Welcome to Live Like a Goddess

3 Week Challenge!

General info to help you rock out this challenge: 

    1. Each week, you will receive a “Weekly Goddess Lesson” and 1-2 VIDEO challenges to practice the lesson.  This weeks lesson is below!
    2. After you watch, you will have 72 hours to complete each challenge and
    3. Post your questions, insights and findings in our private Facebook group to stay accountable! Haven’t joined us there yet? Click here and “Request to Join!”

Take care of yourself and each other:

With any challenge, it’s totally normal for “stuff” to bubble up and there may be times when you want to quit, skip a challenge or just feel overwhelmed. Know that it’s part of the process of birthing a new self and instead of hiding out, I’m going to encourage you to connect + support one another in our FB group and also listen to your bodies and what they need. More sleep? Get some! More healthy food? Buy some! You get the idea..:)

Week 1 is meant to lay the foundation for your fabulous Goddess self to emerge.

It’s all about setting your foundations for your Goddess self and to honor that and have some fun, I have worn NO make-up in this video.

I’m “baring it all natural” because when you want to re-birth, sometimes you have to just wipe it all off and start fresh. 

Challenge #2


Have your outfit? Have your place? Snap a pic of yourself and post it in the FB group along with your insights about how it felt to take your Goddess out and about.

Want to stretch yourself? Go to your closet with a trash liner and declutter your clothes according to our Goddess question!

Can’t wait to see your pics! You have 72 hours to complete this challenge. Hop to it!