3 Helpful Tips for Moving in Together for the First Time

Happy Tuesday!

If you’re in a relationship and looking to move in together soon, it can feel like a huge milestone. 

You’re combining energy and space and there are so many emotions that can arise during this time. 

When I found myself moved in much earlier than expected to my now husband’s home during the pandemic, I wish I would have know the 3 tips I’m sharing with you today!

By the way, they also apply to new roommates and will make that transition way more enjoyable and sustainable!

I recently contributed an article on this very subject for Elephant Journal, sharing my personal journey through this experience too!

Check out the tips here on Elephant Journal!

After you read, leave me a comment on their site or my blog. 

Here’s to happy moving-in! 

My Favorite Mudra to Keep Your Energy Clean ASAP

Happy Tuesday! 

Have you ever felt energetically over-loaded on a date? 

Today’s Q+A time!

Today’s Q: “Diana, what is the best way to stay in your own energy in public places? I find myself over stimulated when I go on date where there are lots of people around. I’m an empath, no surprise, but am really curious, short of telling my date I would prefer to go to quieter environments, is there anything I can do in the moment to keep myself grounded?”

I love this question and as I was reading it, I was intuitively guided to share a Sudra I learned from Sedona many years ago. 

A mudra is literally a physical posture that you can do to support you with a specific intention-in this case, releasing any energy that is not yours.

It’s one of my favorites – watch below to learn it! PS: Check out my blast from the past hair! 

After you watch: Did you try it? How did it feel? Do you have any tips that have helped you manage your own energy? Share with us by leaving a comment! 

It’s Time to Take Back Your Personal Power!

Happy Tuesday! When it comes to your closest relationships, do you feel like there’s a healthy give and take? 

Are you always the one giving in for the sake of peace or do you feel safe to express yourself and voice your preferences? 

When it comes to romantic relationships, especially in the beginning, a lot of my clients have shared that they feel this unspoken need to prove themselves and “be enough” for that other person. 

You may feel pressure to do a lot of the activities that other person wants to do that you would never want to do on your own.

Or keep your mouth shut when something really bothers you.

All in the name of ‘keeping the peace’ and ensuring that the connection continues…

This can sometimes come from past relationships  where the power dynamics and boundaries/expectations were unbalanced (or in some cases, never solidified).

In healthy dynamics, compromise is natural. 

But when compromising comes at a cost to your personal energy, self-esteem and confidence. It can become toxic. 

It’s time to take back your personal power! 

In line with March’s theme of “personal power”, I’d love to share a mantra to help you feel more balanced in your relationships, especially if you have already identified that you have a tendency to hold back how you really feel and want to change that! 

Here it is: “The only person I have to be enough for is myself. It is safe for me to express who I am and how I feel. How others respond to that is out of my control.” 

When you remind yourself that it is safe to express who you are, you also give that other person unspoken permission to express who they are too, without all the pressure and filter of needing to be perfect. 

You create space to have more connected, meaningful communication with the people you love, because you aren’t trying to prove yourself. 

You already know you’re enough and that even if you have a different opinion than them, both of your opinions are valid. 

That engenders self-respect which leads to others respecting you and who wouldn’t want to be around someone like that? 

How to use it: 

In quiet moments where you feel fears rising up in your chest, close your eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath and say the mantra above. Say it three times with deep feeling. Notice how you feel. 

Will you play with this over the week and let me know how it goes? Drop a comment below!   

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What is Completing in Your Life?

Happy Tuesday!

I’m mixing it up this month. In lieu of just one overview for the month, I would love to share more details about the energy of relationships over the next week. 

We have a powerful Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th (today!) that has manifesting potential that can blow your mind if you allow it. 

It’s inviting all of us to be more precise in our communication, goals and when it comes to love, healthy boundaries and expectations…

For more, check out the video below and my new hot pink Unicorn cap that I found in a boutique downtown Tucson!

Don’t Give Up – Go For 80, Yo!

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Q+A: “What advice do you have for those times when dating feels like a full-time job? I feel like I’m losing steam and getting so discouraged but I don’t want to give up on love. Help!”

I love this question…and before we dive in, I have a question: Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? 

It’s true in business. 

It’s true in real estate. 

And it’s also true in dating. 

It goes like this, using the business example:

80% of sales are made from 20% of the customers.

Those 20% are die-hard fans and they make up 80% of a store/product’s revenue.

That means that more than half of the people that enter a store on any given day will never, ever buy. 

Or buy sporadically when there’s a sale or something. 

But I digress. 

If we apply this to dating, it’s so easy to focus on the 80% of dates that suck, that leave you mystified with why there wasn’t a follow-up date or text or call. 

It’s easy to beat yourself up and want to throw in the towel, when really, if you reframe it-20% of those date will most likely be amazing. 

And…if we take it a step further, if you’re wanting to stay open to wonderful potential partners, what if you look for the 80% of what you love and admire in someone? No one, I repeat, no one is perfect and expecting 100% perfection will yield disappointment. 

Even if the date goes nowhere, putting your focus and lens on looking for what is interesting about someone, or what they are brining out in you is sending positive energy out towards them and yourself. 

And you’re more likely to notice when someone really is a great match for you. 

So…in a nutshell:

  1. When you feel low, remember the stats: Not every date will be a winner. In fact, 80% may suck. But 20% will be interesting and get you closer to who you’re meant to be with. 
  2. Stay open + focus on finding something interesting with every date you go on. You’ll have a lot more fun and who knows what magical opportunities could arise when you stay out of judgement and put away your long-ass requirements. 

Q: What do you think about this 80/20 rule? How has it showed up in your life? 

Leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you!