The Death of Your Single Self…

Happy Tuesday!

I was speaking with a good friend the other day about the progression of being single, to dating again, to being in a relationship, getting engaged/making a commitment and one of the things I feel like no one really talks about is the death of your single self. 

That transition from being with yourself only… to being with yourself and another person. 

From complete and total independence…to interdependence.

There is a mourning that may need to happen in that transition that I feel gets ignored. 

A death of one identity as the new one takes shape and yo begin to navigate yourself in it, someone else!

And this isn’t just with your ‘relationship’ status.

It could be with your job. 

Or your place of residence.

It seems everyone I speak with these days is gong through some kind of death/rebirth!

It’s beautiful, it can feel messy and it will be so much more impactful if you allow yourself all the feelings that arise when going from one stage to the next.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I don’t necessarily have a neat and tidy 5-steps to mourn your single self post for you today. 

Today is about simply opening up the conversation with yourself and exploring:

  1. Where do you feel like you are transitioning in your life?
  2. What feelings arise when you imagine releasing one identity to birth another? 
  3. What comes up for you around your current relationships and what do you fear you will lose if you merge deeper with another? 

Deep questions, yes!

I’m curious to see who actually pulls out the journal-if you are one of the brave ones, hit reply nd let me know one gem that comes up for you! 

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Are You Ready for a Magical March?!

Happy March!

The fast-paced energy continues from February and you may feel like you are catching your breath trying to keep up.

But not to worry-everything that is in your life is meant to be teaching you something.

The places, faces, situations. 

It’s all in service to your growth. 

And when it comes to relationships, the core theme is about faith and magic.

Believing that you deserve the best.

Having faith that the people who are leaving your life are making space for those more aligned with you. 

Opening up to receiving a reality beyond the limitations of your past.

Sound good? 

Super excited to share this month’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Message with you!

Watch below and please do comment after if something resonates-I love hearing from you! 

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Here’s to an amazing March! 

How to be Irresistible

Happy Tuesday! 

I am so excited to share today’s video with you. 

It’s all about being irresistible to men, women… anything! 

Imagine walking through the world and getting complimented frequently.

Receiving sweet texts out of the blue.

Feeling doors open for you that are perfect for you.

It’s that ‘It’ factor and it has nothing to do with changing your hairstyle or being someone you aren’t.

The secret is simple but it requires tremendous courage.

Want to know what it is? 

Find out below: 

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Have a magical week!

Say Thank You to it All…

When you don’t know what else to do, say thank you. 

One of my favorite authors, Tosha Silver, talks about this a lot.

The idea that when you start to feel yourself slip into a negative mind loop, or frustration that instead of doing a thousand mantras, first get quiet and say thank you.

Thank you for the challenges.

Thank you for the guy who ghosted you after the perfect 2nd date. 

Thank you for all the weight gained.

Thank you for the anxiety you feel around your job.

Thank you for all of it.

I know it sounds crazy, but just do me a favour-give it a go for a week.

See how you feel after you voice it aloud.

“Thank you Universe for…(let ‘er rip!)”<let ‘er=”” rip!=””>

You may find that energy lightens up and things have space to move and shift. 

Q: How did it go for you? I’d love to hear how you feel by the end of the week! Share a comment if you feel guided and if you haven’t already picked up your free self-assessment: 7 Things That Are Blocking Your Heart’s Desire, click here