Dear Goddess,

Have you been craving a space where you can be yourself?

A place to grow and connect with other like-minded ladies ready for more love, abundance and self-confidence?

Ready to calm your mind and come back into balance with your Spirit?

That is exactly why I created…

I envisioned a global circle where women could come and be themselves and receive and share tools, wisdom and guidance with each other all year long.

As women, we are so good at giving to other people in our lives and we often neglect that wise voice inside that tells us “Rest… have you thought about it this way? Do you really want to do this?”

Ring a bell?

In the moment, it’s easy to say YES to the demands and agendas of the people around us that we love and also feel pressure to be the “good girl” or the “nice girl” and agree to things without really listening to our own intuition and energy levels so we can make empowered choices that feel amazing and serve us!

Why a Monthly Circle?

I believe that when women together as a united collective, we can truly change the world and magnetize anything we want, because we are changing our inner world first.

In ancient times, women would gather in circle to release energy from the previous cycle, call upon the energy of the moon to receive intuitive visions and insights for themselves and their families and to restore their bodies and minds.

Your Facilitator, Diana Dorell-womens’ empowerment coach, healer and best selling author.

 If you are desiring more balance + know that self care and self-love need to be on your agenda, here are 4 key principles to start with:

1. The Universe has your back.

2. There is power in connection and you are never alone.

3. When you honor yourself and open your heart, everyone benefits.

4. Your intuition is your superpower.

How it works + What’s included:

This is a monthly Goddess membership designed to support you with the 4 key principles above and also make it super easy to let go of stress + come back into balance with yourself no matter how cray-cray your schedule gets.

What you get: 

  • Get Clarity….with bi-weekly Goddess Office Hours via FB lives to receive insight and clarity from the Goddess community and myself around love, business, health and anything that’s on your mind! (this is everyone’s hands down favorite part in all group programs I’ve offered this to!)
  • Clear stuck energy every single month….in our monthly Group “Meditation/Energy Clearing” Call! (held via Zoom)
  • Get inspired…with access to recorded inspirational interviews with guest teachers on the following subjects: calling in love and thriving relationships, calling money and opening to receive abundance, calling in peace of mind around your Purpose and other hot topics!
  • Space to connect, empower and support each other in a private forum for extra accountability!

PLUS: All members receive priority notification and registration to any 2020 courses or events (live or online) that is offered.

Investment: The total value for this experience is $872.

2020 rate: $39/month. Cancel anytime before your next billing. Come release stuck energy, increase your self care and connect with us! 

Want to check it out for FREE for 30-days?

You can!

So what you do say? Are you IN Goddess?

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