It’s Time to Make Space (Dec Message)

Happy Tuesday and Last Month of 2022 to you!

We are officially rocking and rolling into December and I don’t know about you, but I have felt an excitement and rush of new energy-in many ways, it feels as if 2023 is already here. 

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are very intuitive and may have already picked up on the new vibes of the upcoming cycle. 

If I were to sum up December in one sentence it would be: Make Space for What Matters. 

Plain and simple. 

Check out this month’s Oracle video below!

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Happy Eclipse/11:11 Week (Mini Oracle Message Inside)

Happy Eclipse week! 

How are you feeling? 

I felt guided to pull cards for our community to help you navigate this week. 

See below and if you’ve been in my world awhile, you know I always encourage you to pull out a sheet of paper and ask yourself as you look at the message, “How could this apply to me?” You will see unique things in the card and/or the message that relates to exactly what you need at the moment. 

Mon-Wed: Cosmic Rainbow Expect things to work out. Accept the good that wants to find you. Unexpected signs that you are worthy and deserving the best. 

Thurs-Fri: Cosmic Sapphire Creative solutions come when you get your Ego out of the way. Simplicity and spiritual intervention.

Sat-Sun: Cosmic Emerald Honor your body. Divine healing is happening. A new era emerges! It’s a packed energetic week full of unexpected surprises an insights if you stay open to receive them. 

For the eclipse, methodical actions are best. No sudden moves. Easy does it.

If you would like to join us for 11:11 (live or replay), go here. Have a marvelous week!

What to Expect This Oct! (Oracle Message Inside!)

Happy Tuesday and new month! 

I don’t know about you but as soon as I turned the page on the calendar, I let out an audible sigh…of gratitude. 

There’s something about the turning of the calendar, the turning of seasons that just feels like we all get a big, giant do-over.

A fresh start.

Energetically and emotionally. 

Maybe some things didn’t pan out the way you expected in September.

Can you be gentle with yourself and let it go? 

And other things came into your life that you didn’t expect but that were marvellous!

Can you celebrate that and stay open to experience more of that trust that you deserve amazing things? 

The word for October is connection.

Connecting to what you value. 

And more…

Watch the October Oracle message below and check out the new painting I’m playing with in the Goddess space! 

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September Says ‘Slow Down Goddess’

You made it to September! 

I just put up our Autumn wreath on the front door, made pumpkin spice muffins (see below!)and have been in a decluttering and decorating frenzy.

Although the Fall equinox isn’t until later this month, once September rolls around, it’s like something in my brain clicks and it’s time for a chapter change. 

But despite my body’s internal nudges to go at warp speed around my home, the energies of September invite us all to: 

* slow down – re-evalute – is this something (or someone) you really want? What would serve you right now the most? 

* simmer – what have you already completed or come to terms with that you can enjoy and allow to grow or develop instead of trying a bazillion new things.

* sage your Soul and your home – (yes, I wanted a third ‘s’ word but seriously, this month, you may feel guided to do rituals to clean up your self-talk, your diet and clear out your home or work space with some sage, palo Santo or windex) What needs to go? What needs to be cleaned or removed? What can you eliminate? 

For more specifics on what this month has in store for you energetically, please watch the September Oracle Message below: 

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Have a fantastic week and I look forward to connecting with you very soon.