The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again Audio Series

Another Valentine’s Day, gone, with Ben & Jerry’s as your date…

But it’s even more than that…

Is this you?

  • You’re seriously beginning to wonder if you’re fundamentally flawed, cursed somehow,
    or not cut out for a relationship at all.
  • You ask yourself, is Mr. Right a myth?

You seem to be meeting a lot of his cousins Mr. No Way!

Yet despite the general frustration, anger and confusion..

You have some glimmer of hope that something can change.

There’s no logical evidence that anything will change but there’s a part of you that says: maybe…
with a sense of optimism you can’t explain.

That quiet little voice maybe talking to you is your intuition.

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How do we know? We’ve been there, done that, wrote the book about it.

We’re Diana Dorell and Maryellen Smith and we are in the pre-publishing phase of our book called: The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again.


mary ellen

We started writing this book several years ago when we both kept getting continually blindsided on dates. It was like our intuition was somehow turned off when it came to relationships.

Instead of giving up on men, we put our heads together and figured out what we weren’t seeing when it came to dating.

What we discovered was fascinating!

We had inadvertently trained ourselves not to pay attention to big, flapping red flags that were right in front of us. Ugh! It was embarrassing and humiliating until we got to the point where we learned how prevent ourselves from getting constantly exhausted and blindsided by dating experiences that seemed more about teaching us life lessons than events that might lead us into a long term relationship.


We cracked the code.

We wrote everything down and created a system that we could use on a regular basis to stop the dating madness. Then, at least if we ended up on a less than stellar date, we saw it coming.

So what’s the deal, how can you get the book?

Well, the book is in the pre-publishing phase. But instead of waiting to get this amazing information out into the world, we’ve created a six-part audio series on topics related to the ones we’ve covered in the book.

This powerful audio series is different than the book but just as powerful and available at your fingertips now!

Have you ever agonized over…

  • Whether to get back with your ex or not? Has anything really changed or am I just stupidly making the same mistake again?
  • Should I stay friends with my ex?
  • His online profile was seemed so good, what the hell happened?
  • Why doesn’t he just pick up the damn phone instead of constantly texting me?


  • Why do I keep dating the same person in a different package?

It’s like you have a tattoo on your forehead that says I love commitment-phobes, guys that can’t keep a job or drunks!