Welcome to Live Like a Goddess

3 Week Challenge!

General info to help you rock out this challenge: 

    1. Each week, you will receive a “Weekly Goddess Lesson” and 1-2 VIDEO challenges to practice the lesson.  This weeks lessons are below!
    2. After you watch, you will have 72 hours to complete each challenge and
    3. Post your questions, insights and findings in our private Facebook group to stay accountable! Haven’t joined us there yet? Click here and “Request to Join!”

    Take care of yourself and each other:

    With any challenge, it’s totally normal for “stuff” to bubble up and there may be times when you want to quit, skip a challenge or just feel overwhelmed. Know that it’s part of the process of birthing a new self and instead of hiding out, I’m going to encourage you to connect + support one another in our FB group and also listen to your bodies and what they need. More sleep? Get some! More healthy food? Buy some! You get the idea..:)

    Now…onto Week 2!

    Last week, we looked at decluttering your outer world. This week it’s time to focus on clearing your emotional clutter and internal world.

    It’s self-forgiveness time Goddess!

    Get out a pen and paper and your favorite candle for this challenge and post any insights that came up for you around this release ritual in our FB group.

    Much Love! You can do this!

    Challenge #3

    link to the supplemental video about Ho-Po-No-Po-No forgiveness prayer

    Next Step: Calendar a day and time you’re going to complete this challenge.

    Done with this one? Let us know you did it + post your insights on the FB page! within 72 hours!