How to Sharpen Your Intuition Quickly (I Still Do This!)

Happy Tuesday!

Do you tend to doubt yourself when you get a ‘gut’ feeling about someone or something?

I tend to work with a lot of high-achieving, high-performing women who have shared with me on more than one occasion that they want to trust their intuition more in relationships, but there’s a tendency to go into their head and try to “figure it out first.”

When I press on a bit more, they share things like, “It feels really frustrating to have to always figure it out, especially if I’ve had a rough day.” “I wish tuning into my intuition was easier-is there a way to just automate it?!!” (That one made me laugh, but I totally totally get this desire!)

This is completely normal-we are taught and even asked by society and especially in the business world, “What do you think?” first. It’s a reasonable question, but it takes you completely into your mental space before anything else, which overtime, can make it feel very weird and sometimes challenging to drop into your intuition and get more clarity.

It can bring up overwhelm, pushing and self-doubt.

So, in the spirit of keeping things very simple for maximum impact, if you’re serious about shifting this tendency to go up in your head and want to learn how to dial into a gut feeling or nudge or even deciphering an intense dream you had, do this instead.

Watch below (less than 90 second video!)

And after you watch, let me know in the comments or hit reply and tell him how it lands for you!

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A Simple Mantra to Help You Calm Yourself When Relationships Get Cray!

Hi Beautiful!

How is your heart feeling?

If you’re reading this on Tuesday, I am in gorgeous Paris, France on the last few days of a dream vacation I’ve been planning for years. It’s weird being thrown into a totally different environment and language, but change is so good for our Soul.

One of the things I’ve been asked a lot in my private coaching practice is “how do I calm my nerves when I feel uncertain about where the relationship/situation/etc is going?”

It can be really easy to want to go into the mind and try to control things, but that’s so exhausting, isn’t it?

One of my favorite mantras you can say aloud by putting your hand over your heart is from Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion.

She helps us to be more centered with ourselves and come from a space of grounded grace vs. reactivity.

It is “Om-Mani-Pad-Me-Hum.” Pronounced as “ohhhhhhm-manee-padmeh-hoom.”

Try it.

Three times. Let it vibrate through your chest and being.

My clients have shared that it feels like a huge release. Relief. And reassurance. Warmth.

What does it feel like for you?

Give it go next time you feel anxious.

Have an amazing week and remember to take good care of yourself. That’s the easiest way to magnetize high-quality relationships and opportunities!

I’m sure I’ll be sharing some pics from my trip next week, so for now, breathe, reboot and I’ll see you then.