I don’t know about you, but I have never had a green thumb. I’ve actually managed to kill a bamboo (I overwatered it, poor thing!), but that hasn’t stopped me from loving and appreciating nature.

I recently got this beautiful card from a wonderful client (below) and I felt inspired to expand on the messages it shared, specific to relationships and creating a magical life for yourself in an audio. You are also welcome just read the message if that’s easier.

After you read or listen, hit reply or leave a comment on the blog and share which one (#1-6) resonates with you the most right now for what’s going on in your life. I’m super curious!

The “Relationship” Twist by Diana:

1-Cultivate lasting friendships.
So often with relationships, we ask if we are attracted to the person or not. It could be romantic or otherwise, but really, underneath that, it’s important to ask, “Do I LIKE who this person is and would I feel comfortable telling them things that I would a good friend?” It can distinguish what may appear to be just a passionate connection or acquaintance from someone who belongs in your inner circle.

2-Sow seeds of kindness
Whenever challenges arise in relationships (and they will!), this is a reminder to treat yourself with extra kindness. Maybe you said something you didn’t mean or vice versa. This doesn’t mean condoning a hurtful action but it’s about giving yourself and another grace. From kindness, you can get more clarity.

3-Listen to sage advice.
Pay attention to whose advice you follow. Are you making sure to seek advice from others who have been where you are and also tune inward and consult your own guidance, or just blindly following the latest Instagram guru in an ungrounded state? Take the time to get quiet, ask questions, reflect and act from a grounded space and you will know what to do.

4-Don’t let the little things bug you.
What triggers us is where healing can happen. Yes, feel all your feelings and also recognize that if a relationship is very important to you, discerning when something is a deal breaker and when it’s something that you can let roll off your back is key.

5-Be outstanding in your field.
When you are doing work that bring you joy and you feel like you are aligned with the things that make you happy, you are a better partner, a better friend, a better family member, etc. Strive each day to give your best and nothing is more attractive than being around someone who is passionate about their life!

6-Take thyme for yourself!
My personal favorite play on words! Self care, nurturing yourself and taking time out to just be vs doing will help you recharge your emotional and physical batteries. This also gives everyone around you an excellent example of prioritizing yourself so you can be there for others. Win:win!

Q: Okay! Which one of the 6 hits home for you as you reflect on your May and all that you’re stepping into? Let us know!

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  1. Scott Shapiro
    Scott Shapiro says:

    1. Resonated with me! I think it’s important to figure out who’s a real friend and who’s not in life


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