how to handle a guy’s mixed signals

Happy Wed!

It’s Full Moon week (August 15) and one of the things that can come up especially around that time is dealing with mixed signals.

Emotions tend to heighten around full moons anyway, and if you’ve ever gone through that dance of having someone text you everyday…to hearing crickets, you know how frustrating it can be!

The advice I share in this week’s audio can be applied to any relationship in your life, not just romantic, so have a listen and allow yourself to feel everything that’s coming up to be released this week.

Listen to your inner guidance and know that it’s all going to be okay!

ps: I have a funny meme you’ll want to check out (check it out below)

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August Goddess Guidance Oracle Message

August is a breath of fresh air!

It’s a great month to:

  • recommit to your dreams
  • shore up your courage and inner strength 
  • draw lines in the sands with relationships so that they are empowering vs depleting and most importantly,
  • trusting and developing your intuition

Click below to watch this month’s Goddess Oracle Guidance video:

If intuition is one of the things you know you’d benefit from strengthening, check out the ‘ps’ at the bottom! There is a free goodie for you from my good friend Colette Baron Reid. 

She put together this awesome Intuition Quiz (it’s free!) so you can find out your intuitive gifts.

Check it out here.

Have an amazing week!


raise your energy in 10 sec or less (goddess tip!)

Happy Wed!

Can you believe it’s the last week of July? 

After all that Retrograde energy, you may finally feel like things are moving forward-hallelujah!

Here’s my favorite energy exercise that you can do to lift off crazy vibes from the day so you can relax into your feminine, receptive energy.

I call it the Sweep.

I’ve done this on the subway in NYC, walking down the streets of San Francisco and even at a stop light in my car here in AZ!

It’s easy, fun and takes less than 10 seconds.

Click below to learn how to do it.

Try it and let me know how you like it!

it’s getting serious….

Happy Wed!

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and the energy is going, you’re excited and nervous…and you wonder, OMG where is this going?

How do I even approach this?

Do they want to get serious with me? 

You don’t want to outright ask because it’s confronting…kinda of like the “we need to talk” jargon feels, right?

But if you do want to go to the next level with someone, there are questions you can ask them (and yourself) to make sure the path is clear.

Click below to listen to the top 3

can you be friends with an ex?

Is it possible to be friends with a ex?

It can definitely be a gray area but it’s not impossible.

How do you even make that transition without it feeling super weird and fake?

Is there anything you can do to lay the groundwork for a healthy friendship after a breakup?

I tackle all these questions in today’s Goddess audio!