insights to help our entire community. Today’s question: “The guy that just recently broke up with me wants to meet up with me. He made a point to let me know it would be “just as friends,” which is really confusing because I […]