Where is my Soul Mate, already?

Discover Your Love Blind spots so you can finally have it all!

NOTE: This was recorded LIVE as a teleseminar earlier this year, so ignore the dates and enjoy the juicy content!

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  • Are you tired of feeling like you’re destined to be alone forever?
  • Are you READY to have a deeply connected soulmate to go along with your
    otherwise fabulous life?
  • Do you want to know why it’s not happening and what you can do about it NOW?

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I’ve been there! Most highly successful, fabulous women like you are going through this too. You aren’t alone sister!

This Audio Class is for you if:

      • You consider yourself to be successful in your career, yet your love life is a complete mess or non-existent.
      • You’ve been avoiding “dealing” with your love life altogether and you’re afraid if you let love in, you’ll lose the career you’ve worked so hard to build.
      • You have a strong desire to be in a loving, committed, soul-mate relationship but you have no idea why you keep attracting less-than-fabulous men.
      • You know something’s not working and you’re willing to make necessary changes but you have no idea where to start or what you need!
      • You consider yourself open to spiritual stuff (you’re done with Vision Boards, affirmations and “my ideal man” lists) but none of it has worked and you wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Ready to make it happen?

Here’s what some of my clients are saying…


“I was finally able to get clarity and let go of past relationships that seemed to have a hold on me.”
Through working with Diana, I was finally able to let go of past relationships that seemed to have a hold on me because I didn’t understand what had happened. She really helped dig deeper into what was reallygoing on. Whereas I would think the problem was my obsession with a certain guy, she would dig deeper until the truth came out and my own insecurities spilled about what I was really feeling and what I really wanted. I got specific knowledge about why they came into my life and what our bigger purpose was for the time we were together so I could truly move on. This was something I couldn’t get from any regular coach since they don’t have the same intuitive kick that Diana has.

Aditi Ramchandani, Coach and Inspirational Speaker,

“I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities.”
“When I first came to Diana, I knew something was blocking me from feeling confident in getting myself out there as a speaker on overcoming eating disorders and stepping out fully with my gifts. I was also wanting to call in more passion with my fiancé and deepen my connection with him. Since I’ve started working with Diana, I feel so much clearer about what was blocking me from feeling 100% me and what steps I can take to get where I want to be. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities. And my relationship with my fiancé has totally continued to blossom and I’m so excited for the wedding! Diana has helped me so much that I’ve already passed her information on to my mom and sister because I think they can benefit from her services.”Brittany Stall, General Manager of L Salon & Color Group,

“As a result of working with her, I have noticed that relationships in my life are improving!”
When I first started working with Diana on relationships, I felt like my heart chakra was blocked/closed off some and I wasn’t connecting to a sense of fulfillment and was questioning my abilities and path as well. As a result of working with her, I have noticed that relationships in my life are improving! I am also connecting with my bigger goals and I feel like I am ‘re’energizing, ‘re’grouping with myself, which is preparing me for something more. I would highly recommend working with Diana on relationships if you are feeling like there is something you need to connect with within yourself on a deeper level and you know you could use some help because you can’t quite seem to get there yourself yet.Susan Maroney,

About Your Facilitator:

Diana Dorell is a certified Intuitive Relationship Coach and Healer committed to helping women un-block and become magnetic in their personal relationships/love life and have it all without having to lose themselves or compromise their femininity. She is the founder of the Five Star Love Life™ Program. A third-generation modern medicine woman, Diana blends the spiritual world with the material/practical world using her natural healing gifts, numerology, Reiki and uncanny intuition to help her clients. She has led workshops on how to trust your intuition all over the US and was recently a speaker at the State of Now #140conf in New York City last summer along with Deepak Chopra, Ann Curry and others. She is currently host of The Diana Dorell Show on BlogTalkRadio and is preparing to release her first hardcover book on dating and intuition later this winter. She is truly honored to be helping others feel fabulous, sparkly and adored in their relationships, starting with themselves.