Ready for New Energy? August is Here!

Happy Tuesday! 

A fresh start. A new beginning. August is officially here. 

Many of you have shared that July felt like it was an all over the place month.

I have to agree-the energies asked us all to literally buckle up and go for a ride, sometimes to places we expected and other times to unknown lands. 

Relationships came together.

Other completed. 

And the mantra of this month is “Trust-Believe-Receive.” 

I share more in this month’s Goddess oracle forecast video and I also share important dates to keep eye out for! 

Grab a cuppa and watch it below! 

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Mini Oracle Message + Wedding Photos!

Happy Tuesday!

As we come into the home stretch of July, I felt guided to pull a few oracle cards for the week to help you integrate everything that may be bubbling up for you.

I also have been getting requests to show you some photos from my wedding this past weekend, so… see below!

It was a magical day and one of the spiritually perfect moments that happened was that at the exact time we were saying our vows to each other, two hummingbirds came out of nowhere and apparently started circling our heads!

This was significant to me because as I began walking with my father, I realized that I had forgotten to put in this hair clip that my grandpa had given me before he passed. I was wearing my grandmother’s necklace and I was kicking myself but hoping his Spirit would be there anyway. And my symbol for him is the hummingbird!!

Synchronicities really are all around us – sometimes they come when we least expect it and in a form we don’t recognize but we are truly always supported. 

Watch the Mini Oracle Message below: