This 21-day Goddess experience is created to help you

  • Harness your free, fun-loving feminine energy so that you can live more authentically day-to-day 
  • Reconnect with your body and its natural wisdom so that you make better decisions and are able to express your needs and desires clearly.
  • Be more receptive to abundance so you don’t feel guilty each time you ask for support 
  • Learn fun, simple rituals and tools to increase joy, vitality and pleasure so that you vibrate at a higher frequency

It is my intention that through this experience, you fully reconnect to your heart energy… so that you feel loved and allow yourself to “be love” at all times.

You are a Goddess.

A Goddess never worries about whether or not her needs will be provided for. 

She has an intense fire and passion for life and is generous with others but never betrays her own self or her own body or desires and needs to make another happy.

She lays out solid boundaries as she knows containers and limits are loving, but they are never walls.

Have a hard time believing you’re one? You may simply have forgotten and need to remember.

In 21 days – you will be shifting your energies into your own version of your “inner Goddess.”

There is no force here, no mold, no perfection.

Just you.

You will engage with other women who’ve also been called to awaken their Inner Goddess. 

Q: How does this work?

💙 The experience will take place in a private forum and each day, you’ll receive a prompt/video/exercise to explore your Divine Feminine!

💙 It’s a super interactive experience and space that energizes you no matter what time or when you choose to watch the videos and do the lessons/insight offerings.

💙 I hold this space for you to share energy and elevated love. 

💙 There is magic when women come together to share space and unconditional love and acceptance. 

The Journey begins on June 14th and ends on US Independence Day, July 4, 2020!

Regular rate: $147

Registration closes on June 13, 2020.

Note: All Sales Are Final.


What people say about working with me:

Through our work together, I got clarity on the core blocks that were keeping me stuck and learned how to trust my gut more than ever before! 

I now know when I’m “bullshitting” myself and when I’m being real, which has given me the courage to take the leaps in my business and personal relationships that I was scared to take before.

-Nita C.

I’ve learned more ways to take back my power in tandem with other spiritual practices and truth-seeking as I increase faith in myself and my abilities.

Diana has helped me to get back on my path when I’ve drifted and I feel a sense of sisterly connection with her.  She has a kind and gentle soul and is always a pleasure to work with. I have and will further recommend her to folks seeking help with stepping outside of the norm and into positive, loving ways towards greater potential of self.

-Melanie B.

I’ve been asked out on dates by men who want to please me, feel more at peace with myself, and even got a promotion at work!

Before starting coaching with Diana, my love life was non-existent and despite desiring a relationship, I wasn’t getting approached by emotionally available men and had a hard time loving myself unconditionally. I just didn’t know what it felt like to be in my feminine energy and let go of control. I am excited to share that I have been asked out on dates by men who want to please me! But most importantly, after completing the program, I feel at peace with myself, grounded in who I am and most of all, happy. 

– Machemo M, South Africa

Meet “Diana the Dancing Goddess!”

Hi Goddess!

I’m DDG-Diana, the Dancing Goddess. I’m so glad that you are here. I know what it feels like to be a bit shall we say, different than most. To have a lot of love to share but not always feel comfortable or safe to express it.

If you are reading this far, chances are high that you also know deep down that you desire more love, self-acceptance and fun in your life! No one teaches us how to do that, that it’s safe to be in our feminine and that it’s very natural to receive and trust in our Divine magic.

That’s why I’m here. My passion is empowering women like you to trust your intuition, take back your power and love yourself as the beautiful goddess you are! This is what I wish to help you explore in Awaken: 21 Days to Embrace Your Inner Goddess! I’ll be honored to hold space for you as you Awaken.

Much Love, Diana

Regular rate: $147

Registration closes on June 13, 2020.

Note: All Sales Are Final.

Registration is now closed