Ready to Seriously Boost Your Energy and Vibe? Book a Gold Treatment Bundle In Celebration of Diana’s Birthday!

What are Gold Treatments?

A: Non-medical Light therapy done at a distance for yourself, your home, your pets and your business.

My mentor, Althea Gray, international healer and inventor of the Gold Kit and Gold Treatments introduced me to this wonderful modality years ago and I noticed so many amazing benefits after receiving the treatments that I learned how to conduct them for others and have been doing so with private clients ever since!

According to Althea, Gold treatments are based on the idea that everything in the Universe has a light frequency that can be measured and increased. They are a non-medical form of Light therapy and similar to distance Reiki, you can receive benefits from this no matter where you are in the world.

Gold treatments can support you with:

-releasing anxiety and stuck energy

-amplifying a positive outlook and opening up to new opportunities

-improve sleep

-improve your capacity to ‘heal’

-improve your ability to be more receptive to others, improve relationships

-increase your ability to connect to your intuition

-raise the energy of a physical space to allow energy to flow better

How it works:

Gold treatments may be done at a distance and they typically last about 20-30 minutes. Most clients find that they receive the most benefit doing these monthly, although you may do single treatments.


A package of 3 is normally $210, but for Diana’s Birthday, if you book before August 31, it is just $159!

How to book:
1.Use the Paypal button below to complete payment.

2. I will send you an email with my next available opening. 

3. After: I will send you an audio file via email after your treatment for you to listen to and also share post-treatment suggestions.

Terms and Conditions: Must be purchased by August 31, 2023 and used by December 31, 2023. There are no refunds for this service and you are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.These are not a replacement for medical treatment.

Diana wearing a salmon shirt, taken 2022

Birthday Bundle: $159 for 3 Gold Treatments (Normally $210). Book here


“❤️As a business owner in constant growth, investing in a full year of Gold treatments with Diana has been incredibly supportive! As I was making changes and shifts over th year, knowing I had a monthly energy boost for my businesses and self helped guide me in powerful directions that allowed me to bring in more revenue than I ever have before. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to show up brighter, more productive and energised!” – Carolyn Bottino

“💜 Diana, we just got 2 kittens yesterday ~ my son said their energy shifted SO much after the gold clearing. Their kitten den’s in the empty space that was my ex’s office/bedroom, so it’s a relief to have this elevated energy infusion steeped in love. Thank u!“ – Meg D

“❤️ I have done things for myself I have been wanting to do but never have the time to do. My energy and my house’s energy is so much better! Thank you so much Goddess 💓 I really feel a big difference energy wise.” – Deanna F