Are you ready to stop obsessing about that ex that you never really quite got over (or who never got over you?)

Do you already know holding onto this person energetically is blocking you from finding the man that you are supposed to be with?

I can help you!

In the “Let Go Of Your Ex” Package, you will:

  • know exactly why you and an ex came together as well as the Soul lessons you both came here to learn
  • finally let go of stuck and toxic energy attachments so you can feel free and happy
  • be open to meeting the man you are truly meant to be with (or reconnect with your ex from a clean, clear space rooted in the present!)

This package includes:

  • a Love prep form so I can intuitively dive deep into what you and your ex’s relationship energy to create a healing plan that is unique to you.
  • 1 “Love Clarity” reading
  • 2 Ex Energy Clearing sessions (This could include cord cutting, visualization, past life healing, karmic release)


  • 20-minute follow up call scheduled a week after to help you stay on track and in a high-vibe space
  • 1:1 accountability and support throughout your entire process.
  • access to my VIP client-only email address where you can email me a quick question as needed between sessions for extra emotional and spiritual support.
  • “Heal my Heart” guided mp.3 meditation with ArchAngel Raphael to help you keep your heart chakra open after the release

Investment for your peace of mind and to let go of your ex’s energy: $650 in full USD or 3 monthly payments of $225 USD. 

Policies: There are no refunds for sessions. You are responsible for the entire balance of the package. If you need to reschedule, please email within 48 hours to allow us to open up that time for another client.


Success story: Recovering from a breakup and finding her soulmate 
33edc915-0934-4cf7-9642-557f18003f6f“When I first came to Diana, I was heartbroken and reeling from a painful breakup that I hadn’t been able to recover from for over a year. This person had deceived me but for some reason NOTHING I did helped me finally let go and move on…until I started intuitive healing sessions with her. I had tried everything to let go of this person and the memory, but I kept holding on. It wasn’t until Diana helped me finally…and miraculously… clear that old relationship that I was finally able to make room for my soulmate which I met three months after our first session! Today, I am living happily with my soulmate and our new family and doing work that allows me the freedom and space to explore my passions! I am forever grateful to her intuitive gifts that finally helped me clear the past and helped me come back to myself. Thank you Diana!”
-Jennifer Klemm


10363775_10202795961518938_2428182819912217634_nReady to get started?

Next step: Complete your first payment and set up auto-pay for the remaining two payments. 

Thank you! I am excited to take this journey with you!

Let Go Of Your Ex Package
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At checkout $225.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2) $225.00 USD
Total $675.00 USD
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