do you tend to overthink…everything?

Happy Wed beautiful!

Is it cold where you are right now? The weather just turned chillier here in Arizona and  there’s something about needing that extra blanket on the bed that invites self-reflection…or obsessive overthinking…or Netflix binges (done all three btw).

But what do you do when your mind seems to take on a life of its own?

Today’s Q+A comes from anonymous: “Diana, I feel incredibly overwhelmed and I can’t seem stop the monkey mind when it comes to relationships and dating. I just recently got back into the ‘game’ and I’m feeling overwhelmed and am overthinking every single date I go on. How can I have peace of mind and just stay present?”

We’ve all been there before, right?!

If it’s not with dating, it could be with a new career/job, new fitness regimen-anything you’re new to that takes you out of your comfort zone.

So what’s a Goddess to do?

Click below to hear my response:

Have an amazing day!

full moon in luscious taurus…your message inside!

Happy Wed and…full moon!

This is such a vibrant week and relationships take the spotlight.

Full Moon in Taurus mixed with Uranus, planet of “doing things differently” is the quintessential odd couple.

Taurus is a sign of stability, steadiness and the material world-tangible things like your worldly possessions, money, “stuff”, body/sex joins the planet Uranus, the wacky planet of the unconventional, taking risks and being different…. to do different.

Time to:

  • Experience a different reality, a different dimension, a different way of moving in the world.
  • Stake your claim. Taurus says, “What stake do you want to put in the ground? Where do you need to take a stand for yourself?”
It’s that area that has felt like the thorn in your side, your Achilles hell, the area of your life that you feel like you keep trying to make progress only to slip back into your old ways.
  • Commit fully. 
This Full Moon is THE time to finally say to yourself, “Enough is enough! I’m committed, fully committed and Uranus is there to say, Wohooo!! Now let’s get to work…but let’s go about it a totally different way than you did before.”
Ex: maybe you’ve struggled with emotional eating like I have! (hello brownies and carbs!!!) instead of going on an extreme diet or clearing out your cabinets, it’s about going much deeper. Finding a bigger, more compelling reason to stay the course. Not just to “lose weight” but maybe to “find peace with your body and your worry thoughts.” 

From that higher vibe intent, actions will show themselves, insights reveal themselves and you can make headway, not just for the short-term but for the long haul (Taurus is all about things that last!)

Here is the card I pulled for everyone this week: song of the wild.

This week you are invited to try new and exciting things that take you outside your comfort zone. It’s not the time to play it safe! If you’ve been desiring a fresh start this is your nudge to create it and give yourself permission to move beyond the borders you are familiar with. Magic and Divine synchronicities abound this week! Take a chance and mix it up. You’ll be glad you did. ✨🙏🏽❤️ 

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Want more?

I am hosting a virtual Full Moon Meditation/Healing Night tomorrow (Thursday, October 25) at 6pm PST! 

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*Can’t make it live but want to receive the recording? Sign up!


  • lift off stuck, heavy energy from the previous cycle
  • feel light, clear and positive no matter crazy stuff has been going down in your life
  • receive a group Angel message for this full moon (applies to everyone in all time zones!)
  • connect with like-minded Souls!
  • feel more peaceful and centered. I will be guiding you on a vision journey and energy healing experience!
Where? Your phone! After you register, we will be emailing you a conference call number to access the call. 


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Much Love and Have a fantastic week!


the one reason most people don’t manifest what they want in life

A question I get asked a lot in media interviews is “what is the # tip you have to help people manifest the relationship and life they want?”

The answer (inspired by the scene in Crazy, Rich Asians movie) is found in observing the following question.

In any given situation, are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose?

If you’re playing to win, that looks like:
:: feeling scared but going all in anyway, knowing that everything worth going for is going to require some element of risk

:: clarity on what you desire but flexibility on how you get there
:: making mistakes but course-correcting along the way, focused.
:: this is the big one….being willing to be wrong, surprised and delighted, willing to leave blood on the stage with your efforts (yea, I know that’ kind of gross but it’s a theatre term I had to throw in there)
:: based on an abundance/more than enough mentality, let’s see what happens vibe that encourages exploration, creativity and curiosity

If you’re playing not to lose, that looks like:
:: feeling scared and not going in all the way, actually not really even going fully for it at all. 

