Are you constantly proving your worth in order to receive love?

Perhaps you:

💔 Do the most thoughtful things for the man you’ve been dating, like ordering DoorDash for him when he is working late or walking his dog, but you never feel like he even notices or appreciates you.

💔 Are there for your boyfriend who is having yet another financial or emotional crisis, but when you need him to be there for you, he’s nowhere to be found and your wallet and heart feel drained.

💔 Keep changing your ‘look’ hoping the man you’re dating sees you as ‘wife potential’, only to feel even more confused as to where you stand… leaving you feeling unsettled all the time.

It’s REALLY frustrating.

It makes you want to scream and yell,

“When is it going to be easy for me, Universe?? Why can’t you just deliver the Right Partner to me?? 

You’ve always been the woman that works on herself.

You know you’re not perfect.

You know there is always room for improvement, and you’re willing to take the actions necessary to show the world that you’re ready to be in a loving relationship.

So why does it feel soooo hard? 😩😩😩

Hi, I’m Diana!

For so long, my programming was that I had to be on constant alert and action in order to be worthy of love.

I had to overfunction, overgive and go above and beyond to prove that I was deserving of a man’s attention, love and general support from the world.

It was a very limited way to live but it’s something that was passed down from my lineage – that belief that you have to constantly be doing something in order to receive…otherwise it was ‘cheating’ because according to many “it’s not right to receive without giving”

Diana wearing a salmon shirt, taken 2022

In fact, whenever a man did things for me without being asked, my immediate thought was…”What does he want? What is he expecting in return?”

I just couldn’t trust that it was safe to receive without putting out so much effort. I couldn’t believe that the Universe wanted me to succeed in love and life.

I was unconsciously blocking a lot of gifts and opportunities because I was in my head trying to control everything and manage expectations.