Feeling’ the Feels? New Beginnings Time!

Happy Tuesday peeps! <3 

I have two whiteboards in my Goddess office and they were filled with tasks and goals and random stuff with deadlines and like 70% of it stayed on the board for nearly two weeks.

And today I wiped them both clean and exhaled a huge, audible sign of relief. 

I used to beat myself up when this happened but now I’ve learned that sometimes, quite frankly, my energy is/was meant to be redacted elsewhere, no matter how much my mind tries to tell me it has to be that thing. 

I’ve learned that when you’re living and be-ing from your most intuitive, wise self, you are always, always nudged where you are meant to be and if that just doesn’t align with all the precise “goals” you thought were important, well then, trust that it’s safe to give yourself a do-over! 

That is the vibe this week! 

Energy-wise, we are now officially in Pisces season, a time of: 

  • heightened sensitivity and psychic nudges that may come out of nowhere
  • merging/boundary issues with your nearest and dearest 
  • blurred lines
  • daydreams and intense dream travel 
  • nostalgia
  • compassion and more…

I made an impromptu “live” video this Sunday before my dance class which was amazzzzing btw on what to expect for this week. 

Check out the lessons, see the oracle cards I pulled and… 

you’ll also get to see my brand-new bright orange and red Turkish lamp I snagged at the Tucson Gem Show. 

It. Is. Magical. 

And so are you! 

Have an amazing week! 

It’s an Island Ma’am (True Love Story)


Happy Tuesday, 

In the spirit of Valentines’ Day week, I want to chat about the E-word. 


On the one hand, expectations can help us clarify what we no longer wan to tolerate but taken to the extreme can create stress in relationships. 

I learned this the hard way on my honeymoon in Hawaii this past week! 

Listen below to hear my story! It’s my intent that by sharing this it empowers you to examine your relationship to expectation and deepen your connection to yourself and those you love. 

After you listen, I would love to hear from you-what resonated? Where could you benefit from more surrender?

Hit reply and leave a comment on the blog. I love hearing from you!

PS: Want to call in LOVE? Deepen the connection you already have? I’ll be hosting a LOVE Message Circle right after the New Moon on Feb 21! More details to come I the next few days to watch your inbox!

What Will You Choose?

Happy Mantra Tuesday!

The other day, I was rushing back home to make it to an in-person appointment and got a call from the person I was supposed to be meeting. 

They told me they’d decided to go to a movie with their friends instead and that they couldn’t make our meeting (which was happening in about an hour).

I was seething

I had cut a trip to see my extended family short so I could make it back to town for this. 

It had been on the calendar for weeks. 

I felt so disrespected, annoyed and angry. 

I wanted to lash out from my Ego, but thankfully I said, “Next time if you choose to cancel our appointment, you need to let me know the day before.” 

We rescheduled and after we hung up, I took a deep breath and remembered that in every moment, even the ones the frost our cookies like this one, we always, always have a choice. 

People will be people. 

Not every situation will go your way.

But you can always choose. 


This month’s mantra: I choose happiness and happiness chooses me. 

When happiness becomes something you choose as opposed to something someone gives you, you’re in your own power. 

The outside world can do its thang and you’re still alright within yourself. 

Try it and let me know how it works for you this month!

How to use it: 

In quiet moments where you feel fears rising up in your chest, close your eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath and say the mantra above. Say it three times with deep feeling. Notice how you feel. 

Will you play with this over the week and let me know how it goes? Hit reply or share a comment on the blog! 

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February is Going to be Amazing! (Message Inside)


Happy Tuesday and welcome to a brand new month. 

There is so much goodness bubbling up this February and the theme of the month is Self-Love. 

This month you can look forward to content directed at empowering you to elevate your self-love muscles so you can radiate and call forth your heart’s desires. 

I’m eager to share the February Oracle Video message, so let’s dive right in, shall we? 

Q: What is one intention you have for February? Share comment so we can support you in our Goddess community!