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your november goddess message!

Happy November! This is a month of lots of expansion and re-connection to what’s important to you. A coming back to yourself if you will. It’s time for your monthly Goddess guidance oracle message. If you are new to my world, welcome! Each month, I love pulling oracle cards for you and sharing important dates […]

what to do when old ghosts come back

You may have heard of the phrase, “Old skeletons in the closet” to describe old relationships that never really got resolved or released. You may be experiencing people from the past coming back-old lovers, friends or family members you haven’t seen in awhile and you may even be getting a chance to visit old haunts […]

f—k being reasonable

Do you tend to be the friend that everyone goes to for advice? If you said yes, I’m guessing that people love to tell you a lot about their lives. And often there is a pattern to what they share. For me, I’ve noticed that regardless of who it is-a good friend, a person I […]

i am open to receiving support

Last week, I led an in-person Goddess Circle in Arizona and it blew my mind. I learned what it means to truly trust that it’s safe to ask for help and that it didn’t mean I was any less of a leader because I needed assistance. Long story short, my back totally went out, like […]