is it time to delete their number?

Happy Wed!

Have you been feeling the need for a spring cleaning?

It’s the perfect time to release what no longer serves and …

Today’s Q+A is: “Diana, how do I know when it’s time to delete an ex out of my phone? Is there a right time?”

This seems like an obvious question, but deleting someone (anyone-ex or not) out of your phone can bring up a lot of emotions.

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As always, thank you for being here!

Have an amazing week.

magical March!

Happy Wednesday! It’s a powerful month filled with possibility and because of mercury retrograde (a time when communication, travel and people from the past come up to remind you to slow down, review what’s important to you and move forward with clarity), and I wanted to share an intuitive goddess message for each week this month!

My good friend Helena Hart asked me to do this for her community, so today I’m sharing the full video with you! Watch below!


what to do when you feel ignored via text

Have you ever sent off a text that was really important and heart felt to you only to get crickets coming back?

The more time passes, the easier it is to go into a downward spiral of why the person isn’t responding and the story you tell yourself can get more and more gnarly!

Why aren’t they replying back?
Why are they ignoring me?
Should I not have sent it?
Do they hate me?
What did I do wrong?
Why aren’t they responding? 

And on and on it goes.

Your Ego can fall to the floor, you’re in your head and unable to stop obsessing and you feel your self esteem and self worth quickly spiraling…down, down, down..

Especially if it’s someone you love, really really like and respect.

Ever been there?

Here’s a new perspective to try on and some suggestions of what you can do to catch yourself before you go down the “they didn’t reply black hole” 🙂

< listen to the audio below >

this can feel hard, but it’s possible…

Today’s Q+A comes from a YouTube subscriber: “Diana, I want to be in a relationship but the idea of opening up to someone new freaks me out. How do you overcome a fear of being vulnerable? Help!”

First off, this is a brave question-thank you for asking it!

Being vulnerable can feel really hard, especially if you have opened your heart in the past and been hurt. (been there, goddess!)

Part of calling in a higher-vibration relationship does include opening up and letting someone see the real you. 

Otherwise, you can attract people who are unwilling to fully commit to you and go deeper with you.

Thankfully, you can overcome a fear of being vulnerable…it simply requires a shift in perspective.

Here are 3 steps to do that and get closer to attracting the type of relationship that makes you WANT to open up even with those niggles and insecurities.

Listen Here:


3 questions to ask yourself on V-day (regardless of your ‘status’)

Self Love Sabbatical!

Time required: 10-30 minutes depending on your flow 😉

Materials required: pen, paper, candle optional

Journal questions: Ask it aloud and then answer by hand until you feel empty. Then go onto the next question. 

Q: What do I value? What is most important to me right now?

Q: If I was loving myself at the highest level, what would I stop doing (or at least do less of)?

Q: If my soul mate walked through the door right now, what would I be most afraid for him to see about me? What would I be most excited about?

After you finish all three, look back over your answers and notice any observations in your body or any insights that came up!


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