What is Completing in Your Life?

Happy Tuesday!

I’m mixing it up this month. In lieu of just one overview for the month, I would love to share more details about the energy of relationships over the next week. 

We have a powerful Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th (today!) that has manifesting potential that can blow your mind if you allow it. 

It’s inviting all of us to be more precise in our communication, goals and when it comes to love, healthy boundaries and expectations…

For more, check out the video below and my new hot pink Unicorn cap that I found in a boutique downtown Tucson!

Feeling’ the Feels? New Beginnings Time!

Happy Tuesday peeps! <3 

I have two whiteboards in my Goddess office and they were filled with tasks and goals and random stuff with deadlines and like 70% of it stayed on the board for nearly two weeks.

And today I wiped them both clean and exhaled a huge, audible sign of relief. 

I used to beat myself up when this happened but now I’ve learned that sometimes, quite frankly, my energy is/was meant to be redacted elsewhere, no matter how much my mind tries to tell me it has to be that thing. 

I’ve learned that when you’re living and be-ing from your most intuitive, wise self, you are always, always nudged where you are meant to be and if that just doesn’t align with all the precise “goals” you thought were important, well then, trust that it’s safe to give yourself a do-over! 

That is the vibe this week! 

Energy-wise, we are now officially in Pisces season, a time of: 

  • heightened sensitivity and psychic nudges that may come out of nowhere
  • merging/boundary issues with your nearest and dearest 
  • blurred lines
  • daydreams and intense dream travel 
  • nostalgia
  • compassion and more…

I made an impromptu “live” video this Sunday before my dance class which was amazzzzing btw on what to expect for this week. 

Check out the lessons, see the oracle cards I pulled and… 

you’ll also get to see my brand-new bright orange and red Turkish lamp I snagged at the Tucson Gem Show. 

It. Is. Magical. 

And so are you! 

Have an amazing week! 

February is Going to be Amazing! (Message Inside)


Happy Tuesday and welcome to a brand new month. 

There is so much goodness bubbling up this February and the theme of the month is Self-Love. 

This month you can look forward to content directed at empowering you to elevate your self-love muscles so you can radiate and call forth your heart’s desires. 

I’m eager to share the February Oracle Video message, so let’s dive right in, shall we? 

Q: What is one intention you have for February? Share comment so we can support you in our Goddess community!

We’re Off to the Races! (January Message Inside)

Happy 2023 and brand-new month. Woohoo! 

I am so glad you are here!

How was your last week of Dec? 

Did you do anything special for New Years?

Mine was quiet, which is just how I like it!

It may still feel like there is some residual energy hanging around or unresolved emotions from 2022 and that is a-okay!

Energetically, things are still moving around in the cosmos and it may be a few weeks before the dust fully settles and we are able  to see our next trajectory. 

Check out this month’s January message-I share the theme and musings on what you can expect! 

I’m curious after you watch it what one of your intentions is? Share if you feel guided and have a wonderful first week! 

Easy does it. Breathe. You’ve got this, goddess! 

It’s Time to Make Space (Dec Message)

Happy Tuesday and Last Month of 2022 to you!

We are officially rocking and rolling into December and I don’t know about you, but I have felt an excitement and rush of new energy-in many ways, it feels as if 2023 is already here. 

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are very intuitive and may have already picked up on the new vibes of the upcoming cycle. 

If I were to sum up December in one sentence it would be: Make Space for What Matters. 

Plain and simple. 

Check out this month’s Oracle video below!

PS: If you’ve been wanting support to 10x your energy around relationships and self confidence, go here to book a complimentary intro call to learn more about how I can help!