Have you ever experienced one moment in your life that robbed you of your personal power and made you want to run away and hide?

Have you ever heard the sound of the phone ringing or an email coming in that made you want to throw your device away or just ignore the message?

Because you just didn’t want to face whoever or whatever was on the other side?

Have you ever felt this inexplicable overwhelming fear that you did or said something wrong?

You may have even started questioning yourself –

“Am I really good enough?”

“Did I make a huge mistake?”

“Did I do everything right?”

“What if I did everything wrong?”

“Am I crazy?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

….all these got triggered because of one small incident – one incident that made you lose a week, a month, or even a year’s amount of self-worth and peace of mind!

I get you. I totally do.

I’ve experienced this several times – both in life and in business.

Here are just a few examples of that one small incident that made me shrink and hide.

👻 A good friend who ghosted me out of nowhere for over a year, and then proceeded to ask me to fly abroad to celebrate her wedding, acting as if nothing had happened. I was so out of my power, I didn’t have the courage to ask her what had happened or share how I felt-I just went along with “everything’s fine” when clearly it wasn’t. Maybe it’s not that big a deal…

😖 A former assistant who consistently went MIA and then gaslighted me when I questioned why things weren’t getting done, causing me to doubt myself as a CEO and boss. Maybe I just wasn’t cut out to run my own business?

💔 An ex who kept our relationship a secret from his parents because he didn’t want to face telling them he was going to marry someone outside his ‘caste’-I felt unworthy of being presented but was so out of my power that I proceeded to stay in that toxic relationship for nearly 2 years! He loves me, so I shouldn’t let this bother me… 

Each of the experiences above made me lose that inner-connection with myself.

They made me feel unworthy of setting boundaries and broke my self-confidence.

Looking back now, I’m grateful for each of those experiences because it taught me that no matter what happened to you in the past, no matter where or who you (consciously or unconsciously), gave your power away to, it’s never too late to take it back.

Are you ready?

Join me for 11 Days to Awaken Your Personal Power!

We aren’t bulletproof.

You can still be in your personal power and crazy shit can happen that will baffle you.

But when you awaken your full personal power, you won’t stay disempowered too long.

You’ll catch yourself and immediately reclaim your power!

And in general….

  • You won’t entertain time wasters or energy vampires.
  • You won’t keep quiet about something that bothers you-you’ll stand up for yourself!
  • You won’t tolerate sub-par behavior because you know you deserve better.

You’ll do what you are called to do and then you’ll move it along much faster.

Because you’ll know who you are – what works for you, and what doesn’t.

…and you won’t feel ashamed owning what makes you you.

You’ll be empowered to consciously choose what gets your energy and what doesn’t.

And you’ll easily define your reality, thoughts and beliefs.

This is what we’ll re-establish in  Awaken Your Personal Power 
an 11-day container where:

➡️ You stop filtering what you want to say based on what the anticipated reaction will be. You’ll speak from a grounded, calm place (your power center) and command respect, even when people don’t agree with you.

➡️ You’re more in control of your emotional state. You aren’t as swayed by the emotions and agendas of other people around you.

➡️ You know how to say NO with grace and can identify when something is a “no” and when something is a full “Yes.”

➡️ You set boundaries with YOURSELF first and foremost. You honor these boundaries and therefore, you find that people tend to respond and respect the boundaries you set and express. You waste less time and energy.

➡️ Your physical space supports the inner confidence you feel inside. It enhances how you carry yourself so you command respect and magnetize opportunities and helpful alliances and relationships to pursue your goals. (Feng Shui)

➡️ You let go of drama and drama-seeking people-you simply don’t engage and can spot this energy a mile away. This frees your energy up to focus on the things that matter most to you.