::it’s an idea that lives in your head, but there’s no action behind it. it’s a fantasy.
:: doing the bare minimum to yield minimum results (a safer bet, but not really rewarding or satisfying).
:: based on a lack/scarcity mentality and encourages fear and defensiveness and not enough-energy

That’s it.

You want to manifest the exceptional relationship, career, house, etc?

Play to win.

If you don’t, you ‘ll always feel this restlessness knowing you could have gone further, gone for it, expressed how you felt, whatever the next right action is even if you’re not 100% sure it’s going to lead you to X result. 

The next right action is inspired by your gut.

If you want to play to win, you must learn how to get out of your head.

The head will cut you off at the knees before you’re even out of the starting gate.

The heart will let you know how you feel, which is important but can also slow you down when shit gets hard or you’re in uncharted, uncomfortable waters.

But the gut?

The gut is pure. It is emotionally neutral. 

Even when you’re taking scary actions and the mind won’t shut up, it’s there for you, that quiet whisper that says….keep going.

Q: Where are you intending to play to win in your life? Leave a comment and let us know!

are you addicted to ‘busy?’

Happy Wed!

Have you ever found it hard to stop being busy?

I was speaking with one of my VIP clients the other day. 

The question was around: “How do I reconcile this part of myself that is addicted to being busy?”

A: I shared with her that we tend to operate in extremes-either being in your head and operating from a place of anxiety and an addiction to busy-ness….or being totally blissed out and off in another galaxy of light and love, content and in complete alignment….. and then inbeating yourself about not doing something more ‘productive.’

Neither state is sustainable.

It’s easy to aspire to be in the latter, but a big part of spiritual growth comes in moments of tension, suspension and change that requires us to not only try to find a middle ground, but to be able to function effectively in the world.

So, what if instead of beating yourself up for being out of the moment, using a thousand different apps to quiet your mind and getting distracted to check your email one more time…because really, something important could have come in…you don’t want to miss it…(guilty!) what if instead, you slipped into total and complete acceptance?

Acceptance that there are going to be times when you can’t shut off your mind?

Acceptance that sometimes you’d rather procrastinate and daydream than get shit done that needs to get done.

Total acceptance in the contradictory dualities of needing to be ‘busy’ and also desiring to feel more at peace with the potential stillness that could ensue if you just….stopped?

Can you like…just let both of them exist and be okay with that?

Because it takes tremendous energy to resist and to fight against what’s showing up in your life.

So, what if instead, the cure to overcoming ‘busy-ness’ was just about NOTICING and being conscious when you slip into a place you’d rather not be in.

Sometimes just noticing it is all it takes to find your own middle ground.

I know this is one of my more esoteric posts-and I don’t have all the answers to this, but it is something I invite you to explore with me and within yourself if you’re game this week.

Ask yourself, “Can I notice when I’m doing for the sake of doing? Can I notice when I’m avoiding being still? Can I accept and love myself… in both catching myself in the act of being busy and let any fears or crap come up when I think about slowing down or stopping?”

Are you willing to let go of fighting yourself?

What could open up for you then?

To be continued…

Love and Blessings,

3 signs your intuitive voice is speaking to you!

Happy Wed!

Today’s Q+A is about intuition!

Q: “Sometimes I don’t know if my intuition is trying to give me a message or if I’m just making it up. My emotions tend to be all over the place and I can’t tell if I’m hearing an actual message or if it’s something I should just ignore.”

Great question! 

When it is truly your intuitive voice, there are specific signs that will help you know it’s authentic.

Here are 3 signs your intuitive voice is trying to get your attention vs. a message of fear or passing whimsical emotion!

ps: 3 more days to join me + a group of fantastic Lightworkers for Bullet Proof Intuition: 5 Weeks to Master the Art of Decision-Making LIVE!


Love and Massive Blessings, Abundance and Joy,