Dear Goddess,

I am so excited to deep dive into this Goddess experience with you. To help us maximize our time together, take some quiet space to fill out the form below  at least 7 days before our meeting (ideally earlier!)

The more specific you can get on this form, the easier it will be to dive in fully when we come together!

Note: Depending on whether we are looking at business or at your personal life/relationships, some questions may not apply. Simply type N/A in that case!

VIP prep form

  • Part 1: Your info and your family

  • Include location and time, please.
  • For lineage patterns:

  • Part 2: Intent

    please select your top 3
  • For Business Only

  • Example: Look at your monthly income for 1 month. Let’s say you made 10 sales for sessions at $200/session=$2000. Your total income for the month was $6000. Take $2000/6000=33.33% of your monthly income
  • For Love/Personal Relationships Only

  • Self-Talk/Self-Love Gauge

  • Examples: It’s like a passionate love affair that always seems to be riled with rollercoaster fights and make up sex. Or….I know that I speak really crappy to myself and I think it’s because I believe I don’t deserve what I want or that I will fail if I try.
  • Example: self-indulgent massages that I don’t have time for…or loving myself even when something doesn’t go my way…it’s unique to you, so describe whatever comes up and please stay away from judging your answers!
  • Examples: I would have clarity on what’s been holding me back from attracting men who want to be in a relationship with me where I feel nurtured and safe. I would feel unburdened by my parents’ idea of what it means to be wealthy and I would allow myself to receive more money and make significant progress towards my income goals. (make it personal for YOU!)
  • Part 3: Making Your VIP Day special ☺