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onward + up oct! you ready?

Happy October! Lordy, lawdy! Where has 2019 gone? I think I may have said that in last week’s newsletter but my head is seriously mystified at how fast this year is flying. 🙂 So…what does October hold? If you’re new here, welcome! Every first week of the month, I share a Monthly Goddess Guidance Oracle […]

i have a weird issue (Q+A time!)

It’s Q+A week, where I take questions that come up in our fabulous community. Do you have a question you’d like me to answer on a future blog? Go here to share it! Today’s is about self-sabotage…and too many dates. Q: Diana, I have a weird issue. I have more than 4 dates booked this week […]

wait ’till the pan is hot…

Happy Wednesday! Did you feel anything coming off the heels of the Pisces Full Moon last Friday/weekend?  Full Moons are times of illumination and insight- where do you want to go? What needs to be eliminated or invited into your life? Often times, we finally see the clouds part and get some clarity around what […]

do this breath to let go of anxiety

Happy Wednesday! This week, I’d love to share with you a very simple exercise to release anxiety and get out of your head. As you know, when you find yourself up there, the energy constricts and it’s easy to think that you are not supported and block the flow of love. In those moments when […]

sensational september! your message inside

Hi Goddess! Happy September-can you believe we have 4 months left in 2019? Seriously…where has it gone?! If you are new to my world, welcome! Every first week of the month, I love pulling Goddess oracle cards for the entire month to share what you can expect on an energetic level. As you watch, I […]